Top Best 30 Alternative Games Like Huniepop

Huniepop may be a game that has multiple features and was created for adults by Huniepop within the year 2015. You get to experience features like dating and even matchmaking with virtual characters. This is often an adult game that should be played by people above the age of 18. You’ll run the sport on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. Since the sport was successful, many users were interested to understand more games like Huniepop. During this article, we take a glance at the least such games.

Alternative Games Like Huniepop

Top Best 30 Alternative Games Like Huniepop

1. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is one of the top popular video games for adults. it’s a simulation game that will be played on Android, iOS, and Windows. Your mission during this game is to assist Kitty Powers, your boss. She may be a matchmaker and a haul queen, who has launched a dating service. Your job is to form successful matches, with yourself or maybe among your friends. It’s a fun dating simulator that will keep you engaged.

2. Leisure Suit Larry

This one consists of an extended series of releases, with the primary one beginning in 1987 and therefore the latest release in 2013. The recognition of the sport is such there are 14 versions of this game to date. During this game, Larry may be a leisure suit-wearing 40-year-old man who is trying to seduce women, with none success. You’ll need to help Larry in charming the ladies. The sport has drinking, sex, and nudity.

3. Roommates

Another great Alternative to the highly popular HuniePop, Roommates is playable on both computers and mobile devices. Winter Wolves are the mind behind the sport. It starts with you selecting either a female or male player, then the sport begins. You’ll lead the character through really happening college life. you’ll meet their roommates and manage their social life. the sport has a lot of drinking, rude comments, and sexual content. Your character also will attach to other characters.

4. Sengoku Rance

A list of adult games like HuniePop feels incomplete without mentioning Sengoku Rance. A bit like HuniePop, this one may be a dating simulation game that’s crammed with cute puns and funny moments. The plot of the sport is predicated on a robust warrior called Rance. However, Rance isn’t after wealth or kingdoms. He wants to possess much sex, and you’ll need to help him thereupon. You’ll need to win the hearts of all women.

5. Conception II

This fun game is all about inseminating tons of women during a short time. Delivered to you by Spike Chunsoft, this game was launched in 2013, and it’s currently playable on PlayStation, Windows, and Nintendo 3D. you’ll be playing the role of a high school student during this game. This is often not a standard student, as his body is crammed with ether than gives him the power to form people conceive. You’ll help him use this power.

6. Dandelion

Another Alternative to HuniePop, an excellent thing about this game is that it comes with a real storyline and therefore, the process to succeed in the top is equally exciting. you’ll be within the shoes of a charming girl and are available across good-looking single men who are wanting to date you. You’ll need to get to understand the lads and choose wisely. The top of the sport depends on the person that you choose for yourself. Now, isn’t that interesting?

7. BoneTown

BoneTown was launched within the year 2008 by D-Dub Software, and it’s playable only on Windows. It’s all a few men who have got to complete a variety of missions to urge to possess sex with the ladies in his town. The sport only features a single-player mode. As you complete one task after another, the testicles of your character will start growing. The number of girls the person can roll in the hay, which depends on the dimensions of his testicles.

8. beginning On Top

Ever since Obscura released the sport in 2014, it’s been one of the foremost popular ones within the adult gaming universe. If you’ve got been trying to find a simple gay-themed dating game, then this is often it. Beginning on Top became available on Stream three years after its release, and gay men have loved this game for its engaging and fun storyline. It’s about this school student who reveals his sexuality to his roommates.

9. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is an adult game for all the women out there. Cheritz launched this fantastic game in 2017 for both Android and iOS. Your first task is to vary the feminine protagonist’s name, and therefore the romantic gameplay starts from there. The protagonist downloads this app that helps her meet six people, and shortly romantic feelings develop. Her motive behind starting the romances was to know the underlying truth about the corporate that was behind creating the appliance that she downloaded.

10. Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori Alchemy Meister is all about living your fantasies. Kamidori is an orphan who is training to become an expert alchemist. During the sport, he will undergo plenty of adventures, and therefore, the progress that he makes through them depends on your skills. Along the course of his journey, he will get to satisfy three girls, and consequently, the game can take different directions supported his interaction with these girls. It depends on which girl the alchemist chooses.

11. Shira Oka: Second Chances

If you’ve got been an enormous fan of HuniePop, then this game also will excite you because it takes a unique approach to adult games. The recognition of the sport is such there are countless devoted fans of this game. It’s like reading an adult graphic novel where the characters are all human. Besides, the particular storyline of the sport, there are a lot of mini-quests that you also like to explore while playing.

12. The Flower Shop

Coming from the renowned developer Winter Wolves, here is another adult game to win your heart. The sport was released within the year 2010, and one among the most reasons behind its popularity is that its tons like HuniePop and other such adult simulation games. It only features a single-player mode. It’s compatible to be enjoyed on Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. This one may be the right combination of a farming game and a visual novel.

13. Dandelion – Wishes delivered to You

Dandelion – Wishes delivered to YouDandelion give you complete control over the gameplay and therefore the storyline. It’s your choice and guesses that take the sport forward. The protagonist of the sport may be a girl, who is so busy in her life that she has no time left for herself. But, one fine day, something magical happens. She finds a basket with five cats and rabbits in it. Those five animals become guys soon, and now she has got to make her choice.

14. C14 Dating

For those who are trying to find a game that immensely loves and sex, C14 Dating is that the perfect match. The sport combines love, archaeology, and friendship into one exciting package. Melissa Flores is the main protagonist here, and she or he is studying anthropology in her summertime internship. However, the summer internship is in Belgium, which is far away from her home and luxury zone. She is going to need to find love and friendship to regulate during a new city.

15. Little Witch Romanesque

A collection of mini-games that’s all about strategies and romances, Little Witch Romanesque may be a fan favorite for the players of HuniePop. If you’ve got been an enormous fan of HuniePop, then this game also will excite you because it takes a unique approach to adult games. The Japanese version has been around since 2005, and therefore the reason behind its popularity during a beautiful storyline involving two witches. Your job is to coach the witches and make them work.

16. Celestial Crossing

Escape from reality during this fantasy adult game that takes you to a world of fun and delight. Your character will begin as weak, but she is going to grow intelligent and healthy as more and more quests are completed. So, you’ll essay the role of Hikaru, a highschool student who likes to sleep during the day and play games in the dark. Things change entirely for her when she becomes her game avatar and finishes up in her room.

17. Super Seducer

Want to check your seduction skills? Or, want to enhance your skills within the art of seduction? Try Super Seducer, and you’ll get both of those factors in it. The sport is held because the most realistic adult game ever, and therefore the sequel to it is equally exciting. You’ll be put in everyday scenarios like at the strip club, in an office, and at the golf club. You’ll meet beautiful women to flirt in the least of these places.

18. Studio Tycoon

It is an honest combination of an adult simulation game and a business simulator, which keeps the gameplay interesting. The games accompany a posh economic model that has all the factors like demand, supply, shortages, SEO, and websites. You’ll also get to affect the method of casting, production, and shooting. The content isn’t as sexually explicit because the other options, but the gorgeous graphics and an honest storyline keep things interesting during this game.

19. Delude: Succubus Prison

Who doesn’t love an adult game that comes with a touch of mystery? That explains the rationale why Delude is such a well-liked game among the fans of HuniePop. Studio Halissoni has come up with its latest addition to the shape of Delude. It’s a game that’s filled with mysterious and exciting content. You’ll step into the shoes of a prisoner called Luz D, who is stuck at the Succubus Prison trying to seek out an escape.

20. House Party

House Party will remind you of the games of the nineties and eighties, but the main difference is that the sport is in 3D. The realistic feel of the sport is one of the explanations of why people can’t seem to urge over it. The journey of the sport will draw you in, but the sense of humor will make your stay. Does one remember the games like Leisure Suit Larry that we discussed earlier? The graphics look tons similar.

