What Is a Macro Pad and Why Do You Need One?

Macro pad are similar to additional or secondary keyboards on your desk. It can have as few as three keys or as many as a full-size keyboard.

But why would you require extra keys? After all, many keyboards eliminate less-frequently used keys such as the NumPad, function keys, and even the number row.

So, here’s a rundown of the macro pad and its potential applications.

What Is a Macro Pad?


A macro pad is a small keyboard with additional programmable keys. These pads are intended to be used with your main keyboard, where you can assign commands, keyboard shortcuts, and macros (hence the macro pad).

In contrast, a macro is a pre-recorded keyboard and mouse actions sequence. This recording enables you to automate long, time-consuming computer tasks, saving time and effort. As a result, once you assign a macro to a specific key on a macro pad, it will begin when you press the set button.

Who Uses Macro Pads?

Anyone can use a macro pads, but who would need one? After all, the mouse and graphical user interface have made computers accessible to almost anyone. However, while graphical menus make it easier to use any app, they are still slower than keyboard shortcuts.

For example, right-clicking on some text and selecting copy may take three seconds, but pressing CTRL + C should only take one second. However, if you create a macro key specifically for copying, you will no longer need to press two keys to copy anything. Instead, simply press the copy key, and you’re done.

Another example is gaming: some commands in RPG and RTS games require you to click multiple on-screen buttons or press a combination of keys. However, if you assign a macro key to a complex command that requires multiple clicks or key presses, you will save time and gain an advantage.

While you may believe that saving half a second isn’t worth the cost of purchasing and configuring a macro pad, if you do this action hundreds or even thousands of times per day, you save a significant amount of time.

How to Use a Macro Pad

A macro pads is easy to use and set up. You can DIY a low-cost macro pads or purchase some of the best gaming keyboards with built-in macro keys. When you buy a pre-built macro pad or a keyboard with a built-in macro pad, you usually get customized software to easily assign commands, key combinations, and basic and advanced macros.

If you want to save money and don’t want to build your macro pad, you can use any old keyboard you have lying around. You must, however, purchase a Hasu USB to USB Controller Converter, which converts any keyboard into a fully programmable macro pad.

Once you’ve programmed all of the keys on the macro pad, all you have to do is press the desired key. This will execute your saved command or macro for that specific key.

Macro Pads Save You Time

While some may believe that macro pads are difficult to program and not worth the time, effort, and cost to set up, they save time. After all, a macro pads can help you run complicated but repetitive and tedious commands that require multiple clicks or key presses for you automatically.

This is especially true for professionals working on large projects that require complex apps. And once you’ve figured out how to set up macros, the sky’s the limit. You can automate everything, from launching your work apps and arranging them on your monitor to exporting the video project you’re working on with your preferred settings.

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