Why you should play online slots with high RTPs

People love playing in online casinos for the fun and the winning opportunities they provide. Though there may be thousands of games per site, slot games stood out the most because of their easy gameplay and simplicity.

Choosing a slot game can be challenging since there are several options to choose from. This is the reason why players need to read the description of each game. That way, they will know what makes it special and unique. They can also find the RTP of their preferred slot games there.

What is RTP?

There is no specific way to determine how much players can win from certain games. Rather, they can only have a clue of the range of the prizes they can get from slot games. This is made possible with the help of return to player percentage (RTP).

This is always included in the game description as most players prefer knowing this before placing bets. Some also check the RTP live when they play. With this, players will know what is in store for them when they bet.

By observing closely, players will notice that online RTPs are much higher than physical slot games in land casinos. This is because RTPs are just around 95% in land casinos while online slots may have RTPs as high as 99%.

Advantages of playing with high RTPs

There are several reasons why slot games with high RTPs are amazing. Here are some of the advantages that people can enjoy from them:

Better long-term chances of winning

RTPs are helpful for players who love playing a certain game several times. Therefore, playing a game with a high RTP is much better than enjoying it for just a while.

Higher profit

Players are more likely to earn better profit as well. If they earn a decent amount of money from their games, they can use their bonus money for more games.

Higher wins

Winning is never guaranteed when it comes to slot games. Still, it is by playing with high RTP games that give players peace of mind that they have better chances of winning something instead of nothing.

5 online slots with high RTPs

Online slots are known for having high RTPs but some games have it better than others. For those who are trying to look for some exciting high RTP slot games, here are some exciting titles to try:

Goblin’s Cave by Playtech

RTP: 99.32% RTP

This horror-themed game will take players into an eerie lair that is guarded by a ghoulish creature. Players are in for a fun and spooky experience as they spin the reels and hope to receive the best prizes as they get welcomed by goblins.

To provide a better prize hunting experience, the symbols are highly valuable treasures such as crowns, teapots, and rings that come in different colours. Several lantern symbols play a vital part in unlocking a bonus round.

Ocean Princess by Playtech

RTP: 99.07%

This is another amazing slot title from Playtech that has a remarkable RTP. As the name suggests, Ocean Princess is set underwater with a beautiful blonde mermaid and her blue fish friend. Players will enjoy the calmness of the water and what prizes it holds.

Some of the symbols that can be seen in this game are starfishes, crabs, seahorses, and anchors. There is also a special crown that acts as the game’s wild symbol. Players will also see some turtles as they act as the game’s official scatter symbol.

Ugga Bugga by Playtech

RTP: 99.17%

Those who are fond of anything tribal-themed will appreciate yet another Playtech slot entitled Ugga Bugga. What makes this game special aside from having three reels and one payline is that it also has ten semi-separate games that are played simultaneously.

Among the symbols that are used in this game are huts, masks, food bowls, and drums. Players can receive amazing payouts when they get a set of three of any of these bonuses. There are also Wild symbols that make the game more interesting.

Mega Joker by NetEnt

RTP: 99.00%

This classic slot has captured the hearts of many players with how fun it is. Though it may not have vibrant graphics like modern slot games, this game somehow manages to bring a sense of nostalgia to those who play it.

The game has a retro feel and it comes with dual game modes. Given that it is an old slot game, there are only a few bonus features that can be enjoyed in the game though it doesn’t make it less exciting.

1429 Uncharted Seas

RTP: 98.60%

This slot game is well-known for transporting players to the deep ocean where monsters and rewards await. Players who take a chance on these reels will be shown maps of unexplored islands where they might go to try their luck and see what they can find.

As a seafaring-themed game, players will see symbols like stars, suns, and moons that can be seen in the sky. There are also several other creatures like octopi, lobsters, and a mermaid which happens to be the highest paying symbol.

These are just some facts that players would have to know whenever they wish to find the best slot games with the highest RTP live. By keeping these in mind and using these to filter the games they love to play, they are guaranteed to win bigger prizes!


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