2023’s best gaming chairs

The best gaming chair offers the best ergonomics and build quality. Everything else is secondary. Fortunately, the best gaming chairs on the market look fantastic so that you will have comfort and personalization. Getting a chair that fits all those needs can be costly, so spending your money wisely is important.

A nice chair could set you back, but ergonomic benefits will be worth it. Your body is a sensitive mushy meat bag that needs tender loving care, and the best gaming chair today is the Secretlab Titan Evo. It’s a hybrid of Secretlab’s previous chairs, combining the best of each.

Racing car seats, thrones adorned with demonic runes, and even gaming chairs that hoist the banner of your favorite superhero are all available. For a more reserved alternative, we’ve included some low-key yet beautiful office chairs, such as the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody. Without the game’s aesthetics, it offers the support you desire from a gaming chair—all for the price of a gaming PC.

We tested dozens of gaming chairs from the most reputable manufacturers available today, and every single chair in this guide has passed muster. While you may always go for a low-cost office chair, it is worthwhile to invest in your ergonomics. Go ahead and pamper your posterior—your body will thank you.

The best gaming chairs 2023



Corsair, as usual, has waltzed into the gaming chair industry with an elegant racer-type chair that won’t have you remortgaging for the privilege of sitting in it. If you’re willing to make a couple of compromises, this is a strong contender for the best affordable gaming chair. I was expecting amazing things from this new addition to the ecosystem because the Corsair T3 Rush now keeps us on the side of affordable gaming chairs. And I have not been let down.

The TC100 and T3 gaming chairs share many characteristics, including their simple color scheme and 160-degree recline. The essential point to emphasize is the price difference. At $70/£100 less than the T3, you may expect some compromise from the TC100, but I’m not sure how Corsair managed to reduce the price so drastically for practically more chairs.

The TC100 Relaxed is a little shorter, with an 81cm backrest, but instead of being tall, it goes broad. It has a broader backrest, greater padding in the seat, and gentler bolster (side cushion) angles to accommodate those lovely, thick thighs… As a result, the term “relaxed” was coined.

Gentler bolster angles for those gorgeous, thick thighs… hence the “relaxed” moniker.

We, stocky babes, had no issue sitting in it in the office, and because I’m not the tallest glass in the room, I’m not constantly fighting to reach the headrest. However, I’ve never been a fan of the Corsair headrest attachment. The straps are extremely short, and while fitting them through the two backrest holes may seem convenient, you’re limited in flexibility. The headrest and surrounding cushions are comfy and come with the chair, but anybody over 6’2″ will need to reevaluate their options.

The TC100 Relaxed’s main issue is the 2D armrests. Compared to the T3 Rush and other chairs with 4D armrests, you only benefit from up, down, in, and out adjustability. But the corporation had to cut costs someplace. The distance between the armrests means I can rest my elbows without rotational assistance, and the lack of forward and back movement isn’t a big deal.

You’ll be reminded of the inexpensive cost as you put it together. While everything aligned properly and the materials were more than adequate, I had difficulty getting some bolts in place. That was owing to the marbles of balled-up synthetic material burned through the holes. Aside from that, it took me around 40 minutes to put together—even without the instructions in the box, it was quite simple, but this comes from someone who puts together chairs virtually every month.

Both the leatherette and fabric variants of the TC100 Relaxed are the same price, considering fabric gaming chairs tend to cost a little more. I can confirm that the fabric is soft and breathable, preventing you from adhering to the surface when wearing shorts in the summer heat. Aside from being a welcome departure from trying leatherette alternatives, I’m delighted the TC100 Relaxed makes the soft-look lifestyle more accessible.

Even at $320/£300, we were enamored with the T3 Rush, so the fact that the TC100 Relaxed comes in at a significantly lower price of $250/£200, with just a few minor drawbacks, gives me a lot of hope for the future of low-cost gaming chairs.


