15 Best Third-Person Games For PC in 2022

This article will discuss the top third-person PC games. The third-person perspective is more like a game. In third-person games, seeing and directing your avatar from above can be a fun way to play. Things appear less personal when written in the third person. This can be quite lovely, particularly in video games. It allows us to see our surroundings more clearly, third-person limited allows us to see our primary character as a real person rather than a mirror of ourselves, and, if we’re being honest, third-person shooter PC games makes us feel like gods at times third-person games ps4 2020.

15 Best Third-Person Games For PC

Following are some of the best third-person games for PC third-person shooter.

1. Heavy Rain

Best Third-Person Games For PC Heavy Rain


Heavy Rain is a beautiful third-person interactive drama game about the hunt for a serial killer named the Origami Killer. While managing four protagonists, the game features multiple endings that are decided by your actions (Ethan, Scott, Norman, and Madison).

These endings might range from happy to tragic (what did you expect from a game about a serial killer, a musical number?) Furthermore, the action includes quick-time events, a dark, terrifying environment, and genuine individuals. Dive into Quantic Dream’s award-winning dramatic masterpiece, Heavy Rain, which promises to thrill and chill you at every step.

2. Mortal Shell

Best Third-Person Games For PC Mortal Shell


Mortal Shell is a third-person action-adventure game inspired by Souls (yes! ), set in a post-apocalyptic world where the inhabitants are a shell of their former selves.

Like a specter, you control a playable character who can enter the “shells” of dead soldiers. Each fighter shell may be customized to fit a variety of playstyles (knight, rogue, warrior, etc.) and can be upgraded as you move by the game—one of the best third-person games available.

3. Yakusa: Like Diamond

Best Third-Person Games For PC Third-Person Games


With its comedic yet emotional story, over-the-top characters, and fast-paced beat-’em-up combat. The Yakuza series has captivated fans’ hearts and minds. Yakuza: Like A Dragon continues the series’ tradition. However, the gameplay moves to a more turn-based RPG approach. The inclusion of Ichiban Kasuga is also a massive development for Yakuza aficionados. A new character wants vengeance on the one who wronged him and his family.

Yakuza’s unique third-person games system allows you to take on various jobs. Combat rogue members of the Tojo Clan (Ichiban’s yakuza family) and reclaim your reputation, each with its unique bonuses and drawbacks.

4. Warframe

Best Third-Person Games For PC Third-Person Games


Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter game massively multiplayer online role-playing game set on a futuristic Earth where numerous warring factions compete to control the Solar System. You play as a Tenno, an ancient race of sleeping warriors who rise from Cryosleep with little recollection of their era’s events. One of the best third-person computer games.

Your player character commands mechanical fighting units known as Warframes and leads a four-person squad through missions. Additionally, narrative modes and regularly scheduled tasks cycle and do not influence the plot.

5. Risk Of Rain 2


Best Third-Person Games For PC Third-Person Games


Risk of Rain 2 is an action-packed third-person shooter that will keep you occupied for hours. Its extensive history, various functions, and innovative technique will captivate you. It’s a simple action game that doesn’t require much thought. There’s a difference between shooting to kill and fighting to win.

One to four people can play the Risk of Rain 2. In this game, you and your team must storm an opposing citadel infested with nasty beasts. Unfortunately, you will be overwhelmed by this fast-paced, continuous shooting PC game.

6. Just Cause 3


Third-Person Games


With almost 100 km2 of enormous space ranging from the vast sky to the rocky mountain, Cause 3 is the best third-person action game on PC. The graphics, sound design, and overall gameplay of the game are all outstanding. You can participate in all of the extreme activities in Just Cause 3, from skydiving to rocket riding.
Furthermore, discover the Mediterranean island paradise with complete virtual independence. Just Cause 3 has all the qualities that make it one of the greatest third-person PC games for low-end computers. This game has car stomping, gun firing, and action-packed gameplay.

7. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Third-Person Games


Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is a third-person strategy game set in medieval times where you command an army. And, most importantly, do what troops do best: fight! It’s a one-of-a-kind combination of a third-person single-player action RPG and a complex military strategy game.

