Microsoft expects PS5 Slim will be release in 2023?

During the recent dispute between Microsoft and the FTC, there was a lot of fascinating news about Sony and Microsoft. This includes information such as Jim Ryan’s thoughts on Starfield. Another document seems to allude to a new PS5 Slim console.

Microsoft expects the PS5 Slim will be released this year, according to the paper.

Why It’s Important: According to recent reports from a reputable source, a new PS5 model will be released in 2023. According to these reports, Microsoft believes Sony is preparing to debut the PS5 Slim.

According to papers, the PS5 Slim will cost the same as the PlayStation digital version, which is $399.99.

This might also imply that it is the same model that Tom Henderson has been reporting on. According to the leaker, PlayStation is working on a model with a removable disc drive that users may purchase as an add-on.

This would enable Sony to offer a single PS5 model for $399.99, with users able to upgrade to a disc drive at any time after purchase. Other hardware modifications are not expected, although the model will most likely be more efficient, comparable to Sony’s previous slim PlayStations.

Since July is almost here, there isn’t much time left in 2023. As a result, if PlayStation wants to offer a completely new model in the future months, an official announcement will most likely be made shortly.

A PS5 Pro, in addition to the Slim console, has been referenced in reports. This console is expected to have better hardware than the original and will be released in 2024.
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