3 best office moving services in 2023

Moving your office to a new location is not the same as moving your home. You need office moving services  who know what they’re doing when you have enormous copy machines, servers, various computer and phone systems, and a slew of small stuff. Our licenced and insured office moving companies will send movers who know how to disassemble cubicles, move high-tech equipment safely, and generally carry protective boxes where smaller things may be stowed and carried safely office moving services.

Office Relocation

A corporate office move brings particular obstacles since, unlike our personal lives, business does not take many holidays in our globalized environment. Moving may be a major interruption to your business or organization if movers are moving about your office while you are attempting to work with clients, vendors, and employees as usual. And, once everything is in the truck, you don’t have the luxury of unpacking and rearranging things over many days. In as little as one day, your office movers will dump, unpack, and set up your equipment and furniture.

Is the best location to locate office movers who will get the job done quickly and efficiently. only works with moving firms with a proven track record of getting the job done correctly for business purposes. They are licenced and insured, and we regularly assess their reputation and resolve any issues that arise. We will not work with them if we are not certain that they will not leave anything behind, even if it is as small as a packet of sticky notes. When it comes to office moving.

What makes an excellent office movers?

A moving company that excels in full-service moves does not always thrive at office moves. The following are the most crucial business moving services to look for when researching:

Transition planning

Moving your business is stressful enough, so look for a moving company that can assist you work out the specifics of how you’re going to make it happen. To make the packing, loading, unpacking, and setup procedure as efficient as possible, a skilled office mover will compare a blueprint of your present office to plans for your new location.


In contrast to residential moves, where you may store unopened boxes in your attic for months, office moves must be performed promptly and effectively. Disorganization loses time (which equals wasted money), so choose a moving company that will pack, load, and unpack your belongings in a thorough, organized, and professional manner.

Companies that mark boxes, pack and load based on blueprint-guided notes, and itemize inventories are telltale symptoms of next-level organization. Professional installation is recommended.

Only one business moving company on our list (United) provides electronics installation and office setup, which is why we placed them first. We don’t advocate dismissing a company if they don’t provide this service, but assistance with connecting monitors, internet, and satellite or cable TV may save you time, money, and Organization headaches—especially if your crew isn’t tech-savvy.


The best office moving firms are ready to work on your timeline to cause as little disturbance to your office as possible—whether that means coming in after hours, on weekends, or packing up and moving one portion of your office while another is still in use.

It’s also a good idea to choose a moving company that provides temporary storage, so that if you can’t move into your new office on time, you’ll have someplace to store your belongings.

The Best Office Move Services

Here’s a rundown of the top office move-specific services to look for (although keep in mind that not every add-on function will be required for your office move):

  • Disposal services
  • Installation services
  • Broadband partnerships
  • Storage options
  • Transition planning
  • Professional installation
  • Custom crating
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly

3 Best Office Moving Companies in 2023

1. United Van Lines is the best overall.


United Van Lines

Office moving services United Van Lines is at the top of our list because of its electronic installation services and full-value moving coverage on every move. So, whether your organization deals with expensive equipment or you just want to know your computers are in excellent hands, United’s electronics expertise and moving coverage may help.
pro Pros pro Electronics installation pro Full-value protection with each move professional Custom crating.

Why do we suggest United Van Lines?

It comprises the installation of electronics as well as the layout of an office best office moving services .

United will handle the disassembly and reassembly of your office equipment, as well as the disconnecting and reinstalling of your electronics (including computers and phones) and the configuration of your PC networks.

It is impossible to overstate how easy it is to have these services included in your move. This will not only expedite the whole procedure (and get you back to work quickly), but it will also prevent you from having to pay extra support. Furthermore, ensuring your technology infrastructure is sound is half the fight of an office move.
It provides comprehensive protection on every move Moving Companies.

On full-service relocation, every moving company provides basic valuation (often known as insurance), which means you’ll be compensated $0.60 per pound if your CEO’s desk fractures in half or that hand-blown glass vase from your lobby shatters in transport. However, if you have United’s full-value protection, you will get $6.00 per pound to repair or replace damaged goods.

You may not think this coverage is necessary for a personal move, when your most valued item is a $150 dresser, but you don’t want to take any chances with precious electronics and office equipment.

2. North American Van Lines


Moving Companies North American Van Lines

Moving Companies North American Van Lines, with a huge staff and years of expertise on small and large loads alike, can handle anything from small office relocations to hotel chain migrations.

Although northAmerican office moving services has a better overall rating than United and Bekins, it does not provide as many services dedicated to office transfers (i.e., expert installation), therefore it ranks fourth on our list.

pro Services for Disposal


  • Transition planning


  • cons Convenient client service
  • There are no installation services available.

Why do we suggest North American Van Lines?

It provides services such as shredding, disposal, donation, and restoration.

Although Moving Companies North American Van Lines does not provide installation services, it is the only firm on our list that provides disposal, donation, and refurbishing services—for example, document shredding and donation drop-offs. While shredding may be low on your priority list, it will lower the weight of your move, which will reduce the cost as well—because overall weight is included into the entire cost of your relocation.

Just as you would reduce before a personal move, you’ll want to eliminate items that are old, obsolete, or will be more cost-effective to replace in your new location, such as those “comfortableoffice chairs or that “functioningfax machine.

There is transition planning in place.

