Final Fantasy XIV Released 4K Female Nude Texture Pack FFXIV Nude Mod

Final Fantasy XIV Released 4K Female Nude Texture Pack FFXIV Nude Mod

Final Fantasy XIV Released 4K Female Nude Texture Pack FFXIV Nude Mod

It seems that Phoenix Mods has recently released an exciting texture pack for their “Final Fantasy XIV” players (the players). That 4K female nude texture pack was described by its developers as a complete rework of all-female texture maps and is meant to have all of the “naughty” and “sharp” details for female characters in FFXIV.

After doing some research, the female nude texture pack sold on the Phoenix Mods website was a redone version of the original 4k maps to include the highland female. Due to their work being revised upwards, the scales of the ancient deity ‘Au’ have grown in detail. In FFXIV, all the old maps were touched up, and all the rough edges were smoothed out. Additionally, the naughty bits were also sharpened up, which also sharpened up the rough edges.

Additionally, alpha channels for Au Ra maps have been filled in with alpha info to make it easier for artists to make tattoos and recolor scales on that map. If you are interested in downloading FFXIV Nude Mod, I highly recommend downloading it from this page. The FFXIV Nude Mod is called the 4K Enhanced mod.

Some of the reasons we are not allowed to put NSFW images in the comment section are privacy issues and character/professional safety and consistency issues. There is a body of text available for download.

How do I Install FFXIV Nude Mod?

Once you understand the steps for downloading and utilizing E01 and E02 mods, you don’t need to worry about not installing a Female Nude mod. First, all you need to do is install the FFXIV Nude Mod into the next, then go under the documents > Textools > Saved > Character > Body. For that, create a folder named “NUDE” under that folder.

In Textools, you should import a Diffuse map, Normal map, and Specular map for the male characters (Aurra and Midland). Then it would be best if you imported a Diffuse and Normal plan for the female characters (Aurra and Highland). That will be all, and you are prepared to start.

One thing to mention is that the Textools software is likely to crash if it is forced to process a large number of files. If the monitor resolution in the lower right corner is changed to 2 48×4096, all 4K texture maps will already be imported.

Final Thought:

Phoenix Mods had released an interesting 4K Female Nude Texture pack for the Female Characters in Final Fantasy XIV.




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