10 Best PS4 Games new ps4 game 2022

Whether you’re new to the PlayStation 4, want to add to your collection, or want to try something new, it has some great games. The PS4 is suitable for both new and experienced gamers. It has everything from open-world games and shoot-em-ups to AAA action games. There are some of the best PS4 games can only be played on the Sony PS4, and you can’t play them anywhere else can i play ps4 games on ps5.

You might think that the PS4 is no longer supported now that the PS5 is out, and you don’t need to look for new games. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sony will keep supporting the console for a long time to come, and there are still a lot of great games you can play on it, and that won’t change even when no more are made. Also, the PS5 is compatible with PS4 games so that you can play them on the next-generation system.

There are games for the whole family, couch co-op games, and games for parties on the PS4. You can explore a new fantasy world, race down a track, go to a part of the planet that hasn’t been discovered, or defend yourself against a group of hungry zombies and spider man ps4 game. You can find about anything you want best multiplayer ps4 games.

10 Best PS4 Games 2022

1. Sony God of War


Sony God of War

Ps4 game God of War, duly proclaimed King in 2018, will shortly be followed by Ragnarok, a (perhaps) equally fantastic sequel. It is a grim, gory, and more accurate portrayal of the notorious Kratos and his son Atreus. But don’t be concerned. If you like the previous games, the roots are still there split screen ps4 games.

This game expands the God of War franchise into Norse mythology and offers fast-paced action with the same fluid and dynamic mechanics. This time, best free ps4 games Kratos is wielding an axe and smashing a tonne of mythical creatures at once. The entire game is displayed as a single, uninterrupted view, making it immensely immersive and theatrical ps4 game controllers.

The gameplay combines RPG, action, and arcade elements. In particular, you may raise Kratos’ stats and level his equipment, and the combo-based attacks let you spice up every battle cheap ps4 games.

2. From Software Bloodborne


From Software Bloodborne

Bloodborne is the game for you if you enjoy it brutal, gloomy, gruesome, and rewarding—especially if you enjoy the Dark Souls series. Despite being launched in 2015, the game is still among the top PS4 exclusives. If you’re a subscriber to PlayStation Plus, you might already possess it because it was given away as a part of a previous lineup.

It isn’t easy, and you’ll lose a lot of blood, ps4 games on ps5 but if you keep going, you’ll be rewarded for your tenacity. Additionally, the game features some of the most bizarre non-player characters (NPCs) in the entire series, many of whom offer absurd side tasks.

3. Sucker Punch Productions Ghost of Tsushima


Sucker Punch Productions Ghost of Tsushima

The game Ghost of Tsushima from 2020 combines a wide range of visual aesthetics and a wide range of game mechanics and themes. Second, only to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, it has one of the most beautiful, engaging, and immersive open environments in recent memory.

Instead of frantically sprinting from one map checkpoint to the next, a novel navigation system that uses wind and visual signals allows players to explore the globe more leisurely. As a result, you’ll have a distinctively fluid experience that frequently leads you off the established track to find new missions, goods, and events.

Although only one character, Jin, is featured in the game, best 2 player ps4 games there are many chances for player personalization and advancement. You can alter numerous pieces of equipment and weaponry, as well as charms, colours (dyes), and a lot more. The qualities that come with each weapon set give the combat a little more complexity.

4. Hideo Kojima Death Stranding


Hideo Kojima Death Stranding

Death Stranding’s primary author is Hideo Kojima, and this is obvious. It’s a beautiful, odd, and authentic experience unmatched by anything that has ever been made. In its most basic version, the game’s rules revolve around travelling between areas to deliver essential items via walking, riding, or trekking, as you are able all ps4 games. The entire experience of those excursions is what keeps the game feeling new best ps4 games.

One of the finest cinematic and intricate tales this side of the Pacific supports Death Stranding. It also has several sympathetic and repulsive characters with rich backstories, depth, and personality. Additionally, you can save your blood and waste by putting in explosives. What else is there to ask for?

5. The Last of Us Part II


The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part 2 is a fantastic game with some remarkably immersive experiences and mechanisms, regardless of how much some people love or dislike it does ps5 or play ps4 games. It is a direct sequel to the previous game after Ellie and Joel have significantly grown gamestop ps4 games.

It takes place in a world after the end of the world, where zombies made by a fungus that eats flesh are everywhere. The focus is on the ps4 games for kids characters, especially Ellie and Abby, who could be thought of as a new enemy, just like in the first game walmart ps4 games.

Without giving anything away, the plot culminates in one tense yet cathartic finale that contributes to the game’s unpopularity and a few other surprising story moments. Whether you came for the narrative, the gameplay, or the zombies, you’re in for an adventure new ps4 games.

6. ZA/UM Disco Elysium – The Final Cut


ZA/UM Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

While some may categorize Disco Elysium as a point-and-click adventure game, there is much more to it. The game’s strengths lie in its popular ps4 games world-building, characters, and story, albeit it is best categorized as an investigative RPG can you play ps4 games on ps5.

While the player character’s attributes, skills, and personality can all be upgraded, the player character itself is still mostly fixed. Every adjustment you make impacts how the NPCs and the general public view you. Numerous options are available, whether through original dialogue, narrative, or gameplay choices do ps4 games work on ps5.

