MetaZoo Cards game how to play in 2020

MetaZoo is a new trading card game that has piqued the curiosity of many people (TCG). He did get it right. MetaZoo cards have grown in popularity and value in the years since then. Mike Waddell spent most of his spare time in 2020 creating trading cards featuring Bigfoot, Mothman, and other weird animals into promo packs and mailing them to prospective collectors, investors, and game firms.

MetaZoo launched in August 2020 with an $18,249 Kickstarter campaign. The first official set, “Cryptid Nation,” will be released in July 2021. MetaZoo’s most recent Kickstarter campaign collected more than $1.8 million as of January of this year, and MetaZoo cards are available at major retailers such as Walmart.

Some investors and collectors have compared MetaZoo to first-edition holograms of Pokémon Charizard or unopened Magic: The Gathering booster packs. Sample MetaZoo cards, which were only made in tiny quantities and are now very rare, may fetch thousands of dollars on the secondary market. Some rare cards, such as the Red Ink First Secret Rare Box Topper, fetch even higher prices. MetaZoo has also attracted well-known people in the collectibles industry, such as Steve Aoki metazoo booster box.

What is MetaZoo?

MetaZoo is a Cryptid-themed Kickstarter/TCG. Metazoo marketplace Cryptid Nation’s monsters, spells, and artefacts serve as the foundation for a trading card game. The first set, which was financed on Kickstarter, is based on American cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Jersey Devil.

This most likely indicates that the designers want to leave their design choices open for whatever comes afterward.

It’s a trading card game (TCG) in the same vein as Pokemon and Magic:

The Gathering.

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation” is a game about breaching the fourth wall, sometimes known as “meta.”

This implies that the setting in which you play has an impact on the strength of the creatures and spells. Water creatures and spells, for example, will be more powerful if it is raining while you play metazoo nightfall. Your flame spells become twice as powerful when you play by a fire in the dead of winter metazoo nightfall booster box.

Your opponent’s snow animals, on the other hand, may become stronger and even be able to evade direct attacks. As a result, the environment plays an important role in the game. As a result, you may tailor your deck to your safe environment, making your beasties stronger.

How Do You Play MetaZoo Card Game?

In MetaZoo, you are a caster. You manipulate magic and animals using your spellbook. Then you compete against other casters in a battle to the death. You may use the cards or pages to attack and protect against your opponent. When you win, your opponent’s caster’s life points are reduced from 1000 to 0. You must also ensure that they do not do the same to you. You accomplish this by casting spells that make it easier or harder to draw cards.

Here are two strategies for winning the game:

  1. Reduce your opponent’s life points from 1000 to 0; 2) Be the first player to accomplish it by 500.
  2. Every card has two sides when you play metal.
  3. Your opponent has one side, while you have the other.
  4. The backs of these cards are not the same as the fronts.

Depending on the position of the player, the opposing team grants them access to several talents (attacking, defending, drawing more cards). The purpose of metazoa games is to be able to flip more and more cards into your column until it is full and begins to occupy all ten slots on the table. When one individual slides all 10 cards into their column, the game is done.

What is the price?

Right now, you can only view pricing for Kickstarter’s first editions. The majority of them are far more expensive than $2,000. They may increase even more when additional first editions are released. Check eBay to see how much it now costs.

The secondary market is the sole way to purchase and sell MetaZoo cards. We are awaiting the arrival of the first round of non-Kickstarter first-edition products. MetaZoo’s Bazaar marketplace has been operating for a time. They disabled it, so not all buying and selling tips are sent through eBay, private forums, or Discord.

Where Can I Buy MetaZoo?

A MetaZoo game may be pre-ordered on the MetaZoo marketplace or purchased through a TCG retailer near you. You may use their website’s app store finder to discover a shop near you that offers the games. Simply enter your location, how far you want to search, and how far you want to look. You may also purchase online from Amazon Kindle or eBay. Remember that this only applies to MetaZoo cards.

What is the total number of MetaZoo cards?

MetaZoo Cards

The “set” had 100 copies of each of the 93 distinct sample cards. We can calculate that a total of 9,300 MetaZoo Cryptid Nation sample cards were ever made using basic math.

Why is MetaZoo so expensive?

It turns out that each level of support includes MetaZoo TCG promo cards, which is the true reason for so much financing. There were unique promo cards in the upper levels that were restricted to 1000 or 250 copies, making them incredibly valuable in a TCG.

Why is MetaZoo so well-liked?

Metazoa game cards are popular because they allow players to create their decks. A deck contains many types of cards. And will have at least 40 cards, but might contain up to 60. Players build their decks by purchasing cards from one another. You may also get it by opening booster packs (packs contain 12 random cards). Cards may be common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, or holographic, depending on their rarity.

They may also be made of gold or foil, which is a glossy replica of a common or rare card (a shiny version of a rare or ultra-rare card). To defeat their opponents, players construct decks that use various techniques and designs.