The Secretlab Titan serves as the standard by which all other gaming chairs are measured. It checked every box for gaming furniture, including being comfy, supportive, and, most importantly, having fantastic aesthetics. The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, the most recent chair from the Secretlab lot (despite its dated name in 2023), does not modify any of that.

Instead of going over old terrain, let’s go right to the juicy stuff. Secretlab is making the Titan Evo available in three sizes: small, standard, and extra big. The benefit is that you won’t need to resort to a different type of chair to obtain the correct fit—the Titan Evo should cover most bases.

Secretlab has incorporated a little bend to the seat base to maintain a healthy sitting posture. It’s difficult to determine whether such a slight curvature does much to keep me securely securely in place throughout the day. However, the seat is still sufficiently comfy with enough foam padding.

Thanks to its built-in back support, the Titan Evo’s user-friendly ergonomics make it ideal for long gaming nights or eight hours of work. It’s highly adjustable, so you can quickly get a fantastic fit. Something must also be said for the magnetic 4D armrests and head cushion.

That’s right, a magnetic head pillow. The Titan Evo, a simple answer to fussy straps, eliminates all that with a couple of powerful magnets.

While sitting on the Titan Evo, you can tweak the lumbar support.

The adjustable lumbar support is a significant part of the Titan Evo’s excellent comfort level. It works by extending and retracting internal support in and out and up and down using the two dials on the side. Not only are you not reliant on an odd cushion to support your back, but you can also tweak the Titan Evo’s lumbar support while still sitting on it. This makes it quite simple to get things just right.

The chair is also nicely upholstered. While there’s much to be said for the SoftWeave Plus fabric Secretlab also offers (we tested the hybrid leatherette version), I’m rather captivated with the aesthetic of the leatherette, particularly the bright red stitching.

When I’ve had the chair for a while longer, I’ll have to get back to you on actual durability; when the Titan Evo 2024 is released, I’ll be able to tell you if it truly stands the test of time. Nonetheless, the leatherette fabric feels surprisingly light and cool during the day.

As a hybrid of Secretlab’s previous gaming chair models, the Titan and Omega, the Secretlab Titan Evo feel superior in every way. The Titan Evo manages to equal or improve what each chair has done so successfully. At $449 ($499 for the XL model), it is slightly more expensive than its predecessors, but its improvements are worth the increased price.

3. NeueChair

gaming chairs

We’ve been endorsing the NeueChair as the best office/task chair for years, even before I arrived as PC Gamer’s hardware overlord. I wanted to make sure that it was a recommendation I could stand behind because I had yet to have the privilege of testing out the chair for myself.

But I’m afraid I can’t. Instead, it’s a recommendation I have to sit on because it’s a comfy chair.

The NeueChair comes from the same stable as one of our favorite gaming chairs, the Secretlab Titan Evo, so it’s no surprise it’s a great seat. However, it is mostly a task chair, not a gaming chair.

It is designed to be used when working at a desk, not to lounge around with a controller in hand while kicking back. It’s not uncomfortable in its fully reclined position, but even with the optional headrest, it’s not a position you’ll want to be sat in for a long gaming session.

It’s more of a task chair than a gaming chair.

On the other hand, the active position is extremely supportive, and the mesh backing and adjustable lumbar support are looking after my spine. Although it’s less accommodating than some squishier gaming chairs I’ve parked my posterior in, the wide seat feels decent.

I know it’s taking care of my body since I can’t get one leg underneath me to sit in my regular favorite (though posturally terrible) relaxed working position. I’m forced to sit properly and genuinely feel better for it while sitting at my desk during the workday.

However, a part of me still likes to lounge around in the evening, and the NeueChair is designed for something other than that. After all, it is an office chair. And one of the best of the best.

The clever Controlshift controls positioned beneath each armrest emphasize this. The two levers allow you to lock or unlock the recline, anywhere between 85° and 130°, and raise and lower the chair. However, the armrests themselves are a bit disappointing, as you can only raise them using a ratchet mechanism, and they don’t quite reach high enough for my desk. They also do not move in or out to support your elbows.