21. A Life in Silk – the primary Cumming

The game tells the story of a female boy who just turned eighteen, and he wants nothing quite to become a gorgeous girl. An unending concupiscence also drives him. But, he’s stuck during a village together with his single mom, who isn’t very liberal about these. So, he aims to use his skills to seek out sugar daddies who will help him get money for his gender transformation.

22. Blood ‘n Bikinis

Being the knight in shining armor never felt this good! Blood ‘n Bikinis has this perfect combination of action, adventure, love, and sex that creates an excellent choice for the players. So, you’ll need to save the planet from a zombie invasion, while finding the girl of your dreams from the eight attractive options you’ve got. The proper choice can impact the gameplay in a big way. Thus, you’ll get to offer you a choice, some thought.

23. Change: A Homeless Survival Experience

Change takes you thru an emotional ride, where you would like to survive and find your true love. You’ll be put during a city where danger lurks at every corner, with rogue elements bent get you. Plough ahead and explore the town, while earning perks and finding items that assist you in surviving. you’ll need to get out of this horrible city, together with your romantic interest, escape to a replacement and safe town distant.

24. Shark Dating Simulator XL

If comedy is one among the aspects that draw you towards an honest adult simulation game, then Shark Dating Simulator won’t disappoint you. it’s a fast and fun visual novel that comes with quirky cartoon characters. There are multiple choices to be made as you progress through the story, and therefore the ending is predicated on the alternatives you create. The sole one thing you’ll make sure of is that you will pair up romantically with a shark girl.

25. Artificial Academy

As you’ll understand by the name of the sport, it’s supported by a highschool environment. But, there’s more to that than that. you’ll create an essay on the roles of over 25 students of various genders and sexual orientations. they’re going to interact with one another and have personal preferences. The scholars will compete for popularity, athletics, academics, and romance. You’ll even play the sequel to the present game called Artificial Academy 2, which is equally good.

26. Eador: Imperium

Another game that will offer you the thrill of HuniePop, and even Succubus Prison, Eador has mysterious elements during the gameplay. You’ll hire heroes to create a mighty army and win battles. The aim is to stay the empire standing tall within the face of dangers. You’ll get romance and sex as a part of the storyline. This popular game may be a part of the Eador series, and once you get hooked to that, there’s no going back.

27. Twins of the Pasture

The name of the sport may need to give you an inclination of the storyline. It’s about twin sisters who reside during a lovely pasture. However, their perfect world comes crashing to an end, when their parents run away because they were unable to pay their massive debts. The 2 sisters will need to pay this a refund within 120 days, and also survive on their own. they’re able to do anything to urge through the difficulties.

28. Seduce Me

Seduce me features a nice blend of comedy and romance that keeps the fun alive. Another alternative to HuniePop, an excellent thing about this game is that it comes with a real storyline and therefore, the process to succeed in the top is equally exciting. You’ll be within the shoes of an adorable girl. It’s a few girls called Mika Anderson, who gets into an affair with an incubus. She is unable to urge out of this romance.

29. The Legend of Queen Opala

For those who are trying to find a game that immensely loves and sex, The Legend of Queen Opala is that the perfect match. The sport combines love and adventure into one hard-to-resist package. You’ll need to play to save lots of Queen Opala from the risks lurking at every corner of her kingdom. The romance will develop, and you’ll expect tons of nudity and sex as a neighborhood of the gameplay during this one.

30. Badass

The game has eight hours of playtime, but it’s all utterly worthwhile due to how intense the quests are. So, your job here is simple: complete one mission after another to save lots of the planet and obtain your dream girl. It’s the JRPG like another popular game apart from HuniePop called the Dragon Quest. There are comic and fantasy elements within the game too, which keeps it engaging till the last. You’ll love this adult dating simulation game.


Now you’ll have all the fun since you’ll try either of the 30 games like Huniepop. Most of the games mentioned during this list are often played easily and are quite enjoyable. We’ll keep refreshing the list with more updated games. I hope you’ve got fun!

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