Skyward Sword: How can i collect each bottle?

In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, there are a few bottles to collect.

Here’s a list of them all the legend of zelda: skyward sword.

Zelda skyward sword is officially available on Nintendo Switch, and many players are experiencing the fantastic game for the first time. Empty Bottles is one of several places, Easter eggs, and treasures in the game for players to view and collect. These are vital objects since they are the sole method for Link to store Potions, Fairies, Water, and other precious liquids, which is particularly useful when he is short on health or in a dangerous circumstance zelda skyward sword switch.

The more options you have, the more healing Link may carry in his inventory, making difficult navigating sections and dungeons simpler. The total amount of Bottles in the game is 5, so let’s go through where they’re all located and how to get them.

Bottle 1: Sealed Temple


Skyward Sword: How can i collect each bottle?

The hallowed Sealed Temple is where plenty of story drama occurs, but if you know where to look, you can also find bottle number two. A little wooden chest may be found beside the older woman, close to the right of the main staircase. The bottle contains a Revitalizing Potion; zelda skyward sword walkthrough after use, you’ll have another useful empty bottle. You may now start your Fairy collection legend of zelda skyward sword.

Bottle 2: Skyloft


Skyward Sword: How can i collect each bottle?

This first Bottle is simple to obtain and is accessible right at the start of your voyage. After Zelda has been kidnapped, you can travel to the Bazaar and speak with Luv, who runs the Potion Shop. She’ll be amazed that you don’t have any bottles and will give you one for free to fill with Potions and Fairies. Thanks to the charming Luv, you may patronize her items while remaining secure skyward sword walkthrough.

Bottle 3: The Sky


Skyward Sword: How can i collect each bottle?

This fourth Bottle is hidden behind a door called sidequest. Skyward sword joy cons Fortunately, this sidequest isn’t too time-consuming and is worthwhile to obtain another bottle for your Adventure Pouch. The quest begins if you speak to Parrow (Orielle’s brother) at the Skyloft Plaza the legend of zelda: skyward sword hd.

He’ll appear concerned and request that you give some medicine to his sister’s injured Loftwing, both of whom are stuck on a small sky island. Bring the medicine bottle to the island (a small and circular island between Skyloft and Fun Fun Island), skyward sword review and you’ll be rewarded with the bottle.

Bottle 4: Thunderhead 


The legend of zelda (video game) Bottle 5 entails hitting a Goddess Cube and then entering the Thunderhead in the Sky. The required Goddess Cube may be found in the Fire Sanctuary, notably in the room leading to the Fire Dragon. While Link is following the Fire Dragon quest, it may be on a floating platform skyward sword zelda. The island holding the bottle can be found west of the Thunderhead after activating the Cube.

On the island, you may burrow into a hidden room that leads to a chest containing the bottle, completing your collection skyward sword switch. 

Bottle 5:  Fire Sanctuary


This one requires the Magma Mitts, skyward sword hd so you’ll have to return to the location once you’ve obtained them. Return to the initial room with the Magnamos (lava hands) and burrow in a specified location to gain entrance to a new region. A plant produces Water Fruits, which may be utilized to destroy Magnamos. Kill the Magnamos in the room, causing the lava to retreat and reveal a new path: a platform with a blue chest carrying bottle four the the legend of zelda: skyward sword hd.



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