10 Ways a Game Bug Might Pop Up in CS: GO

10 Ways a Game Bug Might Pop Up in CS: GO

An undetected game bug can be a player’s worst nightmare and can ruin even the best game. On the other hand, some bugs in games can be hilarious or can give players an unintended advantage. For example, if you are playing a slot game and come across a bug, you may be able to win extra money or double your winnings.

So, whether you love first-person shooters, or slot games like the Book of Ra online are your thing, you know about the game bug problem. CS: GO is one of those games that’s well-known for having a steady stream of bugs. Some of these have been hysterical, while others have been infuriating. Here’s 10 of the top fun game bugs spotted in CS: GO and some game bug fixes.

1. Disappearing Heads

Perhaps the most startling game bug detection in CS: GO is the disappearing head phenomenon. This bug causes random players on the ‘T-side’ to lose their heads when a weapon is pointed at them. This makes the other side furious, as no one can aim headshots at this player. Sometimes it even lasts the whole game and causes a riot with headless players running around on all sides! A seriously funny game bug attack.

2. Drop In FPS

One common bug in CS: GO causes your FPS to drop midway through a game. This can seriously damage your performance and is a nuisance to deal with. Fortunately, this problem has a fairly simple fix and can be sorted out in settings by pressing ‘Enable Developer Console.’

3. Bouncing Ammo

Errant grenades can work to your advantage in CS: GO. This is because of a handy game bug where, if you hit one of your team, instead of an enemy player, the grenade will bounce off and explode elsewhere. Game bug classification – sneaky win for you!

4. Illuminating Explosives

One nifty little bug found in CS: GO is the appearance of enemy silhouettes when players look at certain objects. For example, if one player is setting up a bomb and another looks through the bomb’s light bulb, you can see enemy silhouettes on the other side. This sets you up for a cheeky kill strike and is the game bug definition of an advantage.

5. Go Up in Smoke

Want to show up an enemy with a bomb? Aim a smoke bomb at him! This game bug uses the fact that bombs in CS: GO have a flashing light to show players where they are. Unfortunately, these can also be seen through smoke, meaning you can use a smoke bomb to alert teammates to an approaching bomber.

6. Bumpy Stairs

Visual problems can sometimes be a nuisance in CS: GO. For example, in the list of annoying game bug categories, bumpy stairs are high on the list. While some staircases let players go down smoothly, others cause the visuals to bump up and down. You can either find this annoying or find the smooth stairs annoying because it disrupts the realism. Guess it depends which side you fall on.

7. Swapping Weapons

When you press the E key to swap your weapons on some controllers, CS: GO can make it hard for you to get it back again. For example, if when you swap your gun, it falls next to another weapon, like a bomb, you might not be able to get it back. However, you can get around this game bug by dropping your gun instead and then picking it up again when you’re done.

8. Run Boost

Here’s one you can use to your advantage. Run boosting is a common feature in many video games. However, in CS: GO, if you climb onto a fellow player’s shoulders and then boost, you can go much further than the game developers intended. Perfect for outrunning the competition.

9. Sound Problems

CS: GO is particularly notorious for bugs. One place you might experience a game glitch in CS: GO is with the sound. These issues can make it hard to tell what’s going on over all the explosions and ammunition sounds.

10. Molotov Cocktail

Watch out for the Molotov cocktail bug in CS: GO. If a firebomb lands near your feet, you may think you’ve stamped it out. However, when you move, the flames may spring back up. You may also be startled to hear the noise of a bomb going off even when you’ve put the fire out. Our advice – avoid firebombs altogether!


CS: GO is definitely a fun game, and these minor glitches certainly don’t ruin it. In fact, sometimes they make it more fun. If you’re getting stuck with a bug game download or a bug that just won’t go away, googling a fix will usually get you what you want.

Final Call: Have you noticed these bugs in CS: GO? Noticed any other ones? Let us know in the comments!

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Jeremy Ambrose is a video game lover, tech blogger, and all-around gadget fanatic! He loves all things sci-fi and enjoys speed-running and modding games in his spare time.


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