Why Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling Itself?

Here we are again with a new fix of Fortnite Game. Are you facing a problem in which Fortnite keeps reinstalling itself?

The first thing you should know that you are not alone here.

And the good thing is that you can fix this issue Why Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling Itself?  in no time. Want to know how? Then stay tuned…

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You can take a look at our guide for fixing the error of install location in Fortnite.

Why Fortnite keeps Reinstalling itself?

The answer is fun and simple, and your Epic game launcher is so dumb and lazy to track the already existing Fortnite folder. There are many reasons why your epic launcher is facing this problem; one of them is frequent installing and uninstalling the Game or moving the installation folder.

These could be the main reasons why Epic launcher is unable to find the existing Fortnite folder and will keep on reinstalling the Game.

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Steps to Fix Fortnite Reinstalling Problem

  •     Navigate to the disk where you have installed the Fortnite Game. The default path is
  • Local Disk C: then Program Files then Epic Games here Fortnite
  •     You have to Rename the current Fortnite folder to something like FortniteX.
  •     Now Start the Epic launcher, the launcher probably asking you for installing the Game.
  •     If the installation path is different from the default folder path i.e., then Change the installation path to Default. 

The default path of Fortnite Game usually ends with the word “Fortnite”. This should be the same folder place where we have the FortniteX folder.

  •     Now click on Install and let the Game install a little bit 1% should be enough.
  •     Close the launcher
  •     Now when you navigate to the default installation path, You will have two folders FortniteX and Fortnite in Epic games folder.
  •     You have to Delete the newly created Fortnite folder.
  •     And Rename the FortniteX folder back to Fortnite.
  •     Now try to launch the Game.

Doing this simply tricks the Epic launcher that it already installed everything. In this way you simply make the launcher think that everything is downloaded.

Final Thought:

Finally, you have fixed the issue of Fortnite keeps reinstalling itself, and we hope now you are enjoying your Game. If this article helps you then feel free to share with your dear and near ones who need it.

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