You control your character, army, and even the towns you conquer (or plan to conquer). You also play as one of six fictional factions on the mythical continent of Calabria, which closely resemble real-world historical empires such as the Romans, Mongols, Celts, and Rus.

8. Fortnite




Fortnite has been a cultural phenomenon since its release in 2018. With its cartoonish visual style and battle royale gameplay, it has attracted the attention of politicians, celebrities, and everyday people. Fortnite’s gameplay is unique even within the battle royale genre (which it helped popularise). The game’s well-known building and shooting mechanics are included.

Players can defend themselves and confound foes by erecting intricate structures and blasting them in the face with funny firearms.

9. Detroit: Become Human


Detroit: Become Human


Detroit: Become Human is a thought-provoking drama set in a futuristic universe that explores the boundaries between people and machines. Three androids grapple with their sentience and the philosophical difficulties that arise as they traverse a society where androids are treated as second-class citizens in the novel—one of the best third-person PC games available.

Furthermore, Detroit: Become Human uses the same third-person interactive style as Heavy Rain. With fast-paced action, dialogue options, and many endings dependent on those choices.

10. Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3


Resident Evil 3: Remake is an example of a remake that hits all the right notes by revitalizing a well-loved classic horror game. One of the best third-person pc games. Resident Evil 3 is an over-the-shoulder third-person game in which you must acquire and store items. Solve puzzles and fend off monsters hungry for your body.
Combat also requires defending yourself against adversaries with various weapons, including guns, knives, grenades, and even rocket launchers! A new 4vs1 multiplayer mode lets you and your friends hunt down an iconic villain from the series (i.e., one of your friends), and enhanced graphics provide a new layer of appeal to the game.

11. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, return to the ongoing story of one of the world’s most renowned deadbeat parents. The most recent Dragon Ball-themed third-person action RPG. Dragon Ball Z: Best Kakarot follows the canon Dragon Ball Z story, taking players through the franchise’s sagas in order.

As some of our favorite Z-Fighters, you struggle against famous villains like Freiza, Cell, Majin Buu, and others throughout the game. When you’re not battling, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot contains RPG elements that let you explore the region and participate in activities.

12. Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Orders

Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Orders


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the result of combining Star Wars characters and lore with a Dark Souls scenario. This third-person action-adventure game tells the story of a young Jedi padawan trying to complete his training while living, followed by a Galactic Empire death squad.

In a post-Hayden Christensen universe, the events occur after the Jedi Order’s fall and include Imperial stormtroopers, droids, and force-wielding enemies and monsters from other worlds. You can also enhance several aspects of your protagonist, Cal Kestis, such as his powers, lightsaber, and clothes. As you progress by the story, you’ll be able to ship. It is one of the best third-person games.

13. The Division 2


The Division 2


With improved treasure distribution and side mission activities that will keep you amused for days, this game will keep you entertained for days. The Division hits all of its predecessor’s aims and then some. The Division 2 tale begins up just after the events of The Division. A new team of Division sleeper operatives is striving to find a solution for the virus that has plagued the series. While fending off waves of bandits, use Green Poison.

14. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


Nathan Drake’s farewell ride sends us out of the series with a bang, featuring magnificent set-pieces, frenetic gunplay, and intellectual conversation. One of the best third-person pc games. Nathan Drake is the protagonist of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, a third-person action-adventure game. The legendary adventurer is back in search of long-lost treasure. The game also incorporates stealth, puzzle-solving, and hand-to-hand fighting.

15. Watch Dogs: Legion


Watch Dogs: Legion


What it must be you like to be a pc-savvy Varys in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can play as practically anyone you want in Watch Dogs: Legion. More explicitly, you’ll be in control of DedSec, a hacker organization trying to clear its name after a series of devastating terrorist bombings they didn’t carry out.

“This frame must have cost a lot of money!” DedSec’s secondary goal is to rescue Londoners from the private military company Albion, which has turned the city into a surveillance state due to the bombings.



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