Stardew Valley’s massive 1.6 patch gets a March release date

Stardew Valley is getting heaps of new content in less than three weeks. Game creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced the much-anticipated 1.6 update will drop on PC on March 19.

It’s been eight years since Stardew Valley came out on PC, but the developer of this cozy farming sim seems to have no intention of moving on from Pelican Town. Despite working on another project titled Haunted Chocolatier, ConcernedApe has spared no effort on new Stardew Valley content. The self-made game designer even halted the development of his upcoming confectionary store sim to get cracking on revamping the Stardew experience.

Already in 2020, the game received its biggest patch thus far, adding numerous features such as a brand-new farm layout, new home renovations, and extra Qi challenges unlocking exclusive items. Players could sail to a new tropical destination, Ginger Island. Although it failed to make crossplay available, the 1.5 expansion added a local split-screen mode accommodating up to four players.  Version 1.6 was supposed to be much less consequential. Yet, what started as a small patch eventually turned into a full-fledged content overhaul.

While ConcernedApe hasn’t revealed the extent of this new content, he kept fans guessing with one-word clues and images. The developer also disclosed an extensive list of new things to come, mentioning a new farm type, new crafting recipes, new seasonal festivals, and hundreds of new lines of NPC dialogues. Featuring on that list were two of Stardew Valley’s most popular bachelors donning winter clothes, a small but neat change long requested by the community. Additionally, co-op fans will be able to start an eight-player game.

ConcernedApe has been cooking many more adjustments and secrets, leading to widespread speculation in the fandom about new crops and items, if not an entirely new region. Some fans have been debating the potential existence of a Prairie Island filled with raccoons, scrutinizing the logo shared by the developer on his social media, which shows an intriguing raccoon above the E in Stardew. The area was already hinted at in-game, most notably in the “Natural Wonders” film playing out in the city’s movie theater. As convincing as this theory may be, it remains unsubstantiated.

PC players will be able to put their wild guesses to the test in no time. Mobile gamers and console owners may discover these additional features and quality-of-life changes much later, however. While ConcernedApe outward stated he didn’t want long delays between releases on different platforms, the update will still come to PC first, where the game’s main player base is. In a recent update on its press site, the American developer revealed the whopping figure of 19 million copies sold on PC. Yet more incredible, Stardew Valley has just topped 30 million sales across all platforms. Considering the game pushed past the 20-million-sale milestone in 2022, these numbers show that a third of its overall sales happened in the past two years.

The popularity and longevity of this open-ended country-life RPG are largely due to its sheer depth of content. Obtaining a perfect score of 100% can take up to 160 hours, but many casual players spend hundreds of hours planting crops, fishing, and exploring the mines for entertainment only, not completion. The game’s non-linear gameplay bolsters that replayability value, allowing players to choose different paths on every run. In addition to the main content, countless quests await. Restoring the community center, for instance, brings the town’s bus back to service, providing transportation to the nearby desert. There, the most adventurous can slay the monsters of the Skull Cavern or try their luck at the casino’s slot machines.

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So, will you start a whole new game to discover this 1.6 version organically or expand on your existing save? Anything goes to live your dream farmer’s life.



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