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Reviews of 4 Best Adventure Games of 2021

Reviews of 4 Best Adventure Games of 2021

Reviews of 4 Best Adventure Games of 2021

Gamers of today are surely lucky when it comes to choices of games available. Every year, game developers present a plethora of new games belonging to a variety of genres.

This attention is understandable considering that gamers around the world amount to over 2.5 billion people, as per We PC. Additionally, according to Statista, in 2020, the revenue of the gaming sector in the US alone amounted to a whopping 60.4 billion USD!

Within the world of gaming, adventure games are quite popular among the masses. Whether it be the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series or The Legend of Zelda, there are certain games that have remained a constant over the years.

If you are tired of playing the continuations of the same series, here are some of the best adventure games available in 2021.

1. Hidden Objects: Superthief

There is no gaming rule that states that you must always assume the role of the ‘good guy’. This is the essence of Hidden Objects: Superthief which makes players take up the role of a hired thief. The game presents a luxurious setting of a city full of museums, mansions, and ateliers.

Reviews of 4 Best Adventure Games of 2021

Mrs. Smith, the character to be assumed by the players, therefore has the perfect opportunity to find precious hidden objects and steal them on behalf of her client. Each level depicts a different cluttered setting, whereby you have to search for the required artifacts.

To keep the video game interesting, there are various side quests you must complete and equipment you must collect to make your job easier. The game can be played on Unlimited Gamez Mo, a paid platform where you have to pay a small subscription fee to access the various games it has.

The most prominent feature of this game is its increasing difficulty level and side quests, which stops the adventure game from getting monotonous. However, the graphics are quite basic. Therefore, anyone who likes games for their realistic graphics might crave something extra while playing this game.

2. Gnosia

Did you, like many others, jumped on the bandwagon of playing Among Us? You are certainly not alone! Just like farming games became a rage once, the new trend is to find culprits among seemingly innocuous characters.

Reviews of 4 Best Adventure Games of 2021

Gnosia can be viewed as a better version of Among Us – at least when it comes to graphics. This game functions as a visual novel adventure game to be played by a single player. With a critic score of 82 on the widely acclaimed platform Metacritic, Gnosia is set to become the next big trend.

The gameplay revolves around identifying “Gnosia,” who is a personification of a threat that aims to eliminate humankind. You, along with your team members, will have to decide who the Gnosia can be and put any people you suspect into “cold sleep” to save yourself.

You can have a go at this game as many times as you like, and the suspect will keep on changing to keep things interesting. Additionally, you will gain additional features and abilities as you replay the game, which will get considerably harder each time.

The only thing that can be improved in the presence of the same old dialogues each time you play the game. As you can expect, this can get a little frustrating at times!

3. Before Your Eyes

Both the premise and the gameplay of Before Your Eyes are quite unique, thereby making it a perfect fit in our best adventure game list.

What is the game about? Well, it is about unearthing the main protagonist’s past life and experiences to a ferryman who wishes the main protagonist to remember her memories before she journeys to the afterlife.

At the start of the game, you begin by remembering the happy times. However, the ferryman believes that your character is lying and forces you to remember harder to truly understand and analyze your true journey. With this premise, the game is nothing like we have ever seen.

Additionally, you don’t play the game the normal way either. You need a webcam for it to control your character via blinking – this element still needs a lot of improvement since the game’s response to a player’s blinking tends to lag a bit. But overall, 10/10 for creativity!

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It was five years ago when we were introduced to the world of The Witcher. Now, with multiple games and a TV show later, the world is still thriving and attracting gamers towards it.

While certainly not as impactful as The Witcher 2, the third installation surely hits the mark when it comes to delivering a quality adventure RPG game. The Witcher 3 presents open-world maps that seem very authentic and enthralling. The dialogues as well as the acting of the characters are impeccable and almost make it seem like an animated movie!

One of the best things about this game is that its ending is not set in stone. Instead, every decision you make along the way has a unique consequence. This makes the game ideal for replaying multiple times to exhaust all possible scenarios.

However, loyal Witcher players have complained about the long length of each level and the comparatively subpar backstory. But, for the average adventure gamer, the latter would not be an issue.

Ending Remarks

Let’s face it – almost all highly rated adventure games of 2021 are at least worth a try. After all, who doesn’t love the rush of adrenaline that pumps through your veins as you evade the antagonist or catch the suspect?

If we were to cover all such games, the list would have been quite long and exhaustive. Therefore, we have included games that stand out the most, either for their graphics, story, gameplay, or addictiveness.

Play each of the four games to enter into the diverse world of adventure games. Do let us all know if you agree with our reviews or believe that the games have additional pros and cons worth mentioning to the novice gamer.

Also, do let us all know what adventure games of 2021 you liked the best.

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