OSRS Firemaking Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

OSRS Firemaking Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

OSRS Firemaking Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

Firemaking is one of the few popular skills in Old School RuneScape. As you go on with the OSRS Firemaking guide, you might realize that it is not specifically a big money maker. Quite the opposite, since you want to burn logs that would make you money. You would be quite literally burning money.

In this wide world of Old School Runescape, we have several skills that we can level up, some of which to earn precious OSRS gold, improve our player’s skills, and so on. OSRS Firemaking is one of these skills in which we can light fires and more numerous. Before we start seeing how to train this skill, let’s delve into what Firemaking is in more detail.

Complete OSRS Firemaking Training Guide

Despite that, Firemaking can be an attractive skill to level up because of its importance for quests and diaries. And if you’re considering, “no way am I going to release more CO2 into the atmosphere,” then don’t worry – as far as we know, CO2 is not coded in OSRS.

Additionally, trees in Gielinor grow back fast, so there is no need to trouble about them as well.

Firemaking: Where to Start a Fire?

Actually, there are two ways to level up Firemaking: the first one is the old-fashioned log burning, this second one is in Wintertodt, though the latter is available at level 50 Firemaking. We will include both of these to ensure that you are as well informed as possible.

Note that also, if leveling Firemaking in Wintertodt will not appeal to you, it is the only place to receive the Pyromancer outfit. All of the four pieces provide a 0.5% increase in Firemaking experience gains, with the full set giving an additional bonus of 0.5%, totaling 2.5% also experience. Therefore, visiting Wintertodt is suggested, if not for leveling, then at least for the Pyromancer outfit.

And it’s only a plus that it seems great as hell.

OSRS Firemaking Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

OSRS Firemaking Quests

You can do dozens of searches to develop your Firemaking skill, and we will inform you all about them in this section.

OSRS Firemaking Training For Each Level

Firemaking is not that tough to level up because this is one of the basic abilities in Old School RuneScape. As hard as you know what you should be making, you should be capable of getting your Firemaking ability cape in no time.

Level 1-15 Firemaking

The obvious starting point is to begin lighting up unusual Normal logs. The trees are abundant, and you may need to chop them down yourself if you are more leveling Woodcutting.

Level 15-30 Firemaking

Corresponding to Woodcutting leveling, at level bracket 15-30, you will be burning Oak logs.

Level 30-35 Firemaking

Willow logs are the next open choice. This is one of the 3 types of logs free-to-play players might decide to burn on their journey to level 99 Firemaking.

Level 35-45 Firemaking

Teak logs become available for burning to level 35 Firemaking. You can further opt to keep burning Willow logs until level 45 Firemaking, thus fully skipping Teak logs. Make your choice with calculating which is best for you when you are leveling Firemaking if you are on a budget.

Level 45-50 Firemaking

Maple logs will get you through these Firemaking levels 5 to level 50 Firemaking. At that point, leveling up Firemaking in Wintertodt becomes available. Maple logs are a different choice for F2P players to go to level 99 Firemaking.

Level 50-60 Firemaking

In this level range, you will be burning Mahogany logs, this is if you choose to level up Firemaking outside Wintertodt. Don’t feel sad for burning the tropical wood – in Gielinor they don’t produce oxygen and grow back fast.

Level 60-75 Firemaking

You can’t skip these Yew logs, whether you are leveling Woodcutting or burning them for Firemaking skill. Yew logs are also the best method for F2P players to reach level 99 Firemaking since they give the most experience. The downside is that this way, while being the quickest, is quite precious. The upside is Probemas is a great place to purchase OSRS gold, so you are in good hands!

Level 75-90 Firemaking

Magic logs grant fantastic each of the experience if compared to Yew logs. Cutting down Magic trees is the entirety of the major profitable AFK money-making ways. For this plan, you might select to swing your axe at Magic trees yourself or buy the supplies for the Grand Exchange, wherever you are sure to get some.

Level 90-99 Firemaking

Because with Woodcutting, so with Firemaking, we end with Redwood logs. While not as large a leap in the knowledge of Magic logs as Magic logs are from Yew logs, it is still enough. Besides, because Redwood trees are so massively cut down, you should have no problem finding them on the GE and for a good cost. More useful than Magic logs, usually.

