The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Property

With the Christmas season quickly coming, now is the time to start planning your festive decorations. Hang stockings, decorate your staircase, and put up a real or artificial Christmas tree to celebrate the season indoors. And the best outdoor Christmas lights are unrivaled for spreading holiday cheer to your neighbors. It’s always been challenging to create captivating decorations that will attract visitors’ attention thanks to new lighting technologies (without breaking the budget or substantially increasing your utility bills).

The best outdoor Christmas lights are bright, festive, and easy to install or hang—and all of our… [+] top selections match the bill.


Our current favorite set is the color-changing Brizled Christmas String Lights, which includes a handy remote control, but there are many more great alternatives. Some come with timers, allowing you to schedule your lights to stay on for a set time; others include extra capabilities, such as end-to-end connection, which allows you to link many stands together. Look at some great outdoor Christmas lighting alternatives if you’re ready to take your holiday decorations to the next level. They’ll add some flare, twinkle, and pizazz to your home without effort. Order now, and they’ll arrive in plenty of time for you to put them up and show them throughout December.

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Overall

Color-Changing Lights With An Easy-To-Use Remote Control

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Brizled Christmas String Lights


Length: 279 feet (for 800 LED lights) | Colors: Warm white and multicolor, Multicolor, Green, and 7 other options | Timer: Yes | Special features: Dimmable, 11 light modes, comes with a remote control

The waterproof Brizled Christmas String Lights are unsurpassed for that classic Christmastime look. These lights, which come in various bulb sizes, lengths, and colors, are endlessly adaptable—you can wrap a single white string around a tree or join numerous multicolor strands together for an elaborate full-yard display. Furthermore, the warm white and multicolor versions (each with 11 lighting modes) can change colors.

And it isn’t the only thing these dimmable lights have to offer. You can also set the timer to turn them off after a certain number of hours, and you can manage everything from the ground with a simple remote control.

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Best Budget Outdoor Christmas Lights

Easy To Connect Strands With 8 Different Light Modes


Quwin Waterproof LED Outdoor Christmas String Lights

$24$40Save $16 (40%)

Length: 115 feet (for 300 LED lights) | Colors: Cool white, multicolor, warm white and multicolor | Timer: No | Special features: 8 light modes, waterproof

If you’re looking for dependable string lights but want to save money, the Quwin Waterproof LED Outdoor Christmas String Lights are an excellent choice. End-to-end connectivity allows up to three strands of lights to be connected, allowing you to illuminate greater areas. The most difficult step is deciding which color (or colors) to get: dazzling cool white, classic warm white, vibrant multicolor, or a blend of white and multicolor. Thanks to the eight distinct lighting options, you may set your strands to fade slowly, twinkle, and more.

Best Large Bulb Outdoor Christmas Lights

A Timeless Option With Bulbs That Can Be Replaced Individually

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Minetom C9 Clear Christmas String Lights


Length: 25 feet | Colors: Black wire, clear wire, green wire, multicolor bulb and six more options | Timer: No | Special features: End to end connectable

Large white incandescent bulbs on a strand have an utterly ageless appearance—they could have been used on the house in A Christmas Story, but they fit just as well as part of your modern holiday décor. You can leave these in white for that aesthetic or choose multicolor bulbs for a more daring approach. You can also modify the wire colors for a more subtle effect.

Each bulb comes with a little clip that may be used to secure it to a Christmas tree indoors or to your roof or gutters outdoors. Each strand includes a spare fuse hidden within the plug. While 25 feet isn’t long, these have simple end-to-end connectables that allow you to clip them together to create a longer strand effortlessly. Another advantage is that if one bulb fails, it only sometimes follows that all of them would. If one fails, they can be replaced individually, eliminating the need to purchase a full new strand.

Best Colorful Outdoor Christmas Lights

A Set Of Uniquely Shaped Bulbs For Even More Sparkle


PabiPabi Led Christmas Tree Lights Multicolor

$13$15Save $2 (13%)

Length: 82 feet | Colors: Multicolor, warm white | Timer: No | Special features: Nine lighting modes, remote control

These compact but bright-colored LED lights have a unique hexagonal shape (a “transparent hexagonal prismatic lamp,” to use their precise term) that makes the lights seem to sparkle and shine even more brightly than traditionally shaped bulbs. They are waterproof and have a safe low-voltage LED bulb. The set also comes with a remote control to make them easy to

These lights are a great choice for adding accent lighting to a large outdoor holiday light tableau – such as wrapping columns near a door or for framing your home’s windows. The lights will also look great on a Christmas tree indoors or outdoors, and with 200 bulbs per strand—available in multicolor or warm white—only two sets would be needed to brightly light the average six- or seven-foot tree.

Best Pathway Outdoor Christmas Lights

Large Colorful Bulbs To Illuminate Your Walkway

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Brightown Christmas Pathway Lights Outdoor


Length: 8.5 feet | Colors: Multicolor | Timer: No | Special features: Easily replaceable bulbs, connectable strands

These compact but highly colored LED lights have a unique hexagonal form (a “transparent hexagonal prismatic lamp,” to be specific) that makes the lights appear to glitter and shine even brighter than regular-shaped bulbs. They are waterproof and include a low-voltage LED bulb for safety. The set also includes a remote control, making them easy to use.

