How to Fixed Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Issue? [Solved] 

How to Fixed Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Issue? [Solved] 

How to Fixed Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Issue? [Solved] 

Annoyed with the Infinite loading screen error while trying to play Skyrim? Then rest confirmed as you are not only. Many Skyrim players found the problem and found reporting on the community and forums thread.

Besides, this article is for you if you also see how to fix the Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen issue.

Here I have put together our able solutions that went for many users to fix the Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen problem. But first, see what this error is and why it happens?

What is Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Error?

The Skyrim infinite loading screen error is allowed on the gamers who want to create a new save file and start playing games.

And before starting the game, the loading screen looks and often appears to the users who have installed the game and the players who have added new mods or need to launch a new game by the installed mods. 

And when the error issues, gamers are unable o play the game. Besides, the gamer reported the error randomly in some cases if they switch locations or fast traveling.

How? am I getting the Infinite Loading Screen in Skyrim?

Well, there are many other reasons responsible for the Skyrim Screen to load. Check out some of them continuously:

  • Due to memory allocation issues, then loading a game or while creating the latest one.
  • Windows registers the loading screen activities. Sometimes, the game did not respond and made issues
  • If you have installed lots of mods, this can increase instability and cause the game to fail, and the infinite loading screen is one from them.

Thus, these are some of the primary causes of the disturbing Skyrim Infinite loading screen. Now read what to do if Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen issues. 

How Do I Fixed Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Error?

Fix 1: Edit Skyrim Script Extender File

The solution assisted many users to stop the Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen issue. If you do the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) file, the solution may work for you.

Follow these steps to edit SKSE ‘.ini’ file.

  • Initial, locate the game’s installation folder, and right-click on the game’s shortcut > of the menu select Open file location.
  • Yet if you installed the game through Steam, when open the Steam Client.
  • Now navigate to this Library tab in the Steam window > find the Skyrim entry.
  • In the library, right-click the game’s icon > of the context menu choose the Properties option.
  •  Navigate the Local Files tab > and click this Browse Local Files.
  • In the Skyrim folder > and go to Data > SKSE and search for a file named ‘skse.ini’ > and right-click on it > choose to open it with Notepad.
  • But if there is no such file, and then right-click inside the folder > choose New > Text Document.
  • When inside Notepad > click File > Save as. Now set the Save as type choice to All files > set the name to ‘skse.ini’ before clicking Save choice.
  • Now paste the here-given lines into the file and save the changes to use the Memory Patch. This will fix the problem:









Next check if this Skyrim infinite loading screen (ILS) is fixed or not.

If the above steps don’t work for you, then change any ‘skse_loader.exe’ files. 

  • > find the skse_loader.exe file and right-click on it > select to create a shortcut on Desktop in the main Skyrim folder. When navigating to that shortcut and right-click on it, and wait in the Shortcut tab.
  • Next in this Target area > add a space after the final quotation mark > add ‘-forcesteamloader’ > click OK.

Assume this works for you to fix Skyrim se infinite loading screen problem but then try different solutions.

Fix 2: Modify Memory Allocation

As said before, due to the memory shortage, you may also receive the Skyrim infinite loading screen error.

Then, it is suggested to organize the SafetyLoad config file to set Safy Load to work on the loading screen.

And the default setting enables it to run all the time and can cause the infinite loading screen Skyrim or crashing issues.

Then, follow these steps to do so:

Well, before going more, make sure you have installed this Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE).

  • Now, open this file “Skyrim\data\SKSE\Plugins\SafetyLoad.ini.”
  • Next, change the value of EnableOnlyLoading to false or true.
  • And save and close the file.
  • Next, play Skyrim and verify if the infinite loading screen issue but looks or not.

Fix 3: Edit Skyrim Preference

If the above-given solution doesn’t work for you, try editing the Skyrim preference, which fits many users.

On the Skyrim preferences, there are a value fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS that set the time of loading screen.

Then, changing this content can fix Skyrim infinite loading screen.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press the Win + E key to open this File Explorer
  • Then open My DocumentsMy Games
  • Here you can view a Skyrim folder and open it.
  • On the folder, you will notice the file Skyrim.ini > right-click on it > choose Edit.
  • Also, in the Notepad > you want to locate the value fPostLoadUpdateTimeMSand, edit it to 2000
  • Also, as you make this, you will increase the Skyrim loading time, but it also assures everything is loaded correctly, and maybe the game start without any issues.
  • Press Ctrl + S to save this file.

Now try to play Skyrim again and verify if the infinite loading screen appears or not.

Fix 4: Disable Expansions

The expansions might be fixed, and as they damage them, they might make fixed Skyrim se infinite loading screen error.

Also, doing this will confirm that the game expansion data are fixed on Windows 10.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Start the Skyrim Launcher > click on Data Files
  • Also, click on the Play button and to start the game and check if the error.

Now you can click on this button PLAY to start the game and check that the error infinite loading screen is fixed.

Fix 5: Uninstall Mods

If you are yet unable to fix this error, then this might be mods that are causing issues. Numerous gamers like playing with Mods as they bring new features and gameplay.

The Mods are usually reliable, and when installed together, they can create many battles in the game and, as a result, can make the infinite loading screen in Skyrim difficult.

Therefore, make sure to disable complete mods you have installed on your game and run the game’s vanilla version to fix this issue.

Fix 6: Reinstall Skyrim

If you are still facing the Skyrim se infinite loading screen error when try reinstalling Skyrim. Only first, make sure to uninstall Skyrim and delete the Skyrim folders.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Prime, uninstall Skyrim entirely among the Revo Uninstaller
  • Beside delete this [Username]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
  • And Next remove C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam apps\common\Skyrim folder
  • And restart your
  • Then reinstall 
  • And relaunch the game

It is expected this works for you to fix the infinite loading screen problem.

Fix 7: Update Drivers

Sometimes the wrong driver can also cause issues with the game. So, next, it is suggested to update the drivers.

To update the drivers, visit this manufacturer website, visit the Microsoft official website, search for the latest driver, and update them.

Well, this is very time-consuming and difficult to update the drivers manually. Then hither, it is suggested to update the driver using Driver Easy.

The scan and update the drivers automatically just by scanning once.

Get Driver Easy to update drivers automatically.

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Now It’s Your Turn:

Then, that’s all about the Skyrim infinite loading screen problem.

Well, this problem is very disturbing, but many gamers managed to fix it. Here I tried my best to list below the best fixes to resolve this error.

It’s your service to follow the fixes given one by one and check infinite loading screen Skyrim error. 

I Hope the article works for you, and you can play Skyrim without any error.

I hope you find this guide valuable and informative. If so, when do not forget to share this article, and for any different inquiries, you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

Good Luck..!


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