OSRS Money Making Skill Guide in 2023

This guide covers every Skilling OSRS money making method available in Old School Runescape. The quickest and easiest way to obtain gold is to buy OSRS gold from an online store, but if you prefer to farm yourself, here are your options osrs money making:

These hourly rates are based on the assumption that you have followed all of the recommendations and are doing everything reasonably well.

Pickpockets Elves

Requirements and Recommendations osrs gold

  • 85+ Thievery ( 99 recommended )
  • 50 Quickness ( for rouges equipment )
  • 47 Magic ( recommended for shadow veil ) ( recommended for shadow veil )
  • 80+ Hp ( recommended ) ( recommended )
  • Herblore 97 ( recommended )
    93 featuring botanical pies
  • Thieving
    Cape Rogue’s gear
  • Dodgy necklaces made from food
  • Song of the Elves has been completed.
  • A Kingdom Divided is finished ( not necessary but recommended for shadow veil )
  • Diary of Ardougne
  • Shadow Veil Runes

Head to the elf city of Prifddinas and trap one of the elves in their home. The ones closest to a bank are the best to trap. When an elf is trapped in a corner, you can spam-click the same spot to pickpocket while they are afk.
You will collect a lot of crystal shards during this process, and you can sell them to make money by turning them into divine super combat potions osrs news.

2.5 million dollars in profit per hour

Pickpocket Vyres

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 82+ Thievery ( 99 recommended )
  • 50 Quickness ( for rouges equipment )
  • 47 Magic ( recommended for shadow veil )
  • 80+ Hp ( recommended ) ( recommended )
  • Thieving
    Cape Rogue’s gear
  • Food
  • Bag of gems
  • shady necklaces
  • Father’s Sins are Completed
  • A Kingdom Divided is finished ( not necessary but recommended for shadow veil )
  • Diary of Ardougne
  • Shadow Veil Runes

Go to the darkmeyer and go to the house of Vallessia von Pitt and a trap her there. This npc is the best osrs money making guide pickpocket because it is closest to the Hallowed Sepulchre. You don’t need the vyre noble outfit to use the bank in the Sepulchre.

Profit per hour: 2.3 million

Hallowed Sepulchre

Requirements and Recommendations

  • Completion of the Father’s Sins 92 Agility to allow access to the floor 5 66 Thieving 54 Prayer 56 Construction 62 Ranged Full Elegant Vampyre dust
  • A crossbow
  • Mithril’s struggle
  • Planks or nails, hammer, and saw
  • Runes for an enchanting spell Strange old lockpick or normal lockpick.
  • Antipoison, endurance potion

I have buy osrs gold the hallowed grapple, hallowed hammer, hallowed focus, and hallowed symbol. You should be familiar with the hallowed sepulchre for this method. Sepulchre takes a long time to master, so be patient as you learn the floors. If you are always learning floor 5, it is suggested that you spend a hallowed token to gain one extra minute. You can make a lot of money looting floors 4 and 5. If your clicks are perfect and you’re perfect, you can also loot floors 2 and 3 in addition to 4 and 5.

Profit per hour: 2.3 million

Crafting Astral Runes

Requirements and Recommendations

  • A massive pouch
  • Tiara de sangre/talisman de sangre
  • Weight-loss clothing with charged amulets of glory
  • Crafting or building a teleport cape ( optional )
  • To replace a tiara and obtain more runes, use the Raiments of the Eye set.
  • Father’s Sins are Completed
  • Finishing Enter the Abyss ( if using the abyss )

To use this way, bank at the crafting guild, then teleport to your house to operate your fairy ring to move to d.l.s, exit south, then north-east and south one better time to use the shortcut that needs 93 Agility to craft your runes, then repeats. Less efficient but easier is to bank at Edgeville with glory, then enter the abyss and proceed to the altar through there.

Profit per hour: 1.9 million

Crafting Wrath Runes

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 95 Mythical cape Runecrafting Colossal Pouch
  • Runecraft cape or Wrath tiara
  • Any bank teleport
  • The Eye’s Raiments ( highly recommended )
  • The Endurance Ring ( Recommended )
  • Completing Dragon Slayer 2 Lunar Diplomacy allows you to use npc contact to restore your pouch if you do not have a runecraft cape.
  • Dragon repellent
  • Stamina Potions made from the pure essence

To craft wrath runes, use the mythical cape to teleport to the myth guild, descend stairs to the guild basement, run past the dragons with your shield, craft your runes at the altar, teleport to a bank to restock, and repeat.

Profit per hour: 2.2 million

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