13 Things Everyone Missed About Elden Ring

Elden Ring

The Lands Between includes stuff you’ve undoubtedly missed hidden in different nooks and crannies elden ring review.

Elden Ring is no exception to the rule that From Software games are infamous for being insurmountably difficult, with well-hidden locations thrown in for good measure.

Elden Ring has a habit of keeping handy stuff in the most easily missed spots you probably didn’t think to check out, from stumbling onto a random boss to going rune farming. It would be negligent not to provide a helping hand to any of these things you might have missed in Elden Ring, from dismal tunnels to the quiet, bear-infested Mistwood.

Though Elden Ring game has taken the world by storm, the world is genuinely vast. Players may have missed so many minor mysteries even after all these months, from the decaying wilds of Caelid to the jagged ridges of Liurnia elden ring release date.

13 The Wildfire Beneath The Capital

Location of Elden Ring Ash of War: Golden Vow

Start playing the game, elden ring map and you’ll see that Ashes of War are functional during the fighting. However, you may have missed the Ash of War: Golden Vow while traveling. This Ash of War raises your defense and attack power while providing Holy Damage during the fight.

This Ash of War can be seen in Limgrave, near the Deathtouched Catacombs. You will find a Mounted Knight who will drop the Ash of War: Golden Vow if you defeat him.

Moonveil Katana

Elden Ring must defeat Magma Wyrm to obtain the Moonveil Katana. This formidable Moonlight Katana is a must-have if you want to play a samurai. Unlike the Uchigatana you start with, the Moonlight Katana delivers more damage with its blue light waves.

To obtain this katana, you must go across the Caelid Wilds to find the other entrance to the Gael Tunnel. Inside, you’ll find a boss known as the Magma Wyrm, a formidable foe. It will drop a Dragon Heart and the Moonlight Katana when it dies elden ring weapons.

Elden Ring Horn Bow Location

This formidable bow in the Siofra River location adds magical damage to your assaults, mainly if you use the Ancestral Followers’ residence arrows. You’ll be able to steal it from a body beneath the stairs to The Hollowhorn Grounds. Remember that you’ll need 12 Intelligence, 14 Dexterity, and 10 Strength to operate it properly. 

Elden Ring’s Three Fingers NPC

The Frenzied Flame is referenced several times during the game. It is not the malevolent flame depicted by the Golden Order as the Fire Giants. Instead, it’s utter anarchy, meaningless behaviour in the hope of a world gone insane.

If you don’t lose your head, you can obtain some Frenzy powers. However, down under the capital, hidden below the fallen omen Mohg, lie the numerous bodies of wandering merchants, those who called the Frenzied Flame in the first place. Deeper yet, down many deadly drops, is a locked door that can only be opened in a certain way, concealing the evil Three Fingers within.

Margit Elden is removed from the ring after defeating Morgott. Margit, the Fell Omen within Stormveil Castle, is likely to be one of the first hurdles to your progress in Elden Ring. They’re an arduous struggle, but they’re there to make you up to the task. They bear a remarkable similarity to Morgott, Leyndell’s Omen King.

Elden Ring, on the other hand, encourages exploration. If you find your way to the middle of Leyndell and forcefully remove Morgott from his position as Lord of Leyndell, you’ll see that Margit has vanished from the first part of Stormveil. There is no method of knowing if they were the same person or a projection of himself, but they are inextricably linked.

Interacting with the Ranni Doll

Ranni stands in front of the moon as Elden Ring’s Age of the Stars comes to a close. Ranni is an intriguing character. She’s a person shrouded in mystery from the moment she offers you Torrent until you ultimately meet her hidden behind the Carian Manor with her entourage.

If you are kind to her, she will tell you about her intentions for the world and encourage you to join them, launching you on a quest that will last the whole game. You’ll find a Miniature Ranni Doll later in the game, beneath the Ainsel River.

You may, like some, dismiss it as an item and continue on your way. On the other hand, the doll is vital to her narrative and may only be talked to at three specific spots of grace in Ainsel, making her exceedingly easy to miss if you don’t rest regularly.

