Best Top 11 Text Message Blocker Apps for Android

Text Message Blocker Apps allowing Android devices to block text messages and spam callers

People all over the world are switching to handheld smartphones because of their increased mobility, unrivalled raw performance, and, most importantly, the ability to connect seamlessly with their friends and family via voice or virtually. Text Message Blocker Apps improve on this factor by allowing Android devices to block text messages and spam callers, allowing you to keep your smartphone clean and distraction-free.

Spam messages are any unsolicited or unwanted text messages sent to your phone for commercial purposes. Spam communications promoting gift cards, low-interest debit cards, and debt relief services are sent from a computer system via email or instant messaging. While the majority of spam texts are harmless, some pose a risk of identity theft by installing malware on your smartphone and gaining access to your personal information.

SMS blocker apps also protect you from obnoxious callers and abusers, whose annoying messages can ruin your day and personal space. Android users can block text messages sent by such intruders by reporting and blocking them individually, or by automatically blocking spammers based on a standard spam list generated by community reports using text message blocker apps.

Fortunately, the Android ecosystem has provided a plethora of ways to implement the block text messages and calls procedure by allowing text message blocker apps to impose specific rules and save you in such situations. Today, we will list the Top 11 Best Text Blocker Apps for Android, which will allow you to relax by preventing the recurrence of spam messages. But first, let’s look at how to use Android’s default message blocking app, Google Messages.

How to Use Google Messages to Block Text Messages

  • Messages by Google is installed by default in most Android smartphones, and it works fantastically as an Android text message blocker.

  • It is the first line of defense against spam messages and persistent callers, and it offers a quick and easy way to block text messages.

  • Google Messages cannot see if a blocked number has attempted to text you. Despite this, it does its assigned task with dignity.

  • Other SMS blocker apps included here have similar procedures for adding a number or URL to the block list, so we will expand on the tutorial of using text blocker apps such as Google Messages.

  • Open the Messages app from the app drawer, or download it from here if it isn’t already there.

  • Select the message or conversation thread you want to delete, then tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner.

Best Text Message Blocking

1. Truecaller: Caller ID, Spam Filtering, and Live Chat

Best Top 11 Text Message Blocker Apps for Android

Truecaller Text Blocker Apps for Android Download Here Truecaller is one of the best text message blocker apps on the Google Play Store.

Truecaller is an easy-to-use spam filtering system that detects unknown numbers, blocks numbers from telemarketers and robocallers, and consolidates all SMS/phone calls in a single platform.

Truecaller has an intelligent dialer, call recording capabilities, caller identification, integrated Chat/SMS capabilities, and a spam-free inbox in addition to call filtering.

Truecaller offers the following unique features:

  • Block text messages and spam calls from commonly reported spammers, or manually add them from the recent list or contacts list.
  • SMS blocker apps, such as Truecaller, can search for unknown numbers across their global network and display them with their names and pictures, assisting with identification.
  • Using only a name, it can retrieve an unknown number from its database.
  • It displays an “availability” or “muted” indicator so you can see if someone is available to speak before dialing (requires another person to have Truecaller installed as well, and this feature activated for both persons).
  • There is a special section for viewing blocked messages and calls that do not generate a notification.
  • Features include a junk SMS cleaner, an emergency number directory, news, and DND.

Truecaller Gold includes premium features such as a gold badge, the ability to prevent others from accessing your phone number in the database, the ability to see who has viewed your profile, and faster customer support.

2. Google Messages

Best Top 11 Text Message Blocker Apps for Android

Select Block and report spam from the following page after pressing Details.

Android Messages will prompt you to confirm your action and include a checkbox labelled Report as spam, which will add the blocked number to Google’s spam database.

Choose your options and then press OK to confirm. Google Messages Version 2

You will receive a notification that the number has been blocked, and you will have successfully learned how to use this message blocking app.

Google Messages is one of many SMS blocker apps available for Android, and we’ve listed them all below, along with the extra features they offer.

Download them by clicking on the link provided below each one.

3. Blacklist of Calls – Call Blocker

Best Top 11 Text Message Blocker Apps for Android

Download Text Blocker Apps for Android Calls Blacklist Here

Calls Blacklist is the ideal message blocking app for Android users who want dedicated spam call and text message blocker apps that serve no other purpose.

Text messages and phone calls from the contact list, phone log, or a manually entered list can be blocked.

Notifications for these SMS will be disabled, and spam calls will be declined on the first ring.

Among the many features of call and SMS blocking are:

  • Has a Blacklist and a Whitelist database: the Blacklist contains all of the blocked numbers, while the Whitelist entries are never blocked.
  • A lock schedule can be set up to block text messages at specific times of the day.
  • Numbers that are hidden or private are automatically blocked.
  • Numbers in a block with similar first few digits.
  • Lockdown mode is activated.
  • Keeping track of which blocked number called or texted you and displaying it in a notification.
  • Download and share blocklist files to transfer them.
  • The automatic message blocking app must be set as the default SMS app.
  • Reduce battery consumption, begin blocking on Android device startup, and limit the number of unnecessary notifications.

