Is Last Fortress: Underground Worth Playing?

If you’re into mobile gaming, you’ve surely encountered many Last Fortress: Underground ads while watching your friends’ IG stories or playing an ad-supported game.  Well, you’ll definitely be tempted to play this game if you like survival games because the ad shows how a survivor builds an underground bunker little by little. We mean, it’s a dream for survival game fans. The thought of building your own underground fortress during a post-apocalyptic world is surely captivating.

However, we understand that many people are still skeptical about this game. After all, there are a lot of mobile game ads that are misleading and fail to accurately represent the actual gameplay. It’s a valid concern, so we’re here to share our thoughts regarding this popular mobile game. Let’s start.

What Is Last Fortress: Underground?

Last Fortress: Underground is a mobile survival game where you oversee an underground bunker with different heroes in it. You will be responsible for expanding your fortress, levelling up heroes, fighting other commanders, and more. You will also be able to join an alliance where you can all thrive by aiding your teammates, attacking cities, helping them with fortress upgrades, and more.

This game requires a fast internet connection, so when you decide to play this game, you need to have a reliable internet provider. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the game that much.

Is the Last Fortress: Underground Ad Accurate?

Yes, but you won’t be able to control the survivor like how it’s portrayed in the ad. It’s more like you’re the head of the bunker who can control everything, from arranging the layout of your fortress to choosing which fortresses to attack. So, it’s more about your resource management and strategic thinking than anything else. If you’ve ever played Whiteout Survival or State of Survival, it works the same, although it’s more advanced than those two games.

Factors to Consider Before Playing Last Fortress

Even though you’re into survival games, you don’t have to play it immediately because someone says so. So, we wanted to share the factors that you should keep in mind when deciding if Last Fortress: Underground is worth playing for you or not.


  • Gaming Preference

First, consider your personal preference in gaming. If you enjoy strategic decision-making, resource management, and a collaborative multiplayer experience, this might be a good game for you to play. However, if you prefer a fast-paced action game or solo gaming, it’s not a good game for you to try.


  • Access to Fast Internet

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to have a fast internet connection because it’s a bandwidth-extensive game. Having a good internet plan from a reputable internet provider like Always On WiFi. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time completing tasks, joining rallies, and protecting your base when there’s a commander attacking you.


  • Time Commitment

Evaluate how much time you’re willing to commit to Last Fortress: Underground. Like many strategy games, it may require consistent engagement for optimal progress. If you have limited gaming time, consider whether the game’s pace aligns with your availability. Some in-game actions may require real-time participation, so ensure it fits your schedule.


  • Money

Last Fortress: Underground is mostly a pay-to-play game because most players pay to become stronger. It can be a bit challenging for free-to-play gamers because it will take longer for you to increase your combat power, which is problematic going forward because your server will merge with other servers that have more powerful players than you. It will be difficult to protect yourself when that happens, leading you to quit eventually. (most free-to-play players that we know did)


  • Patience and Dedication

Last Fortress: Underground isn’t the type of game that you can casually play anytime you want. Upgrading the areas in your underground fortress usually takes minutes to hours in the early days, but once you progress, it will take days for each area to upgrade, like the research laboratory, barracks, and more.

Is Last Fortress Worth Playing?

Yes, it’s worth playing if you’re looking for a game to play long-term. However, if you’re not planning to purchase in-game, just expect that it will be a bit harder for you to level up, and you will encounter a lot of “sharks”, a.k.a. the big spenders in the game farms randomly on the map (which means you will be an easy target for them.) Also, if your current internet isn’t enough for the game, make sure to check other wireless providers that can provide the speed and data allowance you need.


Overall, Last Fortress: Underground is definitely worth playing. However, it’s not for everyone, so make sure to consider all the factors we’ve outlined to make sure that it’s your best option. If you’ve ever decided to play this game, let us know, and maybe we can play some other time!


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