Minecraft Legends will be released for PC/Consoles in 2023

During Minecraft Live, a four-player co-op live demo was shown off.

The action/strategy game Minecraft Legends, in which players must push back Piglins to rescue the Overworld, will be released in the spring. The release window was announced during Minecraft Live 2022, which took place today minecraft live 2021.

Along with the release window, the development teams at Mojang and Blackbird Interactive shared a first glimpse behind the scenes. There was a thorough dive into what it means to be the Overworld’s protector and a 4-player co-op live demo of the environment and piglin gameplay.

Knowledge, Action, and Foresight were the first speaking creatures in a Minecraft game. The in-game rampage movie was also featured, which you can see above.

The game, which was revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, has you exploring the new Overworld in the third person and fighting armies of piglins to stem the spread of their Nether corruption. Allies may be recruited into combat, and players can control and command them.

Alex wrote in his preview that Minecraft Legends is “full of character, breathes authenticity, and looks amazing,” adding that it’s similar to Brutal Legend with a dash of Pikmin.


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