Finding the Right Bail Bond Service in Five Easy Steps

Finding the Right Bail Bond Service in Five Easy Steps

Finding the Right Bail Bond Service in Five Easy Steps

Sometimes, the people we love might make a poor choice, which will end in a lot of trouble. Here is a statistic for you to keep in mind – over 10 million arrests are made in America alone by law enforcement officials. So, there is always a chance that someone you know gets arrested. So, what to do when you come to understand that a relative, friend, or close family member has been charged?

The first thing to do is posting the bail amount to ensure that the individual can procure an early release for jail or the detention center. However, you need to understand that the bail is often kept at a very high amount as a punishment or deterrent. So, what to do if you are unable to post the bail amount?

Here is where you need to help a professional bail bond service like Castle bail bonds. A bail bondsman allows you to borrow the money for the bail on behalf of your friend, relative and affected individual.

The types

The first thing you need to know regarding the bail bonds is the types available.

Cash bonds

The cash bond is when you can pay the entire amount without the services of a bail bondsman. Keep in mind that the court will hold on to the cash bail till the case concludes. You can even receive the full amount once the court case is over, and the defendant has appeared for every session.

Property bonds

You can also use a piece of property as collateral for paying the bail amount. However, in this case, you need to make sure that the property’s worth is double the cost of the bail. There are several issues with property bonds as not every state allows it, and properties can get foreclosed if the defendant fails to appear for the court dates.

Surety bonds

The surety bond guarantees that the defendant will appear for the court-mandated hearing dates, and you can opt for this option through the various local bail bonds services and agents.

Here are a few tips if you are caught in two minds regarding choosing the right bail bond service.

The bail bond amount

You need to know the total bail bond amount before you start searching for a bail bondsman and service. The sooner you know the amount, the faster you can make arrangements.


Suggestions come into play in a big way when you are looking for a bail bond agent. Everyone from your detention center officers, attorney, friends, and relatives can provide you with the right solution.

The fee

The fee is around 10% of the entire bail amount; however, the pricing might vary – so ask your questions before signing up.

Avoid the super-cheap services

You can find services that offer a lower rate than the usual 10%. However, if you do not have a clear recommendation, steer clear of such services that provide exceptionally cheap rates.

Online reviews

Online reviews and ratings will allow you to figure out the expertise and experience of service better.

Choose right, and you will get out of jail in no time. All the best!


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