New GTA 6 leak hints at one of the game’s potential locations

Grand Theft Auto 6 is assuredly one of the most eagerly-anticipated games around. Despite Rockstar Games remaining fairly quiet about the next instalment in their top-selling series, leaks have persistently rocked the gaming sphere these past months, leading to a never-ending circle of rumours and speculative theories. And one recent leak has gotten gamers talking once again.

Several unconfirmed insider allegations have been circulating online, mostly amounting to unsubstantiated shots in the dark. But never-before-seen footage has just spread on the web, showing a spectacular police chase in true GTA spirit. Posted by user RockstarGTAVl on X – formerly known as Twitter, this gameplay leak gives viewers a glimpse into a background building displaying Vice City’s name. If these exclusive images are to be believed, the next GTA installation should take place at least partially in the Miami-inspired Vice City first introduced in the eponymous 2002 game. The social platform wasted no time in striking down the leaked video due to copyright infringement issues, however.

Whether these rumours hold water or not, there is no sureproof way of knowing whether Vice City will be the only area featured on GTA 6’s map. Past games, GTA 5: San Andreas notwithstanding, included multiple cities and neighbourhoods for players to explore freely. Still, this fresh leak gives credit to the theory that Vice City will play centre stage. Earlier in July, a trusted industry insider called Jason Schreier had already let the return to Vice City out of the bag. According to Schreier, GTA 6 may also introduce a dynamic map bound to grow and evolve throughout regular DLC updates.

For all these exciting prospects, though, GTA 6 remains in its early stages of development. Incidentally, many gameplay aspects could drastically change before this huge hit in the making takes over the world – provided the most anticipated video game in history lives up to the hype. While no official release date has been disclosed, the latest Take-Two Interactive earnings call revealed a big update on the game’s possible release window, hinting at a potential launch within the next 20 months.

The publisher’s financial forecasts tend to back up this theory. Indeed, Take-Two seemingly expects a revenue boom in the upcoming fiscal year. Rockstar Games CEO Strauss Zelnick even declared the company was bracing for a “significant inflection point” and “record levels of operating performance” in fiscal 2025. These blunt assertions indicate that GTA 6 could drop sometime in late 2024, a timeframe which would align with the publisher’s habit of releasing all 3D titles in the franchise around October.

That said, Rockstar Games has consistently kept the game under wraps, prompting some observers to call out their weird and ambivalent attitude toward announcing GTA 6 – which the studio never officially did. The speculative fog that ensued risks clouding the vision as fans try to quench their thirst for information with any scrap of knowledge they can find on the web.

Still, many intriguing rumours emerging online arguably feed into the GTA 6 mythos. For instance, some fans argue that the game may include two playable characters named Jason and Lucia, mirroring the infamous crime duo Bonnie and Clyde. This dual-protagonist feature could herald the return of the character-switching mechanic first implemented in GTA 5.

Another leak claims that GTA 6 will introduce a crypto reward system. Rumours also point at a revamped casino adding tons of new games of chance alongside classic slot machines. However, it might be a while before GTA fans with a knack for casino gaming can enjoy these new features. Thankfully, they don’t have to wait for GTA 6 to drop to go all-in online.

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What will GTA 6 look like, thus? Amidst raging speculation, it is hard to get a clear picture of the technical and creative direction this massively anticipated game is going. But one thing’s for sure, theories will keep on flooding the web until the game’s very release day.

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