Top 11 Best Aviation Headset in 2022

If you work in aviation or are a professional pilot, you know how important it is to get the right aviation headset. These are made very differently than regular headsets or headphones, so getting the right one is essential, especially if you have trouble hearing. Regular headphones focus more and more on the quality of the music and the bass, but aviation headset are usually made to give the best communication and block out noise. But some of the best aviation headsets for aircraft don’t have ear cups but work just as well aviation headsets.

People also talk about whether they should buy an ANR or PNR aviation headset and the differences between them. Pilots who have been flying for a long time usually prefer aviation headsets with Active Noise Reduction (ANR). The microphone in these aviation headsets makes “anti-sound” to cancel out background noise. Now, this is how most noise-canceling headphones work.

On the other hand, passive Noise Reduction (PNR) headphones are made to block out noise, and they rely more on this feature than on extra noise-reducing parts. Because they lack an inbuilt microphone, they are also slightly less expensive. Bluetooth is being added to most aviation headset, but many pilots think it’s mostly just an excellent feature because of how flying works now. Bluetooth, on the other hand, is not a bad thing for an airline headset.

11 Best Aviation Headsets

In light of this, let’s look at the best aviation headsets for pilots on the market.

1. Bose A20

11 Best Aviation Headset in 2022 Bose A20

With good cause, the bose aviation headset Bose A20 will be at the top of most lists of aviation headsets. According to the business, this solution offers a 30% improvement in active noise suppression compared to conventional aircraft headsets. These headphones’ Bluetooth capability, which enables you to pair your mobile devices, is another feature that aspiring pilots will appreciate. Users of the Bose A20 can mute a specific audio signal while communicating and combine the two using configurable audio priority.

The Bose A20 aviation headset features soft-touch cushions and foam cups, making them comfortable even during lengthy usage. As we said before, they also provide outstanding noise reduction. In addition, this headset requires 30% less clamping force than conventional aviation headset for pilots. An ergonomic control module with AUX/Intercom input and priority switching is a feature of the Bose A20. This headset also has excellent sound quality.

2. David Clark DC ONE-X


11 Best Aviation Headset in 2022 David Clark DC ONE-X

Our runner-up on this list is the David Clark DC One-X. This David Clark headset has snug leatherette ear seals and slow-recovery foam for the best noise reduction. The David Clark DC One-X is among the best headsets for aviators since it comes standard with noise cancellation owing to the M-55 electret microphone. The manufacturer also includes Bluetooth compatibility for wireless audio and communication with this product.

The manufacturer also employs digital signal processing (DSP) for the best audio reproduction. The DC One-X by David Clark can virtually work with any audio panel arrangement for aircraft because it has a stereo/mono switch. The maker claims that the headset’s shape keeps them comfy for a long time and prevents “hot spots” near the ear. The supplied in-line control module has a backlit touch-key user interface for increased convenience.

3. Lightspeed Zulu 3


11 Best Aviation Headset in 2022 Lightspeed Zulu 3

One of the top aviation headset for flying right now is the Lightspeed Zulu 3 GA. It has curved ear seals that exactly fit your ear’s size and is made to hug your jaw naturally, increasing comfort. To provide optimum durability even under extreme use, cables with a Kevlar core support this. Compared to other wires, this material also offers the benefit of being lighter and more flexible.

Additionally, the Lightspeed Zulu 3 has Bluetooth built-in connectivity, allowing you to couple it with your wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. We especially appreciate the inclusion of long-lasting stainless steel headbands. In keeping with other headsets in the same price range, the Lightspeed Zulu 3 GA also has a user-adjustable microphone. Active noise cancellation is also present, as would be expected. For any pilot, the noise attenuation levels are rather good.

4. Lightspeed SIERRA ANR


Best Aviation Headset  Lightspeed SIERRA ANR

This is a professional-grade ANR headset. Thus, it should compare favorably with the top ANR headsets currently available. The Lightspeed Sierra ANR has dual volume controls, just like some of the aviation headsets we’ve discussed, making it simple for pilots to adjust the volume in either ear. Support for Stereo/Mono is also provided with this ANR headset (switching included). We also appreciate the sound quality that this headset offers.

This ANR headset uses two AA batteries, much like most of the aircraft headsets on this list. The manufacturer states that the battery life is up to 40 hours before new batteries are required. Users will also value the Bluetooth support provided for cordless audio performance. The hardware is adequate to block background and cabin noise, and noise-cancelling capabilities essentially function as intended.

5. David Clark H10-13.4


David Clark H10-13.4

At this stage, it should be obvious that David Clark, along with Bose and Kore Aviation, has established a solid reputation for manufacturing some of the best aviation headsets on the market. The David Clark H10-13.4, manufactured by the same company as the runner-up on this list, features an exceptionally comfortable double-foam head pad for extended use. Additionally, the maker supplies gel ear seals for both ears to further reduce noise and improve sound quality.