These lights are great for adding accent lighting to a big outdoor holiday tableau, such as wrapping columns near an entrance or framing your home’s windows. The lights will also look great on a Christmas tree, indoors and outdoors, and with 200 bulbs per strand (available in multicolor or warm white), only two sets will be needed to illuminate an ordinary six- or seven-foot tree brightly.

Best Novelty Outdoor Christmas Lights

Snowflake Shaped Lights With A Convenient Timer Feature


LJLNION Christmas Snowflakes String Lights Outdoor


Length: 24 feet | Colors: Multicolor, warm white, white | Timer: Yes | Special features: Eight lighting modes, battery operated

These waterproof snowflake-shaped lights can instantly transform any home or yard into a winter wonderland if you want something with a bit more pizazz. Each set includes two 24-foot strands of battery-operated lights, making installation a breeze. (Forget about scouring high and low find a nearby, open outlet.)

Like many of our favorite outdoor lights, these include a convenient timer function; once switched on, the lights stay on for six hours before turning off automatically after 18 hours. Choose from three colors: warm white, classic white, and multicolor.

Best Fairy Outdoor Christmas Lights

Icicle-Like Lights To Adorn Your Roof

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Toodour Pure White LED Icicle Fairy Lights

$24$30Save $6 (20%)

Length: 29.5 ft, 35.4 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft | Colors: Multicolor, white, warm white, white and blue and five other options | Timer: Yes | Special features: Eight lighting modes, built-in memory chip

These icicle lights highlight an entryway or a home’s peak. They have a wonderful, fairy-like quality, and if used to run the entire length of your roofline, they may create a stunning scene.

These light strands have eight modes, including steady on, twinkle, and slo-glow. They have a smart timer that keeps them on for six hours and off for the remaining 18 hours. While these lights’ clean, cool, bright white color will likely appeal to you, you can also get them in warm white or a multicolor variant. Depending on your needs, there are four different strand length possibilities.

Best Easy-Installation Outdoor Christmas Lights

Clip-On Lights That Even A Beginner Can Master


Noma C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas Lights


Length: 16 feet | Colors: Blue and pure white, cool white, pure white, purple and two more | Timer: No | Special features: End-to-end connectivity, easy installation

These bright Christmas lights cost $43 for a 16-foot strand. If you’re prepared to pay for convenience, each of the bulbs comes with a sturdy clip that can be used to secure the huge LED bulbs to a rooftop, tree branch, or wherever else you’d like to hang your Christmas lights.

Furthermore, the bulbs can be rotated (without causing a crimp in the wiring), ensuring a perfectly uniform appearance. These lights are available in six different color combinations, and you can safely connect up to 90 strands of these lights to your home, lighting up 2,160 individual bulbs with end-to-end connectivity on each strand.

Best Mini Outdoor Christmas Lights

Inexpensive Lights For A Traditional Look


Sylvania Mini Christmas Lights


Length: 62 feet | Colors: Multicolor | Timer: No | Special features: Connectable for up to three strands

When you think of a strand of Christmas lights, you’re probably thinking of one of the two 150-light sets included in this Sylvania box of holiday lights. They don’t have any extra features, such as timers or remote controls, but they’re a dependable choice for giving your home a classic festive ambiance.

This firm has been a trusted producer of holiday lights for centuries, and they are decidedly inexpensive but dependable. Yes, these strands will burn out after a few years, but they are less than half the price of their LED equivalents, can be used indoors or outdoors, and look great.

What Kind Of Christmas Lights Are Best For Outside?

Please don’t buy or put up Christmas lights unless you’re certain they suit outdoor use. Look for words like UL-certified, UL-listed, or commercial grade in product descriptions, as these indicate that the bulbs are waterproof and will withstand many sorts of weather without sparking or burning out. LED lights are the ideal alternative because they are safer, less explosive, and last longer than incandescent bulbs, although they can also be used.

What Christmas Lights Last The Longest?

LED lights are widely considered as the most durable outdoor Christmas lights. They are more energy efficient and will last longer before they burn out. They also stay cold to the touch, making them less flammable. Multicolor LED lights will also not fade as quickly in the sun as incandescent lights.

Are Outdoor Christmas Lights A Fire Hazard?

Any form of Christmas light might cause a fire. Most Christmas light fires are caused by an electrical fire, which occurs due to a short circuit caused by defective wiring, resulting in extreme heat and sparks. To prevent an electrical fire, examine the wiring of your Christmas lights completely before plugging them in, especially if they are older. Examine the wire casing for fractures or melted patches, exposed wires, and loose connections. Replace the strand of lights or the complete set if you notice any of this. You should also properly inspect any extension cords you may use for your lights. Hot bulbs are another source of fire, which is why LED lights are favored; they don’t emit as much heat as incandescent lights, making them safer.

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