4. Free Call Blocker – Blacklist and Whitelist

Best Top 11 Text Message Blocker Apps for Android

Apps for Blocking Text on Android. Here is a link to a free download of Call Blocker. Call Blocker Free effectively and silently blocks text messages and unwanted robocalls, allowing you to work in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

It has the following features like a lightweight text blocker app for Android:

Best known for blocking telemarketers and robocalls as part of the One-ring Phone Scam Multiple Blocking modes, Blacklist and Whitelist Notification when blocked number messages return

Exclude Call Blocker from the list of default power savers to allow it to run in the background.

5. Root SMS Call Manager

Best Top 11 Text Message Blocker Apps for Android

Download Text Blocker Apps for Android Calls Root Call SMS Manager Here. Root Call SMS Manager is an Android text message blocker app that works at a much deeper root level than other SMS blocker apps.

This app does not require root access on devices running Android version 8 or higher. Others will require that we place the file in the superuser directory and change its permissions to read and execute.

Their website contains detailed instructions.

  • Block all incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls without making it the default SMS app.
  • Dual SIM smartphone support, with multiple parameters for each SIM.
  • The ability to change the incoming call number.
  • Change the call blocking method from Reject to Not Answer.
  • SMS with a similar content pattern should be blocked.
  • Integration of Taskers (Read more here)

6. Key Messages – Android Spam Blocker, Text Block

Download Text Blocker Apps for Android Key Messaging Here.

Key Messages for Android is a smart call and SMS blocker app that prevents unwanted, private, or unknown numbers from sending any type of message to your Android device.

Text message blocker apps’ advanced functionality allows you to reclaim your privacy and mental peace in just a few simple steps.

The following characteristics are depicted in Key Messages:

  • Text messages can be blocked based on their phone number, sender’s title, keywords, and wildcard rules.
  • SMS from unknown numbers, bank callers, and class 0 messages are all rejected.
  • AI-powered technology improves spam detection and prevention.
  • Blocking text messages from email and changing email addresses are both options.
  • Message backup and restore on time, message duplicate removal, and message organisation
  • SMS Premium features include keyword blocking, group message blocking, and instant spam deletion.

7.  AntiNuisance – Call and SMS Blocker

AntiNuisance Text Blocker Apps for Android

Stop unwanted phone calls and text messages from spammers, debt collectors, network marketers, and robots with the AntiNuisance text message blocker for Android.

Simply adding a number to the block list will prevent all future calls and texts from that number.

Every banned call and message is recorded, and you can review your daily log of blocked entries.

  • You can also refuse messages for a specific time of day.
  • Configuration of a flexible blacklist
  • SMS can be filtered using keywords or wildcards.
  • Stop messaging during a specific time of day (Silent Mode)
  • Backup and restore of blacklist settings
  • Multi-SIM compatibility

8. Block Calls and SMS

Download Text Blocker Apps for Android to Block Calls and SMS. Block Calls & Block SMS provides dependable support as a practical and discrete text message blocker apps and calls management application.

With this programme, you can easily block a phone number (or any contact in your address book) or someone who is bothering you. Similar to the other SMS blocker apps listed here, the option to ban unknown anonymous numbers or turn off alerts is available.

9. Mood Messenger

Download Mood Messenger Text Blocker Apps for Android Here

What is the best SMS & MMS texting app?

Mood Messenger is an excellent alternative to your default Android SMS app, with the added benefit of text blocker apps.

This message blocking app combines SMS and chat features with over 100 features such as free themes, a customizable interface, and caller ID.

Additionally, the app includes automatic spam detection, message scheduling, and location sharing.

10. SMS/Call Blocker – Call Control

Stop receiving spam calls! Download Text Blocker Apps for Android Call Control Here

Call Control is an easy-to-use call and text blocker app used by over five million people to prevent unwanted incoming calls and texts.

The programme includes options for blocking incoming calls from unknown and concealed callers, blocking specific people, enabling “Do Not Disturb” mode, filtering out text messages, using a community blacklist, and recording prohibited conversations.

11. SMS Blocker, Call Blocker – Blacklist 


You no longer have to deal with the annoyances of annoying callers when you use Call Blocker, and you can save time by not answering their calls by adding them to the black list.

It will help you keep your calling agenda free of unsolicited calls, and you may be able to avoid them entirely if you simply add them to the blacklist.


Can you check to see if a blocked number has attempted to text you?

Can you check to see if a blocked number has attempted to text you?

Almost every SMS blocker app on this list can show you whether or not a blocked number has attempted to text you. Unusual logging features to record and store block text messages as well as the number that sent them without displaying a notification when they arrive.

When the number tries to contact you, you can enable or disable the pop-up. Message blocking services do not necessarily prohibit the messages from being sent, but they do store these spam texts elsewhere so that you are not disturbed when they arrive and your storage space is saved. This is why, despite blocking them, you can still see which number attempted to contact you.


These notable text message blocker apps have been serving the Android ecosystem for many years and have done so flawlessly.

For proper operation (exclusion from the power saver list), read the instructions for specific apps on their Play Store page, and leave a comment below sharing your experience with these SMS Blocker Apps.

Tell us which one is your favourite. 


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