You don’t receive that side as usual, which raises the cost of the chair somewhat if you want it. Given that it is better suited to the active position than reclining, I don’t believe the lack of a headrest is a significant disadvantage.

The NeueChair is meant to last, with a glistening hefty industrial design that won’t appear out of place in even the most eccentric offices. Whether at home or elsewhere. This is backed up by a generous 12-year guarantee, which helps to alleviate some of our concerns about the otherwise exorbitant price.

But it’s the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever sat in, and if you’re going to be at your desk most of the day working and gaming late at night, it’s a worthwhile purchase to keep your spine healthy. Remember, getting up and moving around now and again is important.

4. Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody

You’ve probably heard of the Herman Miller Embody. It held the top spot in our best office chair collection for a long time, but that is no longer true. Not for lack of comfort or acclaim but simply because the renowned chair manufacturer has collaborated with Logitech to design something tailored to our gaming thighs.

For the most parts, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody isn’t a radical change from the original Embody. The gaming Embody, a tried, tested, and widely recognized design, now comes in a new black and blue coloring, with plain black also available for a more sober/edge lord style. There is also a little Logitech G brand toggle on the back that serves no purpose that I am aware of, as well as a Logitech G logo across the upper bar of the backrest.

I don’t think the Logitech collaboration adds much to the table. Still, the branding is noticeably minimal compared to the racing-style gaming chairs we’re used to as PC gamers, and it feels sophisticated.

It’s not so much the improvements that make the Embody one of the best gaming chairs available. It’s what hasn’t changed. The time-tested Embody design is among the best chairs for business work or gaming. It is extremely comfortable for extended periods of use, maintains an active and healthy posture, and is readily fitted to your frame.

No, fussing with screws or discarding equipment was required because the chair was fully constructed.

However, I had yet to learn what to expect from the Embody before it arrived. I had not expected such a large box to be on my porch. My initial thoughts were fully concentrated on how I would get said box up two flights of tight steps leading up to my apartment.

That huge box conceals one of Herman Miller’s best features. After deciding that I had to cut the chair out of the box in my hallway with a knife, I realized that the chair was already constructed, so there was no fussing with screws or disposable tools, which is a pet dislike of mine. (I feel there must be a better way because I’m collecting third-rate Allen keys from cheap flatpack furniture.)

The most obvious feature of this chair is that you can sit in it all day without feeling discomfort beneath your tush. During the day, you may shift your top half into all sorts of utterly not ergonomic postures, but your bottom half tends to stay in place at a desk, so getting that exactly right is important. Fortunately, the Embody does.

A notable aspect is also the warranty. With a warranty of 12 years, including labor, and rated for 24-hour use during that period, it’s a chair that will last you at least a decade, if not longer. So, while the first price tag may appear high, it is, in reality, you will get your money’s value. And your back will appreciate it as well.

5. Noblechairs Hero

gaming chairs

It’s easy to overlook your health while purchasing a gaming chair. After all, most are marketed as plush, cushioned thrones that massage your every ache while you beat the snot out of your Apex Legends opponents. However, this is not the case, and for certain people, selecting a chair that provides adequate back support is important.

We can wholeheartedly recommend the Noblechairs Hero in uPVC leather, having used it daily for about a year. While it is not the most interesting or sporty chair, it supports your back well.

The Hero is easy to put together, except where you join the back to the seat, so make sure you have someone to help you with that. It’s firm and supportive, as well as highly strong. A word of caution: it is substantial, so if you prefer a softer chair that is less good for your lumbar, this may not be for you.

The Hero gaming chair commands a commanding presence.

