Top 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem in 2022 (PC/Mobile)

Fire Emblem is a role-playing video game published by Nintendo

Do you like to play some free Best Games Like Fire Emblem 2021? So, I’d want to play online games. However, it might be challenging to find natural alternatives due to the prevalence of bogus information on the internet. We have selected some of the 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem currently active in this article.

Fire Emblem is a role-playing video game published by Nintendo and developed by Intelligent Systems. This is a career-based game where you must complete challenges and maintain their stats. You may compete with your enemies and level up your abilities. In Japan, Fire Emblem is an ancient and popular game. It is compatible with various systems, including Gameboy, Nintendo, Satellaview, Wii, Android, and IOS.

Details about the Fire Emblem game:

Tactical role-playing video game is one of the genres. Game Boy Advance, Satellaview, Nintendo DS/3DS/Switch, Super Famicom, Wii, Wii U, Android, and iOS.

Top 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem in 2022 (PC/Mobile)

1. Wakfu – Games Like Fire Emblem

Games Like Fire Emblem

Wakfu is one of Fire Emblem’s alternate sets. It is based on tactical fighting in an MMORPG setting.
Starting the Wakfu game will offer you the basic instructions, and you may select from one of the fifteen classes.
The Wakfu gameplay fire emblem Pc requires players to embark on a journey and complete the task. As one becomes more active in the community, they will feel excellent and thrilled. There is Games Like Fire Emblem ample time in the game to devise plans for murdering your opponent. You may also plant and harvest seeds. In the game, there is also a weather system for growing crops.

The game is available for Linux, Mac, and Microsoft Windows.

2. CrownTakers

Games Like Fire Emblem

CrownTakers is a strategic role-playing game that incorporates rogue-lite and turn-based warfare aspects.
You will be dropped into the land in the steam games like fire emblem. The king has been kidnapped, and the entire place is in disarray. So the player must explore the game world and rescue the King from the devil’s clutches.

You are the hero in the game, and your mercenaries will be enhanced as you progress through the levels.
There are supplies and equipment that you must utilize to enhance your game regularly.

Android users may play this game.

3. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Games Like Fire Emblem

Advance Wars: Dual Strike is a game from the Advance Wars franchise that can be played on the Nintendo DS.
Some of the aspects in the game come from the previous version, but for the most part, this game is better than the previous one. In the game, you will be in the land of Omega, and you will be commanding two characters, Rachel and Jake.

There are a few missions in the game that you must finish using your techniques. There is a grid-based mapping system; utilize it to travel the whole land area. You will like playing the game since it is full of action and enjoyment. The Games Like Fire Emblem Nintendo DS may be used to play this game.

4. Might & Magic Heroes

Even though it is a browser-based game, it is one of the alternatives to Fire Emblem. Because it is a web game, there is no need to download anything; open it in your browser and begin playing. The graphics in this best game are good, and the entire game is in 2.5D. In the game, the player must devise plans and maintain the army together to remain healthy and active. You will choose your hero, and there will be RPG gameplay. Play the game on your browser or Microsoft Windows.

5. Great Little War Game

The great Big War Game has two armies: Red and Blue. The players are assigned to the Blue army in this game, which fights against the Red army. When you play the Great War Game, your role is in blue, and your job is to take all of the orders and complete them. All of the rules you must follow are similar to fighting with the enemy and killing them or claiming additional territory.

The gameplay does not need much strategy, although there are certain stages and missions to complete.
As a result, the gameplay is both comfortable and enjoyable. This Games Like Fire Emblem game is compatible with Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

6. Heroes of Steel

The Heroes of Steel game will immerse you in a post-apocalyptic world entire with Gothic-era fantasy.
When fighting evil, you will safeguard the human species and construct society as a player. This game’s gameplay allows for turn-based role-playing. You may select your characters from four distinct styles, each with its own set of attributes. The players in the game love the wicked powers that are so enraged.
Only Android devices can play this game.

7. BraveLand Wizard

You are a new wizard in the Braveland Wizard game. Following casting, the player gets promoted. You may also take extra tasks and shop to enhance your equipment. The gameplay includes battle and a variety of other activities that will satisfy your desire to be an explorer. Create your squad of melee heroes, archers, and other special abilities.

This will assist Games Like Fire Emblem you in winning any battle. There is a grid-based map where you may look for any actions. You may play this best game on your Android device.

8. Divinity: Original Sin

In the Divinity: Original Sin game, the player’s goal is to eradicate magic from the world and to do so, you must first find the source of that magic. You will meet a lot of enemies on your quest. There is a combination of strategic and role-playing components in the gameplay. You may play in both single and two-player modes, and if you pick a single way, you can control both protagonists. It’s interesting since you’ll get moves like swimming and skidding on ice, among other things.

Play this game on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Macintosh OS.

9. Radiant Historia

Even so, this game is one of the best alternatives to the Fire Emblem Game. This game offers a scientific environment that looks good. The game’s elements are so intriguing that it transforms the whole game into a world to travel. This game is a new version of an older one, but it contains new features such as a new UI, soundtrack, environments, and graphics.

10. Shadowrun

Shadowrun gameplay takes place in the year 2056, and you must control the previous game’s plot. You may make moves, attack your enemy, cast sales, and do various other things to destroy your enemy. This Games Like Fire Emblem is playable on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac.

The best game for Nintendo 3DS Emulator users. You must first select an avatar and then create its physical look. At the same time, you may adjust their level as you progress through the ranks and earn more money.
The game’s primary goal is fashion, and there is a battle with other players to gain money and access game content.

Names of all Child Units in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Starting Class
Present in:
How to Recruit
End of Chapter 13
Joins automatically at the end of the chapter.
Paralogue 5
Talk with Chrom or Lissa
Paralogue 6
Talk with Chrom or Olivia
Paralogue 7
Talk with Chrom or Maribelle
Paralogue 8
Talk with Chrom or Sully
Pegasus Knight
Paralogue 9
Talk with Chrom or Sumia
Paralogue 10
Let her talk to Holland, the enemy Villager
Wyvern Rider
Paralogue 11
Talk with Chrom or Cherche
Paralogue 12
Talk with Chrom or the Avatar
Paralogue 13
Talk with Chrom or Panne
Paralogue 14
Have Miriel visit the village
Paralogue 15
Automatically from Turn 2
Paralogue 16
Talk with Chrom or Nowi


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