One drawback is there isn’t as much opportunity to engage with the outside world as in other RPGs. For example, you cannot randomly steal things or harm NPCs. Furthermore, the combat mechanism is unconventional and requires some getting accustomed to it. All combat interactions are screened using personality, skill, and dialogue tests best ps4 games 2021.

7. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla


Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Most of the gameplay elements and experiences from Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Odyssey are amplified in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. You play as a ruthless Viking assassin prowling the Anglo-Saxon English coastline this time. You can raid, explore, develop a player settlement, and do many other things top ps4 games.

Although there are new skill and customization choices, the fluid combat system from the previous games is still present. Finding Books of Knowledge and rare collectables is the first step in unlocking skills. Sadly, this implies that you won’t find out about some skills until much later in the game, especially if you don’t do as much exploration as you can ps4 games 2021.

Additionally, it provides a novel node-like navigation system in which the world’s attractions are displayed as vibrant notifications on the compass. Follow the enigmatic nodes to find new items, quests, side quests, and more. Overall, the game combines elements of the open-world, action, stealth, and traditional RPG genres fun ps4 games.

8. Capcom Resident Evil Village


 PS4 Games

Resident Evil 8 Village, multiplayer ps4 games the newest kid on the block, is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Although it is not necessary, yet it is advised that you play the previous game before beginning this one. The game places players back in Ethan Winters’ shoes a few years after RE7. You set out to retrieve his infant daughter from her captors.

You’ll have to play the game if you’ve followed any of the game’s promotional material, like Alcina Demetrescu. Unpredictability is one of the game’s deeper themes and will keep you on the edge of your seat. This game has more combat than RE7, which is a good thing 2 player ps4 games. The mechanics for gathering items and solving puzzles are the same, plus Village gives you access to a much broader universe top ps4 games 2021.

It’s a survival-horror game with aspects of an action arcade, especially in later plays. Additionally, there is a tonne of replayability, which is advantageous given how brief the tale is.

9. Electronic Arts Mass Effect Legendary Edition


 PS4 Games

With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, multiplayer ps4 games the Mass Effect series has finally received the improved graphics and simplified gameplay that many fans have been waiting for for a long time. Except for Pinnacle Station from the first game, it contains all three games in the series and practically all the downloadable material. This is a single-player-only experience because Mass Effect 3 does not include multiplayer 2 player ps4 games.

If you’ve never played a Mass Effect game before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a sci-fi, dystopian role-playing game with unique characters, a grand narrative, and entertaining, though eccentric, real-time combat. You can now skip specific events or cut scenes, and the games are considerably more fluid due to the developers’ efforts to address many of the inherent problems with the original games. Not to mention that the older games’ combat has been revamped to more closely resemble the newer ones can ps5 play ps4 games.

10. WB Games Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate


 PS4 Games

One of the most well-known combat series ever made, top rated ps4 games Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, is the newest title from NetherRealm Studios. Although it features a captivating story, co op ps4 games a rich advancement system, and a satisfying single-player experience, ps4 game bundles it isn’t why most people become interested in it. The local co-op allows you to compete against other gamers online new ps4 games 2021 or against friends and family. You may also set up private lobbies to play a particular game online with other players.

Although nasty, dirty, and brutal—as one would expect from a Mortal Kombat game—the graphics are stunning. There is a tonne to accomplish and many replayable game modes. You can also start a arcade combat game to beat up other players and NPCs. Although there are many exciting moves and gratifying combos, ps4 game console, the controls can feel slow, especially when you first start playing. Overall, it’s a fantastic fighting game with lots of value.

What to Look in Best PS4 Games

Gameplay / Story

Games frequently combine elements such as fighting, crafting, and exploration with story-based experiences like cutscenes and linear play. These two aspects are tied for the top spot when selecting a new game. Consider the experience you want, whether it’s a detailed, story-driven single-player game or an action game with intense multiplayer online good ps4 games.


The images, second only to the sounds, aid in immersion. The experience will be more strange if the images are realistic and dirty. That is not to argue that cartoonish and colorful visuals cannot be stunning. They most certainly can be. Check out fortnite ps4 game,wwe ps4 game,spiderman ps4 game, Okami, Cuphead, Spiritfarer, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Hades, and much more free ps4 games download godzilla ps4 game.


Similar to movie ratings, ESRB game ratings indicate the appropriate age group for which the content is appropriate. Typical examples include “Rated T for Teen,” “Rated E for Everyone,” and “Rated M for Mature.” Every game has an ERSB letter rating, listed on both the physical packaging and the digital store listings. If younger audiences are playing the game, harry potter ps4 game check the rating best new ps4 games naruto ps4 games. The optimal age range for playing mature games is 17 and up best ps4 games of all time.

Conclusion: Best PS4 Games!

God of War is the best game overall and one you must play if you have a PlayStation 4. The smooth, combo-driven gameplay makes it a lot of fun and has a captivating tale and rich characters. In addition, upcoming ps4 games there are games on the list from practically every genre and category, so it all depends on what you want to play.


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