The sheer size of the Hero gaming chair is mind-boggling. The seat’s cold-cure pressed foam means it’s firm but comfortable. You don’t sink immediately into it, which aids posture, and it will soften over time, but it certainly adds to the aesthetic (hard look = brutal). However, the fundamental support still means it’s good for long gaming sessions—or working from home in your pagan temple. In any case, what it lacks in softness, it more than makes up for in support.

I love how the armrests rotate so you can jimmy them out of the way to use a gamepad, and they’re entirely height and width adjustable, which is great for us small people. Also, having such a broad armrest is great, but I find myself relying on the corner a lot, not using them fully, and tiring my elbow out simultaneously. I prefer padded armrests, but at least they don’t get sticky or slippery when you’re flexing on your favorite horror FPS franchise.

The chair is height adjustable (as should all chairs be). The backrest has a ‘rake mechanism’ that allows you to adjust the angle with its handbrake-like gadget, as well as a completely independent ‘lock tilt’ mechanism that allows you to rock freely, or lock yourself almost horizontally for a good nap if all that hardcore gaming has tired you out. It also does not spring forward and crush you when freed, which is always a plus.



The Kaiser 3 XL is a terrific chair for anyone seeking more wiggle space than your average gaming seat. Two sizes are available for the Kaiser 3: large and extra large. The large fits gamers 4’11” to 6’2″ (150-190cm), while the extra large fits gamers 5’11” to 6’9″ (181-210cm). The one I’ve enjoyed trying is an extra big one.

The width of the extra large is for medium to XXXL. Thus, this chair will fit whether you have a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus.

The Kaiser 3 is all about providing possibilities. This chair comes in two materials: quality PVC leather and linen fabric. The finest leather is available in seven distinct colors, including orange, pink, and blue. The linen fabric is available in carbon black and ash gray shades. I’ve been testing the premium PVC leather beautiful black Jungle 2 chair. Orange accents can be noticed in The Jungle 2.

Aren’t all of these things cool? It’s great that the Kaiser 3 reclines to 165 degrees; it has two levers, one controlling the tilt and the other raising the chair roughly three inches in height. For comfort, all of these things are great.

The armrests are magnetic and made of PU foam, which makes them easy to lean on.

I really want to talk about the Kaiser 3’s incredibly innovative features that add to optimal comforts, like the 4D armrests. Much like the Secretlab Titan Evo chair, the armrests are magnetic and made of PU foam, making them easy to lean on. The armrest has three buttons; the one on the outside of the armrest controls its height. The button on the chair’s interior near the tip of the armrest allows it to pivot left to right and forward and backward. The final one, placed beneath the armrest, adjusts it from left to right.

I love a 4D armrest, especially when the chair reclines backward and tilts forward because it allows me to adjust the armrest to fit the position I’m sitting in. The sight of dangling elbows makes me anxious. It’s like leaving your foot out of bed at night.

You know something will grab it.

Another outstanding feature that continues the magnetic motif is the neck pillow. I’m not going to lie: this is a game-changer. This magnetic neck pillow astounds me. That means no straps and no squeezing it through the backrest. BAM! It will stay if you slap the baby on the chair like you’re in a Flex Tape commercial. Aside from being a great cool feature, it’s also useful if you’re shorter than the 5’11” recommended height for this chair because it’s easily adjusted higher or lower on the chair.

Its magnetic nature does not detract from its comfort. The neck pillow is made of remembering foam and features cooling technology to provide comfort.

Is there anything missing? A lumbar support pillow. That’s the coolest part! There is no lumbar support pillow. However, the chair does provide lumbar support. And it is regulated by two knobs on the chair’s left and right sides.

They are not in the best situations in terms of accessibility. However, the knob on the left controls the lumbar support’s up-and-down movement. Again, depending on your height, this is a great function. The knob on the right side of the chair controls how firm the lumbar support is and how far it protrudes from the chair. I receive better lumbar support when I turn the knob toward me. When I turn away from the chair, the lumbar support recedes within it. Neat.

