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According to a high-ranking police official on Tuesday, Feb. 16, more than 26,000 police personnel who previously refused to be vaccinated against Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) have changed their minds and agreed to be vaccinated.


The Administrative Support for COVID-19 Task Force (ASCOTF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has increased its communication campaign to persuade all its personnel to take advantage of the government’s coronavirus immunization program.

According to Lt. Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, Deputy Chief for Administration and concurrent PNP-ASCOTF commander, the aggressive information effort is utilizing an application exclusively available to PNP personnel.

Eleazar stated that videos and fact sheets about the benefits of vaccination from the Department of Health and other scientists are regularly posted on PNP CODA (COVID-19 Data) to educate both uniformed and civilian personnel on how the vaccine works and its benefits in the face of the deadly virus’s ongoing threat of infection.

“We attribute some of our personnel’s reluctance to receive the COVID-19 vaccination to the deluge of information they would read or see, especially on social media.”
“However, as our health professionals consistently emphasize, the benefits of vaccination far overshadow the risks and claims of danger,” Eleazar said.



“What we have to do now is convince or encourage people to be vaccinated.”
But we’d like to clarify that we’re not putting pressure on them; we’re simply trying to explain everything,” he added.

Eleazar noted that they anticipate that more police personnel would receive COVID-19 vaccinations now that the PNP has expanded its vaccination information dissemination to include new venues such as direct talks with PNP members.

Important Notice

The PNPCODA is experiencing access traffic due to the concurrent NATIONWIDE VACCINATION and the additional module of the SELF-ASSESSMENT, which has resulted in an inflow of access traffic.
Given the high priority of SWAB TESTING in CRAME, PRO7, and PRO11, as well as the NATIONWIDE VACCINATION ROLL-OUT, the PNPCODA team is doing everything in its power to accommodate everyone despite the system’s limited resources.

Please take with us while we make the necessary adjustments and recommendations to update the DPRM/TCDS and SELF-ASSESSMENT instructions as needed during this period.

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