Redeem RAID: Shadow Legends codes (October 2023)

Redeem RAID: Shadow Legends codes (October 2023) As much as we enjoy redeem codes and the free rewards that come with them whenever a new one is issued, they can sometimes be quite the bait. I’ve always considered the redeem code system to be beneficial, particularly when they give out rewards that benefit players who are just getting started – but when there is a false idea that a game contains such promo codes, it might be a dealbreaker.

Redeem codes have been a source of contention in RAID: Shadow Legends for quite some time, and if you’ve been wondering whether or not the game truly features such a feature, I’m here to throw some light on the subject.

Raid: Shadow Legends has been a popular game among RPG fans since its debut in the summer of 2018. Players may have so much fun in many ways, thanks to the plethora of team formations and unique, potent hero combos! Another plus is that a promo coupon option has just become available, which we shall discuss more below.

Does RAID: Shadow Legends have codes?

The simple answer is that there exist RAID: Shadow Legends promo codes. The more complicated explanation is that although many made-up codes exist, only a small fraction of them work. Furthermore, if you enter a non-existent one and get the “invalid code” message, this might be a problem if done often.

But we’ll go into it in more depth later, so if you’re looking for RAID: Shadow Legends promo codes, check these out first!

All the active RAID: Shadow Legends promo codes

If you’re looking for any legitimate, 100% functioning promo codes in the game, make sure to attempt the following:

  • SUPERPOWERS – for new players only
  • Mordecai – for new players only
  • GETDELIANA23 – for new players only
  • READY4RAID – for new players only
  • LADYQUN – for new players only
  • POWERSTARTER – for new players only
  • LUCKYRAID – for new players only

New players may follow video tutorials and get some lovely rewards. However, this option is only accessible to new players!

Expired or possibly expired codes

  • DASPIEL23Chonoru
  • MarSESP
  • Caribberaid
  • Besthero
  • drxraid
  • Raid22ya2 – 10 of each Brew, 100,000 Silver
  • DragonEgg
  • midgame23win – 2x energy refill, 200k Silver, 100x multibattles
  • gamegeeksspring
  • Dkskeletoncrew
  • Stvalentine23
  • PlariumPlay3 – R5 Chicken, 500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, 3 x 50 multi battles (Desktop only)
  • BREWMAIDEN – 15 Brews of each type
  • LookBehindYou – 3 Energy Refills, 3 Day XP Boost, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts x2, 250 000 Silver
  • skeletoncrewforever – 3 Energy Refills, 2 Arena Refills, 1 Day XP Boost, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
  • raidtwitchcon22 – 5 Energy Refills, 1 Day XP Boost, 10 Random Brews, 100 Multi-Battle Attempts, 1 Million Silver
  • RETURN – 50x Multi Battle Attempts, XP boost (7 days), 999 energy
  • 1t5tr1cky
  • 13YEARSPLARIUM – 100% XP Boost (3 days), 50x Multi Battle Attempts, 100 Energy, 30 random brews
  • QUEENDELIANA – for new players only
  • MYDELIANA – XP Brews
  • Gator – For new players only
  • YTPCOFFER22 – For new players only!
  • RAIDGOODIES – possibly working for new players only
  • Xmas4u – possibly working still
  • realhell – Rewards: 500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, Epic Book x2 and 50 Autobattles x3
  • gift1
  • ESLPRO – valid for new accounts, reward: 3 potions and 3 books
  • RaidHFNOV21 – valid for new accounts only
  • SPOOKY13
  • PCRAID2022 – For new players only
  • tgasale
  • MURDERGIFT – Rewards: 500k Silver, 6 Energy Potions, 3-day XP boost, & 3 Multi Battle
  • S1MPLE
  • RAIDXMAS21 – Only available to the new players!

The following codes may work for some people but only for some. They are supposed to start functioning once the event is live, but many players claim they can be redeemed. We suggest attempting them after you claim the code ‘NINJA,’ not before, since if they don’t work, you may be barred from trying them for an hour.

  • Ninja#
  • Ninja+
  • Ninja++
  • Ninja+++
  • Ninja++++

Don’t enter too many invalid codes, otherwise, you’ll get a 1-hour restriction

I encourage you to avoid suspicious-looking third-party websites that claim that, for a fee, you may redeem certain in-game codes (yeah, right…) – they are all false, and you could end up with a 1-hour limit on redeeming additional.

That’s an odd feature since only a few games have opted to use it – but that’s not the case here. Your best bet would be to ensure that all of the codes you wish to enter are legitimate and functional and avoid any that seem questionable. If you enter three distinct incorrect promo codes, your account will be blocked from redeeming anything else for an hour. Please keep that in mind!

How to redeem codes in RAID: Shadow Legends?

Follow the procedures below to enter the promo codes

Step 1: To show the extra choices, tap on the menu on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the Promo Codes tab.

3 Step : Enter your code.

Step 4: Click the Confirm button to finish.

That’s all. The rewards should be sent to your in-game inbox right away.


If you want to grow stronger in the game, farm a lot of levels and be constant in your play (login every day, farm and upgrade heroes nonstop, and complete all of your daily dungeons), and you’ll gradually climb the power ladder. Of course, it helps a lot if you decide to spend money on the game, but it’s not required. You’ll become stronger and stronger if you’re patient. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Focus on just a few heroes

Focus on just a few heroes – the strongest ones you have – is one of the most crucial things you should do from the start of the game. Spend your resources on them, and spend nothing on the 3* inferior heroes – it’ll be a waste of time in the end.

Activate the set bonus for Artifacts

Artifacts have a big influence on the heroes you employ, I recommend always using ones from the same set to receive bonus stats. First, focus on equipping just two items from a Basic set, then aim to farm Advanced Artifacts for the four-set benefit.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid upgrading Basic Artifacts. You’ll replace them with better ones soon enough, so it’s best to leave them alone and conserve the resources for the better ones.

Auto Play is not always a good option

I understand how handy the Auto option may be, but I try to rely on it sparingly. You should learn what each hero’s ability accomplishes and when to use it successfully since if you rely on autoplay, you’ll lose many simple fights later on.

I’ve found that while using the Auto option, your heroes often cast talents at the worst possible moment (believe it or not), resulting in you finishing a level with a score less than flawless.

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