The mana system, which governs how long it takes a card to perform its thing, is an important aspect of games. Mana points can only be obtained by utilizing land, creatures, and spells. Land must provide one-third of your mana pool to provide one mana point every round.

When deployed on an empty board, creatures earn two mana points every round cycle, whereas spells generate three. If there are currently five creatures in play, each creature only creates one mana point every game cycle. For example, if your opponent has three creatures in play, you’ll need four creatures on your side to produce two mana points every round instead of simply one.

Is MetaZoo a Reliable Investment?

Many buyers and sellers are counting on MetaZoo’s long-term success, and the firm seems to be devoted to expanding its product range and brand. However, there are a few issues with this product that people interested in MetaZoo goods should be aware of.

Because it makes use of a player’s actual surroundings, MetaZoo is a difficult game to play both competitively and online. This is a critical point. Every successful card game, as we’ve seen, has included a digital infrastructure that allows players to connect and combat over the internet. But how can this be accomplished in a game where the player’s surroundings are constantly being analyzed? Furthermore, the venue of a tournament should have a significant impact on how people play. This should result in generally uninteresting formats with many of the same cards and methods to play.

Top 35 Most Expensive MetaZoo Cards

MetaZoo, a collectible trading card game, was released in 2021. It was made possible through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, it has piqued the curiosity of both gamers and collectors. This article will attempt to compile a list of the 20 most expensive MetaZoo cards.

  1. Red Games Parcel
  2. Oscar Game devil
  3. Ocean Blue First
  4. New Age Fusion
  5. Red Fusion Concentrate
  6. Gaming Zoo
  7. Meta Cards View
  8. Card View Puzzle
  9. Picker Wizard
  10. Bell Asian Games
  11. Games Parallel Cards
  12. Alpha Cards Group
  13. Sample Mothman
  14. Mothman (Kickstarter version)
  15. Mothman (Signed Collect-a-Con Version)
  16. Red Ink
  17. Indrid Cold Sample Version
  18. Wendigo
  19. Flood the Earth
  20. Headless Horseman
  21. Old Scratch
  22. Cryptid Nation Promo
  23. New Year’s New Beginnings
  24. Powerup Red
  25. Death Beam
  26. Crystal Charizard Holo Skyridge
  27. Torchic Gold Star Holo Team Rocket Returns
  28. Devil Wizard
  29. Jersey Devil
  30. Grim Reaper
  31. Mothman 1st Edition
  32. Headless Coal Miner
  33. River of Time
  34. Indrid Cold
  35. Righteous Reckoning

How engaging will that be for those watching?

Will sponsors contribute to the funding of these events to ensure that spectators and participants have a good time?

MetaZoo works with which distributors?

Here is a list of the distributors with whom MetaZoo Games collaborates across the globe.

Stores in the United States include:

  • Distribution of Fireballs
  • The Distribution of Gold
  • Peach State Hobby Supply Channel
  • Stores in Canada:
  • Everyone should get it.
  • Stores in Australia and New Zealand:
  • Let’s have a good time.
  • Stores in Europe or the United Kingdom:
  • Asmodee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How much did it raise?

In only one day, MetaZoo’s Kickstarter for playing cards raised $1 million.

When did MetaZoo come out?

It’s now official. The first edition of MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation will be released on July 30, 2021!

What is the next MetaZoo set?

A new booster set, MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation – UFO 1st Edition, will be released on July 29, 2022. MetaZoo Games LLC will create it.

Is MetaZoo true?

MetaZoo is a Cryptid-themed Kickstarter/TCG. Cryptid Nation’s monsters, spells, and artefacts serve as the foundation for a trading card game. The first set, which was financed on Kickstarter, is based on American cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Jersey Devil.

How much money did it raise on Kickstarter?

MetaZoo is a trading card game (TCG) featuring cryptids as its theme. It includes cards depicting Bigfoot, Mothman, Slide-Rock Bolter, Indrid Cold, and the Flatwoods Monster, among others. This project received $18,249 in funding from 255 supporters.

How long has it been available?

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is MetaZoo Games’ debut game. It was released today, July 30, after a Kickstarter effort in the spring. The Metazoo cards game is based on both ancient and modern mythology. Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Mothman are all Pokémon-like characters. 

Who produces MetaZoo?

Michael Waddell’s MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation trading card game is currently in the early stages of development. The first set of cards will include “Beasties,” or enigmatic American animals such as Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, the Flatwoods Monster, and Indrid Cold.

How many old scratches were extracted from MetaZoo?

It is unknown which MetaZoo goods Old Scratch might employ, however, Booster Boxes are one of them. MetaZoo Games sent 100 Old Scratch cards throughout the globe. It is their second hidden rare card.

Final words:

Even though I’ve covered a lot of ground here, I think you now know if MetaZoo is a worthwhile investment or not. The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding YES for certain items and a loud NO for others. If you follow my advice, I’m certain you’ll make wise judgments concerning your MetaZoo collection and investments. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning this subject or suggestions for future articles. I’d want to hear your thoughts.

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