The presence of Hailee Steinfeld at Josh Allen’s game has NFL fans wondering, “SHE’S HERE IN BUFFALO?”

The presence of Hailee Steinfeld at Josh Allen’s game has NFL fans wondering, “SHE’S HERE IN BUFFALO?” Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen were making headlines for weeks leading up to the 2023 NFL season. While Steinfeld and Allen have not confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted together on vacation and at romantic meals.

Steinfeld reportedly attended her first NFL game in Week 2 when the Buffalo Bills faced the Las Vegas Raiders. Fans claimed to have spotted the Bumblebee actress sitting in the box with Allen’s parents, wearing a Bill’s shirt.

Some wondered about Steinfeld’s attendance since the pair still needs to release public photographs of the day.

Naturally, some fans were overjoyed by the news, expecting additional appearances during the season.

“We assume it’s her because she’s wearing a red hat and has dark hair.” What does it matter? Josh doesn’t like the attention she attracts. Therefore, it’s not going to last.”


Josh Allen raised privacy concerns about relationships, outings with Hailee Steinfeld

Josh Allen expressed worries regarding his connections and trips with Hailee Steinfeld.

He one of the most notable NFL players today, is constantly the talk of the town, both on and off the field.

“It blows my mind that anyone still cares about that.” They were on a boat. I saw them and had this horrible sensation. There is no privacy, and there is no security. What’s wrong with humans, just like that.”

According to sources, the Bills quarterback was considering making their relationship official by proposing to the Spiderverse actress with a ring:

“He’s very serious about her.” Although they are just a few months into their relationship, he has informed friends and family that he would like to give her a ring before earning a [Super Bowl] ring.”

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