Before moving a single file cabinet, north American will assist you sketch out both your present workplace and your new area so that movers can load, unload, and rearrange your desk, chairs, monitors, and other furniture in a fast and smart way.

Transition planning organizes and plans office migrations, making them more effective and faster, enabling you to take up your company where it left off.

Furthermore, if anything unexpected occurs during your relocation, such as discovering that your new office will not be ready on your intended move-in date, preparing ahead for items like temporary storage will prevent any last-minute rushing and stress.

3. Bekins—Perfect for large workplaces.


Moving Companies Bekins has decades of full-service moving experience, and with a track record of transporting medical equipment, computers, IT equipment, and even heavy machinery, Bekins has the competence to handle your company’s transfer.

The only reason Bekins did not rank higher on our list is because it presently does not install electronics. However, if you want to have your workers set up your equipment, Bekins offers additional services to ensure a seamless office move.


  • Pros and cons Capacity to handle major movements
    pro Packing alternatives with flexibility
    pro Low-cost moving supplies con


cons There are no installation services available.

Why do we like Bekins?

It has novel packaging techniques. Bekins office moving services has transformed the mundane, industry-standard packing procedure for office transfers. Instead of packing computers and televisions in separate cardboard boxes, Bekins movers arrange them in rows of twelve on a metal cart and shrink wrap the whole thing.

Not only does this save space in your vehicle and provide more place for items like the abused ping pong table in the breakroom, but it also saves you from having to purchase twelve times the number of boxes if you packed each computer individually.

It can handle heavier weights.

Because Bekins is a national brand office moving services, it has the capacity (both in trucks and movers) to relocate workplaces with 100 or more workers, something not every moving business can boast.

No matter how many desks, seats, and cubicle walls you need to dismantle and pack away, you’ll need as many hands as possible—especially if you want to keep your company going throughout the move.

Furthermore, Bekins has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, which may make working alongside movers while they pack up your office less stressful, enabling you to be more productive and effective throughout your move.

How to Locate the Best Moving Company Offers and Discounts

Moving is famously expensive, but it doesn’t have to be with the appropriate deals and discounts. Having said that, finding relevant deals, discounts, and specials is not always as straightforward as it seems, and performing the labour of hunting for them on top of all your other moving-related responsibilities may be stressful.

It’s not only about finding the greatest moving companies—you also want to find the best deal.

Scams Should Be Avoided

When a deal seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. So, if you see a moving company providing an unusually cheap price, look into it before you agree. Check that the moving company in question is licenced and insured, and that it has a good BBB and/or Yelp rating. It never hurts to get recommendations from friends, family, and neighbours.

If you’re still undecided, you may have a mover from the company come to your home to provide an estimate, allowing you to assess the company’s professionalism and get an exact quote for your move.

Request a Free Estimate

Getting a free quote from a moving company is a terrific method to save money and assure professionalism throughout your move. Many firms offer an at-home estimate service, in which a professional mover will visit to your home, assess the condition of your things, discuss your move with you, and provide you with a quote.

If the pricing seems to be incorrect, choose a different company. Obtaining a free moving quote is another good approach to make sure that the movers you pick will be punctual, exact, and simple to deal with. Even if a moving company does not promote a free quote, you may still inquire. If you’re serious about using their services, they’ll usually comply.

Check to See if You’re Eligible

Deals and discounts might be so attractive that you overlook to read the fine print. Before committing to a moving company that offers a discount that is exclusively accessible to, instance, elderly people or military members, make sure you read the tiny print. And, if you are qualified for the deal in question, make sure you have your I.D. and any other relevant documentation on hand.

Do not be afraid to inquire.

If a moving company you’re interested in isn’t promoting deals and discounts, take a chance and inquire nonetheless. If a company finds that you’re interested in utilising their services, they’ll be more likely to offer you a discount or notify you about a promotion that may not have been announced.

Sometimes, a salesperson may turn down your request for a discount, either over email or phone. This may simply be due to a lack of authorization on his or her part to provide you with one. Request to talk with a manager or someone higher-up, just in case you can grab a deal office moving services .

Experiment with Bargaining

If a competitor moving company has offered you a deal or a discount, try notifying the company you’re considering. They may be prepared to negotiate and match the price you’ve been offered. If you pursue this method, make sure you have documentation, such as a copy of the quote the rival gave you.

Use an App.

In this day and age, searching for discounts online may be incredibly daunting, so you may want to use a coupon-based programe or software to organize your alternatives for you. These services may help you narrow down your options to local discounts and teach you how to get the most bang for your dollars.

Reserve Early

You may save money by planning your move ahead of time, since many moving firms charge more the closer your move is. They may even offer you an early bird deal on occasion office moving services .


Summer is the biggest season for moving, particularly around Memorial Day and Labour Day. Weekends are far more frequent than weekdays for moving all year, and the beginning and end of each month are busier than the middle. If possible, book your move during the off-season to save money. If you do this, you may be able to earn a discount off the already-lowered quote.

Avoid Extra Fees

Exercise equipment, pianos, huge kitchen appliances, hot tubs, lawn mowers, safes and washing and dryer units are just a few examples of speciality products that moving firms, particularly long-distance moving companies, sometimes charge extra for.

If you intend on moving any of these objects, consider selling them first and then replacing them later if necessary, since the cost may turn out to be about the same. To save moving expenses, you might borrow a friend’s vehicle and undertake some of these chores yourself.



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