16 Best Puzzle Games For PC In 2022

Puzzles and games based on mysteries are some of the gamers’ most popular game genres. This genre consists of many traditional puzzle-solving games involving riddles, numbers, and shooting. Finding the best puzzle games is difficult when there are other genres like adventure and RPGs.

However, finding decent puzzle games is becoming increasingly difficult in a market where the bulk of titles is either RPGs or adventure games. So, here’s a list of the top puzzle games wordle word puzzle available on Steam sudoku – number puzzle games, all of which will keep you glued to your screen.

Puzzle games are still one of the most intriguing gaming genres. The best puzzlers are full of inventiveness and innovation. Regardless of their favored system, fans of these games have many options free online puzzle games.

16 Best Puzzle Games For PC In 2022

When you log in to Steam on a PC, word puzzle games online you have access to an almost infinite number of puzzle games. There’s also a lot of variety, with a wide range of free puzzle games available on the platform. So many good ones that they didn’t make it into the first version of this list. However, word puzzle games we’ve recently included a handful of the puzzlers that were previously overlooked. The following are some of the best puzzle games in this genre.

1. 2048

The objective of 2048, a widely popular puzzle game, is to combine tiles with identical numbers on a 4×4 grid to eventually create a tile with the number 2048. Players slide tiles up, down, left, or right, and each swipe merges tiles of the same number, doubling their value. This game is an excellent puzzle to solve online as it challenges cognitive skills like strategic planning, problem-solving, and decision-making, all while being easily accessible through various online platforms. Its simplicity in design but complexity in achieving the goal of 2048 makes it an engaging and addictive puzzle for players of all ages.

2. It Takes Two

Puzzle Games It Takes Two

It’s sometimes easier to figure things out with a friend, and few puzzle games provide a more fantastic co-op experience than It Takes Two. You control a couple who have been changed into dolls in this game, puzzle games online which requires two players.

They must use their platforming and problem-solving abilities to correct the situation. The versatility of this game is where it shines. The game offers a variety of riddles, each of which is tailored to where the characters are now located.

3. Human: Fall Flat

Puzzle Games Human: Fall Flat

There have been many games with physics puzzles, but none of them compare to Human: Fall Flat. You play as a customizable human with a distinct movement style. It takes some time to become acclimated to their erratic motions, which adds to the game’s difficulty.

After you’ve figured out how to walk and grab properly, you’ll need to solve the problems. What you must accomplish and how you must do it are not made explicit in the game. You’ll have a greater sense of success when you get through a door or over a wall. Because the game offers co-op, the achievement feels even more significant when you’re playing with pals.

4. Tetris Effect: Connected


Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris is one of the earliest video game. Despite this, the games continue to be popular and addictive. Fitting a block into the correct spot has been and will continue to be a source of enjoyment for players for many years.

On the other hand, Tetris Effect isn’t just another Tetris game. Thanks to its stunning images and a fantastic soundtrack, it boasts many styles. These features complement the game’s various modes. Even multiplayer is included in the Connected version. The game is still Tetris at its core, but it’s the classic game at its best.

5. Trine 4


Trine 4


Fans of platformers and puzzle games will be familiar with the Trine series. Because of its beautiful visual and fascinating gameplay, it frequently ranks at the top of Steam’s charts. It includes a little bit: combat, platforming, and unique puzzles that will keep you guessing.

The Nightmare Prince dispatches the series’ three well-known heroes on a prince’s search-and-rescue mission. They’ll have to contend with the expanding, terrifying shadows cast by the fallen Prince along the way. This game is unique in that it is not just 2D but also has a slight 2.5D flavor.

6. The Witness


The Witness


The Witness might be the game for you if you enjoy terrific open-world experiences and would like to stroll around in a beautiful area while solving riddles and piecing together your story. You wake up on an island full of mysteries and bizarre puzzles with no memory of your history.

The Witness’s strength derives from how big and robust the game is. The game has well over 500 riddles, and they aren’t all easy. There’s a bit of a learning curve when solving the game’s puzzles, but nothing beats completing a complex mystery.

7. Bejeweled 3


Bejeweled 3


Aside from challenging puzzles like Bejeweled 3 Mysteries, sometimes the best source of amusement is found in the simplicity of shapes and colors. Candy Crush and Bejeweled 3 are top-rated games for a reason. They have an almost mystical ability to appeal to a section of the human brain that desires to blend forms and colors.

