How To Play Rogue Class In Loop Hero?

How To Play Rogue Class In Loop Hero?

How To Play Rogue Class In Loop Hero?

The Rogue class in Loop Hero is one of the best and hardest-hitting, and fast characters in the game. Of the three types, this class is one of the best and uses the fewest words to find when expanded. It is important to know how to play the Rogue as well as possible if you intend to be good at Loop Hero.

How To Play Rogue In-Loop Hero

To play as Rogue in Loop Hero, concentrate on attacks rather than defense. The character has innate vampirism as the character will heal with every hit. Survival as a ferocious threat is to your opponent with speed and force.

A critical aspect of playing mechanic in Rogue that I love is that whenever you beat an enemy, you get a trophy and something completely random to equip. You receive a 10% bonus for every effect you’ve attached to an item and two additional 10% for any ability affecting multiple items.

Best Deck To Have As Rogue In-Loop Hero

To have the great possible deck when playing as a Rogue in Loop Hero, here are the cards that you must have in the game. In Battlefield, Blood Groves, the werewolf reveled in being human, in their cruelty; in the Grove, villagers loved the taste of human blood; in Cocoon, a werewolf revealed in the blood; in Oblivion, were contented; in the Meadow, contentment was relished; in Origins, citizens were addicted to morphine; in the blood; in the Village, morphine addicts savored their Origins roots; and roots in Cocoon; Cocoon had ruins, where they wished to be; in the desert; joy in bloodshed in all the groves; pleasure in The Werefox Village, and located in Cocoon had in reveling in all the brutality of their changed form.

For a character who plays Rogue, the main stats to focus on are Attack Speed and Crit Chance, so this will help you defeat enemies more quickly and efficiently, but it also gives you a better chance of proceeding through the game. It’s important to be as powerful as possible before deciding to engage the boss, each level of Loop Hero is difficult, and the better equipment you have, the better your chances will be.

So, Your campfire should be the place where you focus most of your battles. However, before you do that, make sure that you have a Blood Grove near your campfire to defeat any enemy with less than 15% health. Focus on increasing your attack speed by constructing a Sand Guardian or Water Lillitharna beside a river, and you’ll increase your speed and your attack speed.

Final Thought:

Well, This is all there is to know about how to play as a Rogue in Loop Hero?



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