How much should I invest in a TV in 2020?

How much should I invest in a TV in 2020?

How much should I invest in a TV in 2020?

When getting yourself a TV set or something of the sort that is going to remain our constant fix for years, most of us do not hesitate to spend a little extra. However, there still and always will be a supposed budget bracket while making a purchase and that entirely depend on the product. Now when we talk about buying a TV, we should know beforehand what are the factors influencing the prices of TV sets, what are the necessities that we cannot overlook, and any other reason that is making the buyer switch.

TV sets are what make our living rooms complete, even if we don’t keep one in the rest of the rooms. So, it is recommended to set a budget for entertainment and information doze in the living room with family and/or friends. Whether you have a cable or satellite connection, you prefer hybrid where you keep switching between cable/satellite to streaming services or you have Spectrum TV app which you get once you subscribe to spectrum cable service. Signing up for a cable or streaming service may not be as expensive as a TV set but it is equally significant or maybe more – what will you do with your expensive TV if you don’t have anything worth watching on it? In case you prefer streaming services, the role of internet connection becomes vital. Make sure all the interconnected departments are taken care of.

So, without further delay, let’s get back to the discussion to apprehend how much and why one should invest in a TV set:

  • Size of screen: If there is the availability of space, in that case, a 50- to 60-inch television is the perfect size if you are sitting at a distance of 6 and 10 feet, so this set up is common in living rooms. It helps create an exceptional viewing experience when lights are off, but it is not large enough to entirely influence a living room that is of modest size. No ardent TV watcher regrets purchasing a big sized TV. Thus, the bottom line is if you have the convenience of a spacious room and enough cash you can easily go for a larger size. We recommend you invest in a bigger TV set than you already have.


  • Smart TV: Most TVs in the current age are smart TVs and you can connect them directly to the Wi-Fi. This aids in accessing built-in streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Most people are fond of this unique feature as it finishes the need to purchase an additional media streamer, like a Roku Streaming Stick and an Apple TV unless you favor its interface or want to avail of services that your TV doesn’t provide.


  • UHD vs 4K: Most of the mid-and large-size TV’s nowadays offer a resolution of Ultra HD (UHD) or 4K. The 4K model comprises four times many pixels that an older HDTV has (i.e. 3840×2160 pixels in comparison to a one with a limit of 1920×1080 pixels). If you have a big TV and or you sit closer to it, you will realize that there is a major difference when compared to older TVs—when you are watching 4K content, which is easily accessible on Amazon, Netflix (premium level only), iTunes, as well as YouTube.

An increased resolution might not be a great deal, but HDR is. Unlike 4K, which works best when you view it at a close-up, with its exceptional range that enhances image quality from long and short distances. It makes bright spots brighter, dark spots are made darker, and there’s a distinction in gray areas. Related to this is a wide color gamut, also known as WCG, which creates deeper, and more authentic colors. When people talk about “HDR” they are referring to both WCG and HDR.

Conclusive Notes

The best time to avail of good discounts is during the spring season, as most TV companies, as well as retailers, try their best to finish off the previous year’s TVs before the introduction of new models in the market. Various stores make sales during January for the Super Bowl. The day following Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, where all items including televisions are available at a very low price. The best and newest TVs are available at one-half of their original price, which is a very reasonable price. Moreover, all the items remain cheap throughout the winter holidays until New Years’. High-end TVs are available at an off of up to 20-40% as compared to their original prices, and some are available at an even affordable rate than that. Therefore, it is advised to wait for Blessed Friday to get a good purchase.


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