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Throughout the anime, there are several Fox Pokemon. Here are some of the greatest, in no particular order. Real-life creatures and legendary themes inspire the Pokemon series. Satoshi Tajiri, the series creator, was motivated by his childhood passion for collecting and sharing bugs, which later became the basis for the acquisition and trading of Pocket Monsters.

The fox, or Kitsune in Japanese folklore, is a real-world animal that frequently inspired Pokemon designs. Several evolutionary lines feature animals that bear the “Fox Pokemon” moniker or have a remarkable likeness to the animal. There are now enough fox Pokemon to rate them all and determine which will perform best on the battlefield.

10 Fox Pokémon

1. Fennekin


Fox Pokémon

With its appearance in Generation VI, this Fire-type starter Pokemon was well-received by fans. From the twig it munches on to its secret ability, Magician, many facets of its personality and powers hint at what it will become as it grows. Its enormous, fluffy ears aren’t just for show; it can intimidate opponents by puffing hot air of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit out of them fire fox pokemon.

The firefox earned even more fame as Serena’s Fennekin in the Pokemon anime’s XY season. This Fennekin has a fiery attitude tamed by her devotion to her trainer, and she resembles Serena in many respects.

2. Eevee


Fox Pokémon

The Eeveelutions are among the most well-known Pokemon, rivalling Pikachu on several occasions, black fox pokemon such as in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee! The species of origin of the Eevee family line is purposely vague, with some resembling cats (such as Espeon) and others more dog-like (such as Jolteon).

Eevee is the most fox-like of the bunch, even down to the color of its fur. Eevee is charming not just because of its adorable ears and bright eyes but also because of the potential it possesses and what it signifies for long-time Pokemon fans. The ability to adapt and develop into various forms is an excellent metaphor for maturing and seeking the version of yourself you most desire.

3. Nickit pokemon anime


Fox Pokémon

Pokemon Sword and Shield included a new family of foxes to the Pokedex, including the charming Nickit.
This sly Pokemon steals (or nicks) food from other Pokemon before fleeing quietly on its gently padded feet.
Furthermore, it sweeps up its footsteps with its long tail, removing any proof of its crime.

Without question, Nickit is a brilliant criminal, but their talents help in their nefarious activities. Its initial ability, Run Away, allows it to flee and fight if it is hurt or endangered, much like a thief might if confronted. When a held item is used or lost, the Unburden ability increases speed, allowing it to flee if its treasure is spent or compromised. Finally, its secret ability is Stake Out, a classic criminal activity. If an opponent swaps out, Stake Out will double the damage given to its replacement.

4. Alolan Vulpix


Fox Pokémon

This Kanto area Pokemon is well-known among fans as one of the loveliest Fire-type Pokemon of the original 151. This explains why Vulpix was given an Alolan form to capitalize on the Fox Pokemon’s nostalgia and adorability. When exposed to an evolutionary stone: a Fire Stone for ordinary Vulpix and an Ice Stone for Alolan Vulpix, both forms of Vulpix develop.

Vulpix legend is fascinating and comforting, especially since it possesses an everlasting flame that burns within its body. Alolan Vulpix possesses really ice breath, capable of solidifying its victim before devouring it.
Every Vulpix has only one white tail at birth, which splits into six colorful tails as they age.

5. Zorua


Zorua is one of the most attractive Dark-types out there, but you might not realize it until its masquerade is shattered. Zorua’s ability Illusion allows it to look like the last Pokemon in the player’s party, and the disguise lasts until a damaging attack strikes Zorua.

One of the particular abilities that kitsune is claimed to have is the power to create illusions so well-crafted that they appear completely genuine. It seems logical that the “Tricky Fox” Pokemon would have such an ability to outwit its opponents.

6. Zoroark


Because of their reputation as cunning and devious creatures, dark types appear to make excellent foxes, and Zoroark is one of the greatest examples. Kitsunes were reported to delight in duping unsuspecting travelers with their shape-shifting skills, just like Zoroark did with its Illusion ability. Zorua and Zoroark have no additional or secret abilities because this Illusion is so important to their story and identity.

However, Zoroark isn’t all trickery and slyness; it frequently uses these abilities to defend those closest to them, like its pack, since they care deeply about others of its kind.

7. Aria’s Delphox


The exquisite Delphox is the apex of Fennekin’s evolutionary process, capable of unleashing tremendous strikes owing to its dual Fire and Psychic type. With its robe-like fur and fire staff, this Pokemon resembles the kitsune fox and European witches/mages.

Delphox has the greatest basic stat total of any fox Pokemon (534) and a very reliable Special Attack and Speed stat, making it a go-to for trainers. Forget about witch-hunting; if you’re not cautious, this witch will burn you on the battlefield!

8. Braixen


Braixen, the middle evolution of the Fennekin line, begins to show more and more magical skills, though it will not achieve pure Psychic-typing until its ultimate form. Braixen’s wand/broom-like staff and its fire usage are reminiscent of both western witches and kitsune-mochis, Japanese folklore witches who derive their power from foxes.

Braixen is a moderately powerful and popular Pokemon who appears as a playable character in Pokkén Tournament and Serena’s Pokemon in the Pokemon anime.

9. Thievul


This fox resembles a cartoon villain with a burglar mask and a sharp, thin moustache. Thievul has the same abilities as Nickit but with more power and stronger techniques, such as Thief, which it learns after developing According to its Pokedex page, Thievul “tags potential targets with a smell” to hunt them down and rob them at the appropriate time. Interestingly, it has a natural opponent in Boltund, akin to the rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper.

10. Ninetales


Sara’s Alolan Ninetales leaps across the sky in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. The magnificent Ninetales appear to be based on the kitsune and the red fox, with a possible allusion to a cat o’ nine tails whip. According to legend, each of Ninetales’ tails holds a separate legendary power, and Ninetales can live for up to 1,000 years. Other legends claim that plucking one of this Pokemon’s nine tails will bring about a 1,000-year curse, explored in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

Alolan Ninetales possesses the unusual type combination of Ice and Fairy, as well as a beautiful, silky coat containing shards of ice that it utilizes to strike its adversaries.



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