GTA 6: Destinations That Should Make a Return

GTA 6 is one of the most eagerly awaited Rockstar games products of all time, all thanks to the more than a decade old gap between it and GTA 5. Furthermore, the developer has already revealed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will come to the open-world very much as seen in GTA : Vice City. Additionally, the Dec ‘2023 trailer has brought to attention some things that the GTA community can expect to see in this awesome location.

Original Version of Vice City Has Its Origins In 80s

The Vice City in this franchise takes inspiration from Miami, but the real version of the setting was set in the 80s. Not to mention, with GTA 6 coming in the AI era, several things are expected to change in this location, in comparison to what we saw on the PS2 GTA version.

Despite all that, there are still several locations from the GTA series that must make a comeback in GTA 6, very much like Grove Street, that still holds its place in GTA 5. Furthermore, if you are looking for a modded account for your Xbox One, then CSGOSmurfNinja is an online platform that has a huge repository of GTA 5 modded accounts Xbox One.

List Of GTA Regions That Deserve A Comeback In GTA 6

1. The Movie Studios: A Fragment of Tommy Vercetti’s Domain

A huge part of GTA: Vice City involves watching the lead character, Tommy Vercetti, develop his business empire in the area. This development requires the player to purchase a significant amount of real estate in Vice City, with the old movie studio being one of the most prominent properties.

Not to mention, this old movie studio is not functional for a long time. But, Tommy does a lot of hard work to make it operational, and generate revenue for it. It occupies only a small part on the map in Vice City. But a functioning old movie studio will be a nice thing for sure.

Nevertheless, this studio has the potential to provide its owners with a huge opportunity to make fun of latest superhero blockbusters or other topical genres that one can make fun of easily. Also, in case you desire Fortnite Accounts For Sale, then visit the platform CSGO Smurf Ninja to fulfil your desire minus any disappointment.

2. The North Point Mall: A Substantial Part Of The Original Map

When I went to the very top of the first island in GTA: Vice City, I found North Point Mall. One thing that makes this mall stand apart from its competitors is its vast interior. Not to mention, it houses a huge variety of shops that you can rob, along with enabling gangs to engage in violent fights. To make things more interesting, the shop floor centre has an automobile that one can use to spread infinite chaos in this already hectic environment.

In the Microsoft PS2 era, North Point Mall was famous for being an enjoyable and extensive place that one can tour in an open-world game. Additionally, it was a lot more fun to begin a police chase within the concrete walls of this mall, while trying an escape. To be precise, it would be nice if this mall makes a comeback in GTA 6.

It might not be eye-catching, but there are infinite possibilities for open-world chaos, in case this awesome Vice City location makes a comeback in AI-era, especially since it would most likely comprise several NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and stores for us (GTA gamers) to face. Furthermore, if you are a Microsoft Xbox owner looking for GTA 5 modded accounts Xbox One, then webpage: CSGOSmurfNinja can provide them at competitive prices.

3. Club Malibu: The Nightclub Most Frequently Seen in Vice City

The GTA 6 trailer has already revealed to the worldwide GTA community that the recent version of the city is still accompanied by a lively club scene. On the other hand, there is only one nightclub that enjoyed the limelight in Vice City in the 1980s, i.e, Club Malibu

Located in Washington Beach, this small but awesome nightclub was another one of those buildings that enjoyed an admirable interior. Nonetheless, this club made it to the silver screen via several cut scenes during the main story in GTA : Vice City. And, in the process, it also became a business that players can buy in the later stages of the game.

Moreover, the quests that are unlocked when purchasing this nightclub include organising and carrying out a successful bank heist. All thanks to this, several players have happy memories of this nightclub, and would like to see it make a comeback in the futuristic GTA 6. Especially, if its presence becomes the very reason behind several heists, and large-scale robberies. Also, CSGO Smurf Ninja is an internet based modded account provider that offers GTA 5 modded accounts instant delivery.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, the GTA 6 trailer from last year revealed to the GTA fellows from across the world that it will mirror GTA : Vice City. Afterwards, the original Grand Theft Auto : Vice City has its origins in the 80s. Lastly, the global GTA community is excited about the potential return of the following destinations in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.


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