King Javien Conde Net Worth: Education, Family, Career

Who is King Javien Conde? In this guide, we will learn more about King Javien Conde’s early life, parents, education, job (if he has one), and net worth.

Celebrity children often enter the spotlight while accomplishing nothing. The same is true with Erica Mena’s son, King Javien Conde. Mona is an accomplished actress, model, and singer, and his father is the late Raul Conde. His father is no longer alive, but he left a significant legacy via his successful music directorship.

Another thing that distinguishes Javien from her siblings is that her mother has given him extra attention. He was rumored to be autistic, but Erica Mena clarified in her statement that his kid is well and has no issue.

However, she stated he was introverted, which is evident in the teenager’s attempts to avoid the media. Despite the fact that the media is constantly searching for facts and rumors about him, they have only found fragments of material so far.

The Net Worth of King Javien Conde

It is impossible to assess King Javien Conde’s net worth correctly, but we may assume he has a fair inheritance.

We consolidated his parents’ fortune and estimated it to be between $1 and $5 million, which would benefit his future.

Early Life of King Javien Conde

Why is King Javien Conde becoming popular on the internet? There’s just one reason: he’s a famous child. He had done nothing except be born into public life with a silver spoon.

King was born in the United States of America on March 1, 2023. He is now a teenager with the same wonderful looks as her parents.

He is of Puerto Rican Dominican descent and has American citizenship since he, like his mother, is native to the country. Because of his Latino ancestry, he is referred to as such.

King’s appearance is the result of his parents’ superb genes. His rich brown hair and eyes are stunning, attributable to his Puerto Rican heritage.

Family of King Javien Conde.

He has gained influence, something we are all well aware of. His parents are well-known in the entertainment business for their outstanding performances.

King Javien Conde’s mother: Erica Mena

Erica Mena, a famous model, actress, video vixen, and artist, gave birth to King Javien Conde. She is now in her 30s, was born on November 8th, 1987, and belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Her parents, Sonia and Brian Mena, reared her properly and imparted the same parenting skills in her. She loves her children and strives to provide for them in every way imaginable.

She gets credit for her skills as she showcases them in various Hip-hop musical videos for musicians such as Faboulos, Fat Joe, Akin, and Chris Brown.

She has been in nearly a decade of TV shows and movies, including ‘Picture Me Dead’, ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘The Stepmother’, ‘The Assistant’, ‘Almost Amazing’, and ‘The Millennial’.

Another wonderful work of hers is the TV series ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ which earned her a large fan base. She was notably active throughout the Atlanta and New York seasons.

Fat her: Late King Javien Conde Raul Conde

Who does not know Raul Conde, who died at the age of 52 from a heart attack? He’s still known for his outstanding work.

He was an American rapper and music director who contributed many masterpieces to the American music business.

He even worked as a member of Fat Joe’s team for a long time, but since death does not wait for anybody, he died last year on November 22nd, 2024, from his most dire health circumstances.

He, like Erica, was a family man who adored his son, King Javien Conde, but we can’t deny that he preferred his mother king javien conde parents.

King Javien Conde’s siblings

Is he the only child? No, he has two half-siblings, but we don’t know what his relationship is like with them.

He favors a low-key lifestyle and dislikes sharing his personal life on social media. The only time he appears on social media is when his mother blogs about him.

His parents, Raul and Erica, began dating in 2000, but their relationship was sporadic and ended after Erica accused him of being abusive with her.

In 2018, King Javien Conde’s mother accepted a proposal from Jamaican rapper and actor Safaree Lloyd Samuel, and the pair married in 2019 at Legacy Castle.

They have two children: Legend Brian Samuels and Safire Majesty Samuels, who are all much younger than King Javien Conde.

His mother and stepfather, Safaree Samuels, got into a disagreement and split up in 2022.

The Educational Background of King Javien Conde

He had his early education in his hometown school and formally from high school last year at the age of 16.

Her mother excitedly announced her son’s graduation in a live tv appearance, stating,

“He is 16 and will graduate from high school this year. I am quite proud. I am so proud… That I will be able to say, “I made it.”

She also said in her interview,

“I gave up a lot of time away from him to provide and feel comfortable where I am now, but I will never get that time back. So it stings when others remark, “Oh, she abandoned her child.”

Does King Javien Conde Have Autism?

The media has constantly questioned King Javien Conde’s health. Is he autistic? Is he suffering from a mental disability? Several rumors profoundly upset his mother, Erica Mena.

She issued a public statement debunking all of the rumors about him that had been spread in the media and among the crowd.

She supplied some family photos, which cleared up any misconceptions regarding his behavior. She reported that Javien was a remarkable child with unique powers, but he was also healthy and fit.

She issued a statement that states,

“My son is an introvert.” Not autistic. So let’s clear up that rumor. He attends school with dual enrollment. He is 13 years old and will graduate from high school with college credits at 14 going on 15. No need to defend myself, but you should be cautious about the rumors you spread, especially regarding youngsters!”

Erica Mena

We agree his mother’s worry is justified; nonetheless, the media should exercise caution when probing and propagating such rumors, since they may negatively impact youngsters.

Is King Javien Conde pursuing a career?

No, he is still an adult who has just graduated from high school and is about to enter in college. He has not settled on a career yet.

Will King Javien Conde follow in his parents’ footsteps and partake in the entertainment industry? Another conjecture made by the paparazzi, but nothing has been disclosed.

Although he has a solid foundation, he also has more assets that will greatly help him in pursuing acting and music if that is his preference. However, as we have witnessed, King is bashful and likes to avoid the prying eyes of the media.

His future job path is uncertain since he is still too young to consider it. He lives a luxury existence thanks to his father’s inheritance and his mother’s constant pampering.


To summarise, King Javien Conde is one of the sought-after children of the stunning Erica Mena, an actor, singer, and video vixen. He has been suspected of having autism, but his mother has clarified that King is fully fine, just a little introverted.

King’s father, the late Raul Conde, was a music director and performer who died from a heart attack in 2023.

King is not pursuing a job currently, but he has a money that will last him decades.

Give it a read and share your thoughts on this remarkable child. Please let us know what you would want to read next, and we will come up with something!


Why is Erica Mena famous?

She is well-known for her outstanding performances on ‘Love & Hip Hop’, notably during the Atlanta and New York seasons.

Who’s King Conde’s father?

Raul Conde’s great music career earned him a large following base, but he passed away in 2023.

What age was Erica Mena when she gave birth to King?

She was just 19 years old when she gave birth to King, but her age when she split up with Raul Conde is uncertain.




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