How Do I Make Caviar In Stardew Valley?

How Do I Make Caviar In Stardew Valley?

How Do I Make Caviar In Stardew Valley?

As well, Caviar in Stardew Valley is an artisan good that isn’t used in any quest. But many players want to get it to use it as an ingredient in the spool of the sewing machine to prepare the fashion hat. There is a strong healing effect, and it also fetches a high-end selling price. In the guide, you can find information on how to make Caviar in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Caviar in Stardew Valley?

You will need to make a Fish Pond from the Carpenter’s Shop to make Caviar in Stardew Valley. This is what you will need to do for that.

  1. 5000g
  2. 200 stone
  3. 5 seaweed
  4. 5 green algae


  1. To get the green algae, you need to find something like freshwater or salty water. You can slay green slimes for this purpose as well. For seaweed, the best type to look for comes from seawater, and the best place to find it comes from the beach. Notice that the restaurant sits on top of a fish pond, so be prepared for in-store construction by the store.


  1. There are different types of fish that can be caught during different seasons, such as the Sturgeon, which is found all year long. Go to this lake, set up a fishing pole near it, then cast a line into the pond you made, and fish off the end. If you’re lucky, you catch a Sturgeon to eat. Alternatively, you will have to wait for another Sturgeon to appear.


  1. Now that you have the pond and fish and the jar with the roe in it, you should put it all in the pot. After 60,000 in-game minutes, if you allocate all your items, you will see that you have converted through caviar to Sturgeon, so you must wait a day to see it in real-time. What is going on is the fact that you will have this fish egg hanging in your cellar and that this food that is preserved has this substance in it.


  1. After you have completed the waiting period, take your time to meet other farm tasks. Don’t forget to check on the pond daily to see if anything is happening. Once the file is ready, then you will see an exclamation mark over the filename. By clicking the notification below, you will notice that Sturgeon is asking for something. Shock it into the water using the electric pot and wait some more. This is how you might get to have roe.


  1. Once you have completed the warehouse and have the cheese, you can sell it for 500g per jar or even higher for Artisan Profession. Besides, it is also an excellent choice for a gift as it is an artisan good. If not, you can eat it, if you choose to.

Final Thought:

It is Everything there is to know about how to buy Caviar in Stardew Valley. Make sure to check out our other Stardew Valley guides to get all of the information about this farm simulator game.

We have to Describe Everything you want to know. If I missed something or you know anything about else, you can share it with us in the Comment section below.



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