14 Best free proxy sites to browse anonymously

Proxy sites vary from VPNs in that they do not need registration and do not have a paywall. The websites are simple and uncomplicated, and they can be accessed from any device of your choice, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/PC. On that point, here are the best free proxy sites to unblock sites and browse anonymously for free: Want to browse a website that has been blocked by your Internet service provider (ISP) or your organization? The following are some of the best proxy sites you can use to anonymously access websites swiftly and for free.

What is an online web proxy?

A web proxy acts as a safe intermediary between you and the websites you browse. It is not always necessary to sign up for and log into a web proxy server before viewing any website.

A proxy server functions as a ‘go-between.’ It improves the flow of your internet traffic before you visit the desired website. It transmits your request to the website using a unique IP address that is distinct from your public IP address in this manner. In turn, it conceals your identify from the websites you visit.

Using a Free Web Proxy Unblock a Website

Here’s how to unblock your desired website once you’ve selected a free proxy. (While the options may vary somewhat, the instructions below apply to practically all of the proxy sites mentioned here.)

  • Navigate to your preferred free proxy site using your web browser.
  • To update your IP address, choose a suitable server from the given options.
  • Then, in the given field, enter the URL of your desired website.
  • To begin viewing your site, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard or click on the given choice.

Top 14 free web proxies on the market today

Now that you’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to move on to the list of best proxy websites. You will also discover some important information about each chosen (and tested) free proxy site mentioned below. Let’s get started.

Best free proxy sites to browse anonymously


ExtremeVPN is an emerging VPN rapidly gaining users for its exceptional free web proxy
service. ExtremeVPN keeps user information private by not recording IP addresses or browsing

The free proxy gives access to optimally located servers in the Netherlands, Singapore, and
Canada, removing users' need to configure settings manually. Browsing with ExtremeVPN
automatically blocks problematic scripts, cookies, add-ons, and more that could compromise
privacy. Even Google searches that typically bypass proxy servers remain secure with
autocomplete enabled. ExtremeVPN’s free proxy leads the market with its intuitive interface and
powerful capabilities.

ExtremeVPN’s free proxy consistently delivers the fastest, most reliable performance available.
Its unrivaled speed and capabilities earn ExtremeVPN widespread praise as an emerging
provider. ExtremeVPN stands apart as a rising leader in the virtual private network industry by
offering free elite proxy services.

Since it is a free service without paid VPN encryption, the ExtremeVPN proxy does not provide
additional security. However, this capable proxy allows access to any blocked website simply by
entering its URL—no complex setup is needed. For enhanced security, subscribe to
ExtremeVPN now.


TurboHide is a plain and simple website design that includes all of the functions that one would expect from a proxy website. TurboHide, like the other proxies on our list, enables users to bypass firewall restrictions imposed by schools, universities, and companies while being entirely anonymous. It also allows you to remove website trackers ahead with a simple button below the search box.


If you often utilise proxy websites, Kproxy may be worth investigating. This proxy website, in addition to providing access to firewall-restricted websites, also includes a Chrome extension. So, if you attempt to access websites that have been blocked by authorities, just open the extension and begin surfing. For private and secure internet browsing, the extension also offers connection encryption between the browser and the target server.


Another free proxy site you may use to circumvent network restrictions is ProxFree, which offers servers in three countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. Aside from that, users may quickly mask their IP address by selecting one of several places across the world.

ProxySite is one of the most user-friendly proxy websites available. Users may browse any website of their choice by putting it into the search field, and they can even choose from a variety of US and European servers, thanks to the simple and uncomplicated user interface. The web site claims to provide surfing data back to the user over an encrypted SSL connection while evading restrictions and filters imposed by a higher authority such as a workplace, school, or government. The site also enables users to see and erase cookies placed on their computers by websites they’ve previously frequented.


On their wireless networks, schools, universities, and companies may block access to popular websites such as YouTube. Proxy sites like CroxyProxy may be quite useful to bypass such restrictions. Users may browse blocked websites via the web site. CroxyProxy additionally conceals the user’s IP address and sends web information over SSL encryption. Although the basic version of this proxy is free, the premium version eliminates all advertisements and adds support for additional servers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States, and Canada.


To browse blocked websites at an organization or workplace, you may utilise 4EverProxy, another trustworthy proxy. It supports a large number of servers and IP addresses to connect to. Furthermore, the proxy site provides the choice to activate or disable website cookies. 4EverProxy has developed its own DNS service to safeguard the user’s data from leaking and exposing personal information. It also claims that no network metadata is stored while browsing websites over their proxy.


Nimble IP is the first proxy platform that use AI models for quick web scraping. It provides an all-in-one infrastructure solution for easy data collection from the open web, as well as secure and cost-effective access to large-scale data from anywhere in the globe.

