Elden Ring best weapons for every gaming playstyle

The Elden Ring best weapons is determined by how you’ve constructed your character. The best weapons in Elden Ring are entirely determined by how you play the game elden ring release date.

That may appear to be a copout, but it’s true. Elden Ring is all about character development, upgrading your gear, and exploring the Lands Between. To say there is a “best weapon” in the game is akin to saying there is a “best character build” and a “best boss fight.”

The great best weapon in Elden Ring is the one you are most at ease with.

Some weapons are more potent than others, especially if you want to defeat a few of the game’s hidden bosses or research optional late-game areas. You could tackle the entire game with a Light Crossbow, Longsword, or Glintstone Staff, but more exciting options are available.

While I haven’t thoroughly experimented with every weapon in Elden Ring, I have identified a few favorites elden ring gameplay. Here are few of the best weapons in Elden Ring, whether you like to get up close and intimate with enemies, defeat them from afar or lean into magic spells.

And, if your favorite didn’t cut, keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list elden ring review.

Elden Ring’s best melee weapons

If you want to tackle enemies up close and personal in Elden Ring, you’ll need a weapon that scales with strength and skill.

You’ll also need high vigour to improve your health and high endurance to keep your stamina and equipment load competitive. 


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