Top 15 Best Epic Games You Can See On The Epic Store

Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, lately launched its store to provide amazing games to the market, including as particular game titles.
Epic Games has been the topic of much discussion latterly. The developers of Fortnite started their digital gaming store, called the Epic Games Store. the corporate quickly purchased exclusivity for varied games,
However, the frustration with PC exclusivity aside, the Epic Games Store features a lot of great games to play. It’s clear that the corporate isn’t messing around and needs to supply some kind of competition within the market. We’ve updated our list to incorporate a complete of 15 of the best games you’ll get immediate, on the Epic Store.

Top 15 Best Epic Games You Can See On The Epic Store

1.  Subnautica

Best Epic Games

Subnautica may be a survival game that’s one among the best in its class. Players are dropped into an unfamiliar, aquatic planet with the distant view of their spaceship wreckage on the ocean surface. they need nothing left to try to but explore the uncharted waters and collect materials just to survive another day.

Featuring a handmade world by the developers and some creat and dangerous monsters, there’s without stopping to the superb adventures players can have during this game. Even the game’s early access sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, is purchasable on the Epic Games Store. Get both entries in one fell swoop.

2. Metro Exodus

Best Epic Games

When it had been announced that the anticipated Metro Exodus would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, PC gamers collectively lost their minds. This was the signal that Epic Games was able to compete within the PC gaming market. It helps that Metro Exodus is simply a superb game.

The graphics, sound design, and story are all great, complementing one another nicely. It improves on the first in almost every way, delivering a post-apocalyptic experience that folks aren’t soon to forget. the sport is survival-based, forcing players to think on their feet and overcome the obstacles within the tainted world around them.

3. Hades

Best Epic Games

Bastion and Transistor quickly made a reputation for themselves as a number of the best indie games on the market. This was all because of the work of Supergiant Games. Hades, the newest game within the company’s lineup, has made its thanks to the Epic Games Store as an exclusive title.

Fans of Supergiant Games’ previous work will know what to expect. Hades is an isometric action game. However, this point around, it surrounds itself in challenge and difficulty, sending players back to the beginning if they’re slain. the sport combines a stunning visual sort of 2D backgrounds and 3D models for a superb presentation.

4. Ashen

Best Epic Games

Embark on a search through a world unlike you’ve never seen before in Ashen. Players take hold of a wanderer who is simply trying to seek out an area to calm down. This leads players across a dangerous journey where they’ll meet several horrifying monsters also as some helpful people.

As players build their own homes, they need to settle on whom they will trust and whom they ought to leave behind as they continue. the sport prides itself on visual storytelling, having many moments where players can just sit back and soak it beat. the sport may be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive until December 2019.

5. Unreal Tournament

Best Epic Games

Unreal Tournament has been in development for quite a while, and it is a game that desperately tries to point out Unreal Engine 4. As such, it is a gorgeous game, showing off what the engine is capable of in terms of graphical detail.

Unreal Tournament has been a touch short-staffed, resulting in it getting placed on the backburner for Epic Games. However, the launch of the Epic Games Store has essentially given the sport a replacement avenue. It’s free-to-play and still features a way to travel before a full release. However, it’s a solid core, resulting in an overall fun experience that’s worth a minimum of trying out.

6. Dauntless

Best Epic Games

If Monster Hunter may be a bit too complex for your taste, then Dauntless could be your next game. This free-to-play action game puts you within the role of a hunter that you simply create. You then travel through a huge world in search of well-crafted and unique monsters to require down. Your goal is to raised your skills to urge better equipment and items to become the best hunter around.

Dauntless is an Epic Games Store exclusive, but the $0 tag will surely be enough to draw people in. It’s another game that appears and runs great, enticing players to offer it a good shot.

7. The Witness

Best Epic Games

The developer of Braid was at it again with the discharge of The Witness. This puzzle game puts players on an island during which they need to solve all kinds of puzzles. However, the puzzle completion is entirely up to the player. Some paths are easier than others, but the road is ultimately up to the player.

8. Shakedown Hawaii

Best Epic Games

If you have ever played the 8-bit grand larceny Auto-inspired game called Retro City Rampage, then you’re certain a treat with Shakedown Hawaii. Developer Vblank has applied its mechanics and ideas from its prior release to make something that’s far more exciting and fun.

It carries over the open-world elements from Retro City Rampage but introduces some city builder mechanics on top of it. once more, the sport is extremely self-aware, parodying all kinds of hilarious popular culture icons from years within the past. the sport is additionally during a 16-bit style, making it a natural progression from the previous 8-bit game.

9. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Best Epic Games

This supernatural Sniper Elite spinoff series is extremely fashionable a distinct segment group of gamers who enjoy blowing the heads off many the Nazi undead. it is a creepy, fun throwback to the 1970s and 1980s zombie horror hits, with the Sniper Elite X-Ray kill-cam functionality tossed certain laughs.

Zombie Army 4 is currently an Epic Store exclusive, and it’s one title that creates the platform tons more attractive at a second glance. If you relish the thought of 4 player sniper co-op against legions of the infected, then lock and cargo.

10. Mafia Trilogy

Best Epic Games

This cinematic-style franchise is certain to satisfy your mafia cravings within the absence of The Sopranos or the Godfather trilogy. What better thanks to experiencing the planet of the criminal elite than by doing so legally? It beats an indictment and 50 years within the clink!

All three games are featured during this trilogy pack in their

Definitive Editions, which suggests it is the best thanks to experiencing all of them once again, or for the primary time. mention a suggestion you cannot refuse!

11.  Grand Larceny Auto V: Premium Edition

If you haven’t purchased grand larceny Auto V yet, then what’s stopping you? Few games can match the extent of detail, sophistication, and an immense amount of content as Rockstar’s premiere flagship title.

Though it has been out for years now, GTA V continues to sell like hell. The inclusion of the GTA Online mode adds plenty of replay value onto an already gigantic game.

12. Red Dead Redemption II

RDR2 got its justifiable share of praise when it hit consoles, but only on PC has it reached its full potential. some graphical options turn one among Rockstar’s most beautiful games into an immersive experience.

Make sure your graphics card has the juice, however. While the new lighting and graphical options could be a thing of beauty, many of them are GPU-intensive. If your rig can handle it, you’ll experience something truly amazing.

13. War Z

Since the discharge of Left for Dead 2, there has been a huge, 4-man zombie game-shaped hole in fans’ hearts. War Z has released and tries to recapture that magic. During a lot of the way, the sport succeeds. An exclusive title on the Epic Games Store, war Z might just be the sport to tie fans over.

Players will work together and make their way through levels dominated by zombies. Despite being a $40 title, war Z sports some impressive graphics and may load ridiculous numbers of zombies at a time. during this game, they’ll do whatever it takes to bring you down.

14. Observation

Esteemed game company Devolver Digital gets its newest title as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. Observation sees players trying to work out what happened to a lady on an area station. While this formula has been done extensively in popular culture, Observation places a singular spin thereon by having players take hold of the AI that controls the space platform.

This changes the dynamic of the sport and its story, adding tons more helplessness and intrigue as players see the risks of space and uncover the mysterious disappearance. By having players control the AI, they get to experience sci-fi horror from a replacement lens.

15. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

The Lovely Collection includes the outrageously popular Borderlands 2 alongside Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and every one the bonus content added in. That’s a reasonably sweet deal and an excellent thanks to jumping into the Borderlands universe together with your friends.

This excellent collection hit the Epic Games Store as a free download up until June 4th, 2020, and it’s a superb thanks to dive into the games if you’ve never had the chance before. If you missed the giveaway, don’t fret. the sport remains available for purchase.

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