Level 50-99 Firemaking in Wintertodt

Wintertodt is unlocked in level 50 Firemaking. This is located in the northernmost part of Zeah, but it has no House favor want, unlike many other activities on the continent. You could get there using a Games necklace if you were on a voyage to Great Kourend at least once before.

While Wintertodt needs level 50 Firemaking, having different skills is beneficial since it will improve your chances of a better reward.

Those skills are Herblore, Mining, Farming, Fishing, Construction, and, last but not least, Woodcutting. The higher these skills are, the better.

But, rewards in the supply crates you get in Wintertodt are calculated when OPENING them and not when you receive them. This means that you can stash; yet, several supply crates you like and open them later when your abilities are higher and thus claim better rewards.

One thing to recognize is that the Pyromancer outfit can be taken only from these crates, so you will require to open enough of them to get the full set for the Firemaking boost experience. You can also level up Fletching during this fight, yet that’s if you are not aiming for full Firemaking experience per hour.

Make sure to get food, a hammer, a tinderbox, and great vibes. If you skipped these for your help, there is a bank nearby.

The Wintertodt encounter is very easy: you need to help the Pyromancers battle Wintertodt with lighting up these braziers and helping Pyromancers if they get too very damage and take incapacitated. There are 3 types of attacks Wintertodt uses:

Standard attack – players periodically receive damage every 10-20 seconds. These attacks’ frequency drops If at least three braziers are lit, and Wintertodt’s energy is weaker.

Brazier attack – clusters of snowfall on braziers shattering them. Players standing near to the brazier get damage.

Area attack – same as brazier attack, yet snowfalls in a random 3×3 area instead of a concrete brazier. Falling snowflakes indicate this attack, so it can be avoided if you pay consideration.

The damage of all 3 attacks is mitigated with the amount of braziers lit, pieces of warm clothing worn, and players’ Firemaking level. This damage is calculated in proportion to players’ Hitpoints, suggesting that the lower your HP, the smaller damage you get.

This mechanic lets players bring nearly low tier food. Warm clothing helps to reduce damage to whole attacks significantly.

Warm clothing adds such pieces from clothing as Santa outfit, Hunter gear, Yak-hide armor, Pyromancer outfit, more. Get sure to take four pieces of each set of warm clothing as it will give your work that much more obvious.

To have the braziers lit, you will require to chop Bruma trees from Bruma trees and then use the Bruma roots to light the braziers. You can do a knife to fletch Bruma roots into Bruma kindling, which is more powerful and will also provide Fletching XP.

As for Pyromancers, you will want to utilize Rejuvenation potions to help them recover. To do that, you will want to add Bruma herbs obtained by picking Sprouting roots and adding them to Unfinished rejuvenation potions. That means that you must have achieved the Druidic Ritual quest. Shattered braziers can be repaired by a hammer, and the action awards Construction XP.

Note: Wintertodt is a boss, and the conflict is treated as a boss fight. It is not saved, and you will lose items upon death (pieces of Pyromancer outfit can be recovered).

Ultimate and Hardcore Ironmen should be very cautious. During the conflict, you require 500 points minimum to get a supply crate. You get a chance at another roll beyond the minimum 500, among every 500 points guaranteeing one extra roll.

Total XP gains are related to your level in a corresponding skill: the higher your Firemaking level, for example, the added XP you will get in Wintertodt. Wintertotd method can be utilized to skip the expensive bits of Firemaking leveling, especially at a high level, or spice up the routine, which can be quite intense yet constant.

Final Thoughts About Firemaking In OSRS

Hopefully, this OSRS Firemaking guide gave you some helpful insights to level up this skill. Once you take the hang of it, you should be able to get your Firemaking skill cape quicker than other Old School RuneScape players.

Forever remember that with patience and hard work, you can achieve anything in Gielinor. If you add in more extra RuneScape gold to your account, then that will speed things up.

Have you reached level 99 in Firemaking? Let us know in this comments section!


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