•User-friendly UI •Rotating proxies •Dedicated support

  • Yes, 7-days, Quote Based STARTING PRICE $300 SUPPORT 24/7 Premium IPV4 Yes
  • ASN Targeting by Country, City, and ASN


Oxylabs is a high-quality proxy service for small and medium-sized organizations. It includes a comprehensive set of web-scraping tools. You have the option of using Datacenter or Residential IPs, or you can use ready-to-use scrapers for search engines or ecommerce websites. Oxylabs will provide the best tool for the job, whether it’s market research, SEO, or price monitoring.

•Scraper APIs •More than 100 million IPs •24/7 support


Like TurboHide mentioned previously, Myweb proxy works precisely as described. It has a very simple interface with just one server to connect to, namely the United States. Aside from that, users may choose to deactivate cookies and enable or disable URL encryption for the websites they want to visit. Simply enter a website address into the search window to begin surfing anonymously.


Proxyium is yet another free proxy that enables users to access their favorite websites, particularly popular ones, without fear of data or use monitoring. Simply enter the URL of the website you want to visit in the search field to get started, and you’ll be connected to one of the proxy servers in no time. The ability to distribute proxy versions of websites you visit in the form of permalinks is a fundamental feature of our service. In this manner, the link recipient will obtain full access to the websites on their end as well.


Proxify is a handy proxy server that allows users to conceal their IP address by hiding the characteristics that contribute to an anonymous surfing experience. The website may also change the geo location of devices and even bypass most web blocking that businesses have in place. Aside from that, the website is free of adverts and pop-ups, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.


The VPNBOOK proxy site is coming next. This website’s key selling point is that it offers 256-bit SSL encryption, which allows it to bypass even government-censored websites. Aside from that, users may choose between servers in the US, UK, and Canada, which may seem limited in comparison to other proxy websites but ultimately suffices for accessing the majority of restricted websites. Finally, for safe and anonymous surfing, you may hide your IP address.


FilterBypass is a sophisticated proxy website with several functions. The website employs AES-256 GCM-level encryption to guarantee that your browsing data remains private between you and your machine. In addition, while accessing websites that are not protected with SSL, the proxy will attempt to get the SSL version in order to ensure the user’s privacy and identity are safe. With servers in the United States and Europe, the website also allows you to watch videos from most streaming servers at the finest quality available. Finally, FilterBypass is available as a browser plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox for users who often visit restricted websites.


Hidestar may be quite handy for folks who want to visit a prohibited website from behind a firewall. This free proxy website avoids all management hurdles at schools, universities, workplaces, and so on, and delivers the website to the user in a quick and safe way. Furthermore, the website may hide the IP addresses so that no traces are left behind. A Chrome extension is also available for free download without the need for registration.

Top Proxy sites


Proxy NameDomainCountrySpeedPopularity
MIH Proxy Sitemyiphide.comUS & EUFast
Unblock Proxyunblockproxy.winUS & EUFast
Free Proxyfreeproxy.winUS & EUFast
Best Web Proxywebproxy.bestUS & EUFast
Unblock Websitesunblock-websites.comUS & EUFast
Proxy Siteproxysite.oneUS & EUFast
Unblock Youtubeunblockyoutube.videoUS & EUFast
Multi-IP Web Proxymy-proxy.comUS & EUFast
Proxy Youtubeproxy-youtube.comUS & EUFast
Unblock Videosunblockvideos.comUnited StatesMedium
Video Unblockervideounblocker.netUnited StatesMedium
Proxypxproxypx.comUnited StatesMedium
Proxy Siteproxysite.comUS & EUMedium
KProxykproxy.comUS & EUMedium
4everproxy4everproxy.comUS & EUMedium
Proxfreeproxfree.comUS & EUMedium
Genmirrorgenmirror.comUS & EUMedium
Webproxywebproxy.toUnited StatesMedium
Proxy Sitesproxy-site.netUnited StatesSlow

FAQs proxy sites:

What is a proxy site?

A proxy is a website that enables users to access and visit websites that are prohibited, banned, or restricted on their devices. These websites link to other web servers to allow access to blocked/restricted websites while keeping the IP address private.

Is it true that proxy sites change your IP address?

Yes, free proxy sites do change a user’s IP address when they visit restricted or prohibited websites. As a result, the web server cannot determine your precise location and cannot monitor the data.

Is using proxy sites safe?

Proxy websites are safe to use as long as you do not submit sensitive personal or private information into the prohibited websites. What a proxy does is forward traffic to other servers in order to provide you with the website you want to visit. Many free proxy sites claim that they encrypt data before transferring it to the server. When surfing extensively using proxy websites, users are responsible for their own privacy and security.

How do I find proxy servers?

One may readily locate proxy websites by searching for them on Google or by utilising any of the websites listed above.

Is using proxy sites legal?

Proxy websites are generally considered lawful as long as they are not banned or restricted in any way by the government.



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