Elden Ring Margit’s Shackles Using Margit’s Shackles to defeat Margit

If you’re having trouble beating Margit, the Fell Omen, there’s an item you can buy in Murkwater Cave that can help you defeat this problematic boss. However, because it is positioned in a small uppermost region of Agheel Lake, it is easy to overlook.

You must unlock a chest to initiate a boss encounter with Patches. However, in the middle of the struggle, he will plead with you to spare him, which you must do. After that, he’ll become a merchant, and among his commodities are Margit’s Shackles, a relatively hidden item that may be used on Margit (and Morgott) a couple of times to shackle them to the ground.

Elden Ring Secret Passage Past Stormveil Castle Secret path past Stormveil Castle to the next section

With Margit, the Fell Omen, blocking your path inside Stormveil Castle, you’d assume defeating him is a must. Aside from Margit’s Shackles, one can bypass it and proceed to the territories beyond Stormveil Castle.

Continue straight down the road instead of walking towards Stormveil Castle to find this secret passage from Stormveil Shack. After meeting the elderly lady, go down the crumbling bridge, along a wolf-infested road and down a trail that hugs the cliff’s side. You’ll find across a Site of Grace to rest before continuing on your journey.

Mistwood Ruins: The Bear And The Howling Elden Ring Finding Blaidd

You could hear a wolf howling as you approach Mistwood Ruins. That’s an NPC who will prove handy during a boss battle. Return to the Church of Elleh and chat with Kalé, who will instruct you on a gesture to make if you hear the howling again.

Then you’ll face Blaidd, who leaps from the top of Mistwood Ruins. You can call Blaidd during the battle if you haven’t vanquished Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. If you succeed, Blaidd will meet you in Forlorn Hound Evergaol and guide you to Giant Blacksmith Iji.

Sellen, Sorceress

Elden Ring defeats Mad Pumpkin Head to reach Sorceress Sellen. Waypoint Ruins is located on the side of the road in Western Limgrave. Inside, you’ll find a Giant Poison Flower and her gang of baby poison flowers.

It’s easy to become sidetracked by them, but there’s no need to fight them. Instead, find going straight until you reach a set of stairs. A boss named the Mad Pumpkin Head is a hard-hitter who’s relatively easy to get through if you dive between his legs. After defeating him, you’ll find Sorceress Sellen, a merchant who offers you several strong Glintstone Sorceries and a quest.

Location of Elden Ring Flask of Wonderful Physick

The Flask of Wondrous Physick is an item that will be handy when dealing with famously tricky bosses. This may be found in the Limgrave region, just outside Mistwood, in a ruin known as the Third Church of Marika.

Inside the Church, you’ll find the Flask and a Sacred Tear. When you sleep at a Site of Grace, a new option named ‘Mix Wondrous Physick’ will appear. However, you’ll need Crystal Tears, which you may find nearby at a well at the bottom of the Minor Erdtree and other places. This is a Flask that you may fine-tune to your needs, such as increasing your HP or stamina based on your build and the Crystal Tears you mix.

Mausoleums on Wheels

Walking Mausoleums of Elden Ring. These wandering mausoleums can be found in various regions of the Lands Between. You’ll be able to enter the tomb by attacking the white barnacles on the sides of their legs. Elden Ring allows you to mimic the weapons and armour of the game’s bosses, giving you the best of both worlds. You can only utilize each walking mausoleum once, so be careful about which boss’s armour or weapons you like.

Elden Ring Ghost Turtles Ghost Turtles

A mystical barrier blocks the entrance to Oridys’ Rise on the Weeping Peninsula. When you interact with it, you will be given the orders to seek three wise monsters.’ Although it appears like you’re ready for another boss battle, all you have to do is hunt down these unseen turtles, which are just a short walk from Oridys’ Rise.

After you’ve slain all three ghost turtles, the barrier will obtain, and you’ll be rewarded with a Memory Stone. These stones increase the number of memory slots.


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