How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Windows PC?

There is nothing more fun than playing your favourite vintage video games. In this world filled with modern devices and high-resolution outputs, it does seem nice to go back to the classics. Before we encountered Sony’s PlayStation devices and Nintendo’s Game Boy series (plus the Switch), we had simpler technology back then. Today, we are going to revive the experience we had years ago by playing Nintendo 64 games on our Windows computers.

What is the Best Emulator to Play Nintendo 64 Games?

There are plenty of emulators for these games out there. For today, we are going to focus on software called Project64. This application is one of the most utilized Nintendo 64 emulators to this day. It is easier to use than the other ones, and you can easily find lots of instructions around the internet (just like this one) when it comes to installing it.

If you are planning to revisit your childhood years by playing your favourite Nintendo 64 games, it is highly suggested that you consider this emulator.

How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Computer

Download the Emulator

The first step to this amazing adventure is to download the emulator first. Since we were talking about Project 64, you might as well visit their website when you are doing this. Make sure to download the latest version so that you won’t encounter any problems.

Install the File

This step is pretty basic. Once you have downloaded the install file (which is probably named “setup Project64.exe”), simply open it and let the process start. Choose the options you want for the installation, and after clicking a few buttons, you are down to the waiting game.

Download Nintendo 64 ROMs

After installing the main application, it is now time to download the Nintendo 64 ROMs. With a Fastest Google search, you can find your favourite games all over the internet. Be sure to do this smartly and carefully though, because there are cases in which these games are infected with viruses that can harm your computer. For site suggestions, you may check out to find a list of your favourite Nintendo 64 games.

Open the Software

When everything is in one place, it is time to get the game up and running. Double click on the application’s shortcut on your desktop and wait for it to load. When it finally does, make sure to keep your games stacked on the same folder for the next step. It will make things lots of easier, and you won’t have to get yourself in trouble while you are finding them next time.

Run Your Chosen Game

After opening the Project64 software, you will see a simple window with a few tabs/buttons by the top left part. Click on “File”, and look for “Choose ROM directory”. After choosing that, another window will pop up, and you need to look for your games’ folder using that window. Choose the folder you are looking for, open it, and select the Nintendo 64 game you are so eager to play again after all this time.

Final Thought:

Thanks to technological innovations in the gaming world, we are now able to play our favourite retro games with the help of our Windows computers. We don’t even have to pay for them, since they are made by enthusiasts like us. They simply want to share the fun, and for us to do the same with our fellow Nintendo 64 lovers. Now sit back, run your game, and enjoy the most nostalgic moments of your life once again.

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