Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems: 6 Underrated Switch Games

There are many fantastic Nintendo Switch games out there, but it’s fair to mention that some titles hog the limelight quite others. (That’s right, Mario and Zelda, we’re talking about you.) This sometimes means wonderful (but smaller) Switch games stray within the Nintendo eShop and never truly get the popularity they deserve.

we’ve decided to shine a light-weight on these games. We’ve put together an inventory of great Switch games that you simply may never have heard of – but that you definitely should play.

So get your wishlist ready, as these are the Best Nintendo Switch hidden gems (AKA the foremost underrated Switch games) available immediately.

Best Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems

Bad North

Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems

Sure, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla could also be on the brink of launching, but why go big once you can go North? This beautifully-animated Switch game puts you responsible for a military of Viking warriors, beset on all sides – and that we mean all sides – by invaders you’ve got to deflect from your island home. The real-time strategy is predicated on simple mechanics, but which may quickly get taxing if you aren’t paying close attention to the layout of the islands themselves, which are effectively 3D puzzles for you to work out how best to defend.

Watching approaching boats from the mist, with the slow thud of drums within the distance, is as satisfying regardless of what percentage times you experience it too.

Dungeon of the Endless

Nintendo Switch Hidden GemsThis recent post of a six-year-old rogue-like game, technically set within the same universe as PC strategy game Endless Space maybe a perfect multiplayer dungeon crawler with gorgeous 2D visuals. You choose a personality with a specialty, descend ever deeper into the dungeon, and debar waves of enemies. An unexpected good action game that’s well worth finding out on Switch.

Overland may be a curious Nintendo Switch game, if only for its unrelenting bleakness – as you plan to travel across post-apocalyptic America in search of some remnants of civilization, with many pitfalls, monsters, and permadeath getting into your way. But beneath the dour setting is additionally a sensible and varied strategy game, with procedurally generated levels (and characters) that feel eerily familiar whenever over, and therefore the confidence to require its narrative to the sole possible conclusion.

Zubmariner Edition Sunless Sea

Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems

Take the words Lovecraftian-seafaring-text-adventure-roguelike take your fancy? If your answer is no then you’re getting to need to walk the plank, as you’ll be missing out on one with the Nintendo Switch’s various original games.

Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition is a superb port of the hit indie PC game, which casts you because the captain of a steampunk ship amidst within the gothic tides of a collapsed London, now submerged during a cavernous, waterlogged underworld.

You’ll participate in ship-to-ship combat, exploring a randomized map while evading sea monsters and therefore the ever-increasing demands of your loot-hungry, easily terrified crewmates. The important joy here though is within the first-class writing

This download-only Nintendo Switch title also includes the Zubmariner DLC pack, which allows you to dive into the depths of the game’s murky waters. A game to lose yourself in.

Ape Out

Nintendo Switch Hidden GemsHave exciting jazz, bright colors, and rhythm-based violence? This Ape Out could moreover do so you. This top-down, single-player beat-em-up is certain to be unlike anything you’ve ever played. Players combat the role of a gorilla frantically trying to flee from gun-wielding humans through a series of mazes – all different than the last.

Kill the humans in your way, and use others as shields, as you create your way through the labyrinths to victory. Oh, and therefore the whole is scored by chaotic, all-percussion jazz music. The more you know, the also chaotic the music becomes. Ape Out is a feast for the eyes and ears.


Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems

Oxenfree may be a great Switch choice for those that love classic point-and-click adventures. You play as Alex, an angsty teenager who goes on a weekend trip to a military island together with her friends and step-brother. But, unwittingly, the teenagers open up a supernatural rift on the island, causing things to travel a touch awry.

Oxenfree is essentially choice-based, with players being presented with a spread of dialogue options that range from classic-teenage moody to optimistic, while bigger choices impact how the sport plays out. What results may be a supernatural thriller combined with a coming-of-age tale – and a Switch game you need to play.

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