Customers will also discover a universal Flex Boom that enables the microphone to move smoothly. The H10-13.4 has a volume control knob and detent settings to keep things straightforward. Additionally, this headset employs a. 25-inch phone socket and a 5.5-foot cable for audio input. It’s important to note that these headphones lack built-in Bluetooth, implying that there isn’t a battery inside.

6. Kore Aviation KA-1


Kore Aviation KA-1

Although it differs differently from other aviation headset, this one is packed with features. The Kore Aviation KA-1 is equipped with a built-in Y-block switch on the cable and mono and stereo compatibility. This headphone is designed to protect your hearing with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 decibels. The headphones contain comfortable foam ear plugs and flexible boom microphones. Additional features include dual volume controls on each earcup and a 3.5mm headphone connector for audio input via your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices.

According to the maker, this headset is appropriate for teachers, passengers, and aspiring pilots. Although this is a PNR headset, the ear seals indicated above also provide excellent noise reduction by default. However, there is no noise-canceling chip underneath. Any veteran pilot will agree that the Kore Aviation KA-1 is among the best available despite this omission.

7. Rugged Air RA200

Rugged Air RA200

As we’ve already shown, choosing aviation headset is not easy, and it becomes even more difficult when you have options like the Rugged Air RA200 GA. Foam ear seals are used in this product to provide adequate noise cancellation and additional cushioning. Along with the new flex boom, the company operates an EM56 noise reflecting cup microphone. The Rugged Air RA200 GA features 50mm performance audio speakers, and the manufacturer also offers hearing protection with a 24db noise reduction certification.

However, the mono output of this headset replaces the lack of stereo output. Because Bluetooth connectivity is also absent at this location, you won’t be able to remotely access your mobile devices. This also eliminates the requirement for batteries for this particular headset. Despite not having built-in noise cancellation technology, this headset may effectively reduce background noise.

As pilots would anticipate, this headset also features a 3.5mm audio connector for compatible gadgets like computers, smartphones, and tablets. We appreciate the addition of a stainless steel adjustable headband to this headset’s vast list of features. For novices, in particular, this headset with integrated noise cancellation is excellent.

8. Cadence CA501


Cadence CA501

This is an aircraft PNR headset of the highest caliber with various desirable features. The business proposes using its exclusive AirPunch+ drivers for excellent sound quality and intercom functionality. For added convenience, the flexible boom mic can be positioned in various ways. Because the Cadence CA501 is made of lightweight materials, it is less likely to experience “headset fatigue” after extended use.

You may use the gaming headset with just about any setup because it supports both stereo and mono. A separate S/M switch is included on the headset wire to make switching between modes easier. The CA501 features hard plastic ear seals for the best performance in terms of sound isolation. A dual GA plug is also included with this headset. The CA501 comes with a six ′ AUX cable as part of its initial accessories set.

9. Faro G2 ANR


Faro G2 ANR

The Faro G2 ANR, the best aviation headset on our list aviation news, has a robust feature set that puts it almost on par with the best available ANR headsets. While creating a tight seal to muffle outside sounds, the ear cups are delightful on the ears. According to reports, the headset may give a total passive noise reduction of 23 dB. Compared to most high-end headsets, the Faro G2 ANR can provide higher levels of noise blocking when combined with an estimated 29 dB of ANR.

Additionally, vr headset the headgear incorporates a windscreen to reduce outside noise and an adjustable Electret microphone beam. This headphone connects through a conventional dual plug for GA. The Faro G2 ANR can support mono and stereo intercoms, which will interest customers.




This is for in-ear aviation headset enthusiasts on a tight budget. Faro Air weighs about 1 oz, making it substantially lighter than over-ear headsets already on the market. Although this product does not come with ANR out of the box, the maker claims that it can deliver comparable performance with 50 dB of noise reduction. This headset comes with replaceable ear tips made of slow-recovery foam for increased noise isolation.

Contrary to looks, this headset is not wireless and has a standard aux/music input. We also appreciate how the controller is made, as it has controls for the headset’s additional features as well as an increase/decrease in volume button. With this headset, the maker is kind enough to include replacement canal/ear tips, with something suitable for each ear size.

11. Bose ProFlight


Best Aviation Headset  Bose ProFlight

The Best Aviation Headset Bose ProFlight is intended for “moderately noisy, pressurized turbine-powered aircraft,” according to the manufacturer. As opposed to typical over-the-ear pilot headsets, this is also one of the few headsets on this list to provide an in-ear design. The Bose ProFlight is designed to be worn for extended periods without adding weight and weighs only 4.9 ounces. The Bluetooth connectivity that can be used with your mobile devices is an addition to the list of atlantic aviation functions.

The Electret noise-canceling microphone in the headphones does a great job of cutting down on background noise and improving clarity. Bose also says that the digital active noise cancellation technology in this in-ear headset cuts down on background noise. Pilots can choose from three levels of noise cancellation on one of the best in-ear headphones for pilots.




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