Best Fire Emblem Games From Nintendo of All Time

There is no better choice than the Fire Emblem games from Nintendo if you are looking to experience the ideal tactical approach. Till 2001, this game was majorly played in North America, a blog post that began obtaining popularity worldwide.

It is famous for its charming mixture of deep storytelling, tactical abilities, and Tactical Gameplay, where each player needs to challenge its limitations to deal with the examinations.
Fire Emblem Games have developed throughout the years and have also launched several plays that have added to the entire series’s appeal.

One distinctive feature of games is, as soon as you obtain beat, you are out forever. Nonetheless, this feature comes as an optional choice in the most up to date games through an informal setting. But the old and classic games still motivate it to assist gamers in planning their moves for their more extended keep.
Out of its several Fire Emblem Series Games, some follow up while others function on an entirely new storyline, personalities, technicians, and systems.

Best Fire Emblem Games From Nintendo of All Time

Radiant Dawn

Fire Emblem

Glowing Dawn was presented in 2007 and also is known to be the debut game of Nintendo Wii Console as a direct follow up to the last game in the series.

It is thought about one of the most challenging and tough Fire Emblem Games to date. Its grid-based fights are highly appreciated as well as enjoyed by hardcore approach gamers.

The game is divided into four different components that include a different viewpoint to the continuous competition. These four intrigues are all battling to win the Leadership of the Continent of Tellius, while the players battle to control Micaiah.

Radiant Dawn is the very best start factor for hardcore strategy followers yet does not match informal players. Informal players can consider starting with Shadow Dragon.

Blazing Blade

Fire Emblem

Blazing Blade game noted the birth of Fire Emblems Games outside Japan. This was first introduced and released in the United States of America on the Game Boy Advance and included three personalities.

Hector, Eliwood as well as Lyn, are the primary characters of the video game. Eliwood and also Hector have an internal link with the previous figures of Fire Emblem, and Lyn is supposed to be the primary character of the video game.

The video game works on two-story sectors; the first one majorly revolves around Lyn and her grandpa. The 2nd segment is considered a lot more substantial and revolves around all the three personalities and their battle versus Previous Emblem figures.

This players work as masterminds and help Hector, Lyn, and Eliwood on their trip. Players made use of to play a secondary role in the first video games of the series, which have now come to be the dominant motif in the newer versions.

Shadow of Valentia

Fire Emblem

Another video game in the checklist of Best Fire Emblem Games is Shadow of Valentia. It is the remake and an upgraded version of the 1992 Fire Emblem title games and also drops fifteenth on the collection.

It is a full plan of the initial tactical-turn based video games and the dungeon creeping feature of the upgraded version. It features both the traditional and too informal mode and operates in 2 various settings.

The timeless setting work on the same idea of permanent personality fatality while the casual mode only denoted the personalities exit from the fight. The typical design makes the video game extra enjoyable for players.

The continent featured in the game is split right into two fifty percent with separate warring gods, and also, the gamers play from one side of the military. It is based upon the tale of Celica and Alm, who deal with together to restore Valentia’s royal residence.


Fire Emblem

The Fire Emblem Fates Series consists of 2 games with different stories, particularly, Birthright and Conquest. While Conquest focuses much more on hardcore Emblems collection fans, Birthright intends extra at the laid-back followers.

The games work with much more strict style standards and specially developed conditions for winning, including “eliminating everything” as one of the needs.

Severe fans must begin with Conquest, while the casual ones should think about playing the Birthright version of the Fates Series.

The players are meant to go on a trip that is nearly impossible to complete. They are offered various personalities that hate each other from the very beginning of the game.


Fire Emblem

As pointed out above, Birthright belongs to the Fire Emblem Fates series and is specially designed for beginners and acts as a good access factor for them.

It works with basic scenarios as compared to Conquest. If you wish to delight in truth significance of the Fates collection, try both the games starting with Birthright first.

Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem

Sacred Stones was launched on both Game Boy Advance Series and in North America. After Blazing Blade, it is taken into consideration as a good starting factor for novices. This has few common mechanisms with Blazing Blade, however, includes a different continent. Its characters

provide a sensation of both superhuman and the most excellent bad guys of the series.
It’s split promotions, map layout, efficient soundtrack, triple efficiency, and enhanced video game design take it to the next level.

Path of Radiance

Fire Emblem

This noted the start of the Home console and was the very first video game to be released in this collection. It features a continent named Tellius and also works on a various story.

It introduces the personality like, which develops the central figure of the game along with his papa. The tale revolves around their mercenary business that functions on the borders of Crimea. The main dispute in the video game is between monster laguz and a human before the race.

Binding Blade

Fire Emblem

Binding Blade stood 6th in the main Fire Emblem Series and was released only in Japan. It was the opening game to be released in the Game Boy Advanced tool. It includes a continent named Elibe, and also the leading player is Roy, the boy of Eliwood. So, Eliwood was one of the characters of the first video game.

The tale focuses on Bren, an invader who breaks the 1,000 old peace of the continent and starts violence to bring back the dragons.

Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem

One more Best video game on the Fire Emblem series is Shadow Dragon, as well as is a remake of the very first video game in the Fire Emblem series.

It belongs to the Nintendo DS and also features the Dolhr Empire. Medeus leads the Dolhr realm and also attacks a continent named Archenea.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem

With its casual mode, Awakening marked a substantial adjustment in the timeless and old game series and saved it from being terminated. The laid-back method was presented to disable the permanent death feature of defeated personalities to make it less inhibiting.

It was likewise the first video game to debut on the Nintendo 3DS. You can partner with other personalities and prepare for extra powerful attacks, even the boosted capabilities to safeguard has unlocked for tactical decisions. However, with all the modifications in place, it has managed to preserve an equilibrium of the rock-paper-scissors formula.

It deals with the story of the Kingdom of Ylisse and also Prince Chrom, with customizable characters. Moreover, its funny and personable actors, add an attractive quotient to the video game.

Final Words:

So this refers to our checklist of several of the most unique and best Games of the Fire Emblem Series. The series has something to use for all levels of gamers. Pick one on your today as well as start playing.

One unique function of video games is, once you get beat, you are out for life. This function comes as an optional selection in the most current video games via a casual setting. The classic and old games still urge it to aid gamers in planning their moves for their even more extended stay.

It was also the first game to debut on the Nintendo 3DS. This is referred to as our checklist of the most exclusive and even most exceptional Games of the Fire Emblem Series.

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