Bejeweled 3 is a well-known example of this sub-genre of puzzle games, requiring no further explanation. It’s a game that anyone can be pulled into for hours on end, and while it lacks more profound significance and content, it’s incredibly addictive.

8. We Were Here Together


We Were Here Together


Puzzles can be solved alone or with a companion, and if you prefer the latter, there’s a vast industry of puzzle games for you. One of these is We Were Here Together, in which you and a pal are Antarctic explorers summoned to assist your colleagues in the middle of the night.

While the game has dangerous components, it is more of a thriller that requires much coordination. Trying to figure out if the two of you can make it out of this escape room-style game together is the ultimate test of any friendship.

9. Superliminal



It can be challenging to get through games playing with your mind, but Superliminal is much fun, exciting, and strange. In this game, where everything you see and hear should be questioned at all times, your surroundings are not what you believe they are.

The player’s goal is to navigate around a weird environment while collecting collectibles and accomplishing tasks by changing the size of objects and shifting them around. It’s a game worth revisiting that will undoubtedly cause you to rethink reality.

10. Hexcells


Even for the most gifted gamers and logical minds, many puzzle games can be pretty frustrating. Hexcells, on the other hand, has been described as the polar opposite by many Steam players, even though each new globe or level presents further difficulty.

This zen-like numerical puzzle game is superior to a minesweeper in many ways. The player will not be again confronted with completing the same puzzle with the same set of rules. These rules fluctuate and change as they go, creating a new mystery.

11. LYNE




LYNE is unlike any other puzzle game in terms of aesthetics. This game is supposed to settle a player’s soul while simultaneously challenging them mentally level after level, with a simple yet lovely color palette and an excellent geometric appearance.

The goal of LYNE is to link the shapes best puzzle games iphone, which may appear to be a simple task at first. However, more imaginative, outside-the-box thinking is required when the difficulty level grows. After a certain amount of progress has been made, the user can unlock new color schemes for their game.

12. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes


Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes


Puzzles may be a lonely experience at times, which is why titles like this one are great for bringing people together in co-op and even VR. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes a cooperative party game that requires players to work together to defuse a bomb.

In essence, one player is entrusted with defusing a sophisticated bomb, while the others are given instructions but cannot see the device. It’s the ideal team puzzle game for an ice breaker or to increase group cohesiveness while having fun nintendo switch puzzle games.

13. Antichamber




Antichamber, which places the player in the center of an impossibly weird yet changeable universe, will appeal to games like Portal and The Stanley Parable fans block puzzle games. To move on, the player must use a pistol that can manipulate matter to interact with their surroundings.

The game appears straightforward at first glance but contains excellent depth and strangeness. It has a vast, almost dreamlike environment, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. However, it should be noted that it has vibrant colors that may irritate the eyes of those with sensitive eyes.

14. Glass Masquerade


Puzzle Games Glass Masquerade


Try Glass Masquerade, a wonderfully gorgeous classic jigsaw puzzle game in which the player must complete the faces of various art deco-style clocks for a more traditional puzzle experience free block puzzle games. The game delivers a unique challenge by using unusual and difficult-to-shape components word puzzle games.

The principle of Glass Masquerade is simple, yet some of the puzzles can be extremely difficult to answer owing to the complexity of the clock faces. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys classic puzzle games.

15. The Turing Test


Puzzle Games The Turing Test 


The Turing Test, a stunning first-person shooter, focused on solving puzzles rather than survival and adventure, proves that not all puzzle games need to be top-down views of the actual challenges best puzzle games.

The primary character, Ava Turing, is sent to Europa to investigate the disappearance of the ground crew. Ava is charged with solving a mystery left behind by the team with the help of the station’s AI, Tom puzzle games for adults.

16. The Room


Puzzle Games The Room


If traveling to an escape room isn’t an option, The online puzzle games Room provides an excellent alternative by allowing players kids puzzle to tackle complicated puzzles in a well-crafted, somewhat mysterious game world. The player will be challenged with unlocking a package with something fantastic inside when they arrive at an abandoned house with a set of letters jigsaw puzzle games.

The player must investigate their surroundings and pay close attention to detail to complete the problem. There’s no other puzzle game that’s as evocative as this one crossword puzzle games; plus, crossword puzzle solver because it’s a franchise, there’ll be more content to come.



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