Blockchain and Games: The 8 Best Games That Build On This Relationship

The world is slowly experiencing a shift from the physical to the digital, and currencies like bitcoin are becoming a necessity. With bitcoin, it is easier to conduct digital transactions and gain in a secure way – the blocks of data attributed to a market player who scores BTC through any means are forever attributed to them, until such time they decide to sell their digital currency.

There are two ways to earn this currency – one way is through building a dedicated mining rig, whose purpose is to scour web resources to create a single BTC. While this is usually the way BTC users earn their money, it is expensive because the rig needs to operate 24/7 in some cases, and building the rig itself is already costly.
Another way – one that is fast becoming popular – is through playing for BTC. These are sites designed like Games.LOL that offers BTC for games or simple actions. It is another easy way to earn bitcoin, and it is also cheaper since all anyone really needs is a platform of crypto signals that can run the app or program where the actions can be completed.

Take a look at these platforms that offer BTC for simple actions or games, and see if one of them catches your cryptocurrency-fueled fancy:

1| Huntercoin (Windows)


Blockchain and Games: The 8 Best Games That Build On This Relationship

There are a lot of MMORPG games that have come out in recent years, thanks to the ongoing popularity of games like WoW and The Elder Scrolls Online. Huntercoin is a marriage between crypto-mining and MMORPGs. In the crypto-related game’s case, it is called MMOCG (massively multiplayer online crypto-coin game).
The main goal in this top-down, 2d game is to collect coins and kill all others who might try and steal those coins away from you. Players who earn coins can keep them in a bank. Most, if not all, actions in the game need a small amount of crypto to be done. Killing a player makes them release their coins back into the map, free for any other player or for you to take them.

2| Storm (iOS, Android)


Blockchain and Games: The 8 Best Games That Build On This Relationship

Storm is another platform where users can gain BTC, Ethereum, or the app’s indigenous cryptocurrency – StormX – to buy other currencies or sell. Bitcoin and Ether are the best known of the three, but Storm is already on the top 400 of crypto coins that are currently available.

Tasks available on the platform vary from playing a game, taking a survey, watching a video, or downloading and trying out an app. More tasks completed means more ‘Bolts,’ a sort of in-app currency that can be converted into one of the three cryptocurrencies. The app also offers options to transfer these cryptocurrencies into a wallet of your choice.

3| Worldopo (Android, iOS)


Worldopo is billed as a ‘world-building simulation’ that uses a combination of augmented reality images and virtual reality to build up its world. It combines this element with blockchain and a technology called ‘Directed Acyclic Graph’ (DAG).

Think of it like Pokemon GO and Ingress – users can see data from Goole and Open Street Maps, which they can use to buy real streets from real cities around the world. This is where the MMORPG gaming comes in – other users can attack buildings, create alliances with other users to mine blockchain, and build their own economy within the app. Bitcoin, Ether, and Worldopo’s native currency, WPT, can be earned within the game.

4| TronGoo (Windows)


TronGoo is an ‘evolution’ of the popular Ethereum game, Ethergoo, which is transferred to the Tron network. The game is set to idle, where the player earns Goo without doing much. To collect more, the game lets you steal goo from other players to collect as much of it as possible. The most active players in the game have the chance to earn TRX, the in-game currency.

To sign up into the game, players need to have a wallet capable of holding Tron. There are different choices that the game offers at the start, like TronLink for Chrome users, for instance. Every action in the game requires TRX to do, however, so you need to have some TRX in your wallet to start.

5| My Crypto Heroes (Windows, iOS, Android)


This game is an HTML5 game available on Windows and smartphones which uses the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of the game is to collect and train ancient heroes while equipping them with unique items, quite like the games already available on smartphones today. Create the ultimate team and fight epic battles, all on a quest to conquer the in-game world.

A MetaMask wallet and some ETH will be needed to start the game. This is because the heroes are traded through the Ethereum network, and most of them are sold on the MCH marketplace. You will also have to earn in-game tokens (GUMs) at the market to trade heroes. If you want to try it out, there is a trial version available where you can register without having an ETH wallet, but you will be playing with limited capability. Your purchased heroes are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, where they are safely kept until you need them for battle.

6| CryptoKitties (Windows)


CryptoKitties operates on the same principles in that it allows you to trade and transact in virtual cats. It has been around since 2017, during which it grew in popularity, and is still around and remains a very addictive blockchain game.

The aim of this game is to grow your collection through the collection and breeding of cats to sell on the market. Other players can then buy them, just as you can also buy cats and improve your captive breeds. You can also contact other players for collaboration – the creation of better breed lines through cross-breeding – and sell those kitties, in exchange for a fair price.

The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it uses ETH as in-game currency. This is used to buy CryptoKitties in the marketplace. Players also pay you in ETH if they buy your Kitties.

7| Privateers.Life: The Island (Windows)


No decent gamer would say no to a pirate-themed game, and the blockchain gaming scene was quick to jump in on the chance to create one. The game is set during the 17th century, during a time known as the Age of Piracy.
You control a pirate/privateer and it is your job to make sure your character is well-fed, watered, and healthy as you survive and complete different tasks and other challenges the game throws at you. The game creates the need for crypto by having your character be responsible for the ‘goods’ that are in-game. You can sell these goods using the in-game crypto, Ludum (LDM).

Aside from buying and selling using Ludum in the game, you can also sell these online. There are only two exchanges that are currently trading in LDM, however.

8| EOS Knights (Android, iOS)


The mobile game EOS Knights is a game that’s designed to run on the EOS blockchain. The blockchain lets you complete tasks as ‘quests’. These range from collecting materials, adopting various pets, and creating items. You can then trade these completed tasks for the EOS cryptocurrency.

The game was launched two years ago, and a number of improvements had been made so far, including multi-player functionality and new in-game items and categories. Additional bosses were also added, making the game far more interesting than at launch.

Gaining cryptocurrency is not for everyone. There are those that would love to have it, but simply don’t have excess money to fund the creation of a crypto-mining rig. With the emergence of games in various genres, cryptocurrency has just taken a step towards becoming accessible for everyone interested in trading.

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