Seriously, I could sit here all day. A magnetic tray table panel that clamps into the armrest will also be available in June as a feature. A portable desk sounds much more fun than a high gaming chair.

How we test gaming chairs

gaming chairs

Let’s be honest: we spend much time sitting on our buttocks at PC Gamer. That makes us ideal candidates for testing gaming chairs. When it comes to testing chairs, we will spend a significant amount of time parking our posteriors in a range of gaming and office chairs because it is only by using a chair for an extended period that you will learn where it supports you and where it may fall short.

As a result, we’ll utilize each gaming chair we test as our primary working seat when we’re testing a chair. That way, we can understand what it’s like to live with a certain gaming furniture as if we’d bought it ourselves.

It also means we can test the longevity of things like levers and controls over time. We’ve experienced troubles with several cheaper brands with plastic levers that lasted only a short time.

When we test gaming chairs, the subjective sitting experience is the most important component, but the real-built experience is also important. We don’t want a chair that bites us when we attach the backrest or has badly drilled screw holes that don’t line up.

And value is important to us as well. A chair doesn’t have to be cheap as long as it seems worth the money you’re expected to pay.

Best gaming chairs FAQ

Are gaming chairs actually bad?

You would believe PC Gamer has fallen out of love with the simple chair after reading recent stories about the impact of sitting on your body and experimenting with standing desks.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As gamers and office workers, we spend much of each day sitting in front of screens on our money makers. Most of us have no intention of changing that anytime soon, so it only makes sense to do it in a great chair. That’s why I set out to find it.

We wanted to find chairs that provided the most comfort, support, and value for money. Melissa Afterman, MS CPE, a Senior Principal Ergonomist at VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics, Inc., who specializes in workstation arrangements, spoke with us.

“Yes, chairs are still fine,” she assured me. “Yes, we understand that sitting too long is bad for you. The reality is that standing for too long is equally bad for you, so the solution is mobility. Taking breaks, getting up and moving at least every hour, or changing positions from standing to sitting every hour to avoid standing for too long.”

“If you’re typing and working at a computer, you want more upright support to maintain neutral spine posture and let the chair hold you up,” she explained. “However, when in gaming mode, you may want to recline a little bit to relax your lower back while still having good help in that position.” As a result, a locking backrest and tension control are important.”

A seat pan slider is another feature to look for. However, it is typically seen on more expensive versions. This allows you to adjust the position of your buttocks about the backrest.

Are gaming chairs really worth it?

The best gaming chairs will meet your PC setup in terms of aesthetics and because you will spend hours in front of your machine; they will provide the necessary support to keep your spine healthy.

Is a gaming chair better than an office chair?

Nope! You can find good and bad examples, and plenty of both exist. That being said, some office chairs are great for gaming and vice versa, and there are ‘office chairs,’ like the Herman Miller Embody, that combine the chair between the two.

It’s really about discovering what works best for you, and often, that’s a gaming chair because, let’s face it, you like the look of it. That’s a good reason to make that choice; ensure you’re not compromising comfort and ergonomics for design and flair.

A cheap office chair is a great option if you want to save money while still being comfortable.

Are gaming chairs good for your posture?

The finest gaming chairs are concerned about you and your back. Lumbar support is important when it comes to chair design. The first thing you should look for in a new gaming chair is built-in support to assist your body in maintaining proper posture. Some even include lumbar support cushions, which help to some extent. Multi-adjustable armrests, fabric, and overall aesthetic are other important considerations; remember that these features are costly.

However, a gaming chair cannot do everything. The greatest gaming chairs support good posture, but you must maintain it.

Does every gaming chair fit every body type?

Different chair models can accommodate different heights and weights, so make sure your fit is correct. Evaluate the width and depth of the seat as well. Some chairs recommend sitting cross-legged, although this depends on your size and leg length.Some chairs claim that you should sit cross-legged, but that depends on your size and legs’ length.

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