Wordle Best Starting Words and Other Game Tips

Wordle Best Starting Words and Other Game Tips. Wordle is one of the year’s most popular games, and it’s still going strong as we approach 2022. People have created techniques to get words quickly as their skills have improved. What is the best Wordle starting word? Or do you have more than one?

It depends on who you ask, but we’ve compiled this list of the best Wordle starting words using a combination of our Wordle-obsessed crew and a little computing to help you raise your score every day. Use this list to best your guess and solution while pursuing those desired two- or three-guess solutions that will make you appear smart to your friends and family. Here are our recommendations for the best Wordle starting words and some insider advice from our most enthusiastic users.

Wordle: best starting words

We recommend starting any day with this list of the best first words for Wordle. Check out their techniques below if you’d rather hear from some of our Wordle-obsessed editors. The aim is to find vowels or common consonants that belong in each day’s word rapidly. We’ve identified the following words as some of the best first words for Wordle based on that starting point:

  • React
  • Adieu
  • Later
  • Sired
  • Tears
  • Alone
  • Arise
  • About
  • Atone
  • Irate
  • Snare
  • Cream
  • Paint
  • Worse
  • Sauce
  • Anime
  • Prowl
  • Roast
  • Drape
  • Media

My Wordle strategy consists of two steps: Concentrate on the vowels first, then on the most common consonants. I’ll start with ADIEU, a vowel-heavy word that normally identifies at least one letter (two if I’m lucky). Based on that first attempt, I’ll find a word on the second line that contains consonants like T, S, and R, and if I’m feeling very clever, I’ll try to add the vowel O as well. This strategy normally takes me to a solution by line 4 (85% of my wins in the last two weeks have been at line 4), but it has once led me astray (damn you, TIGER). Randy Ramsay’s

I’ve liked word games since I could string words together, so much of what I draw from when I strategy in Wordle comes from the indisputable classic: Scrabble. The lowest-scoring letters are the most popular in Scrabble, which assigns point values to each letter depending on how commonly they appear in English. If, like me, you’ve spent too much time playing that game, try to remember which letters have the lowest value and see if you can fit them in your first guess. I find that “ATONE” and “IRATE” are good first tries since they allow you to check the puzzle for three vowels and a couple of commonly used letters in places where they are most likely to appear. Another tip: continue to think in pairs. If you know an “h” is the second letter, try getting both an “s” and a “c” in your next guess, as they are commonly used before “h.” — Jessica Howard is an actress.

Wordle's Best Starting Words
The premise is simple, and that’s helped make Wordle a viral sensation.

I was all over the place when I first started playing Wordle. I kept trying letters that I knew weren’t there, and it took me a week to recall that letters might be repeated (Wordle badly needs some form of signal for repeated letters). After three weeks, I’ve finally figured out my strategy as a seasoned gamer. I start with ARISE, a strong word with three vowels and two common consonants. I place vowels as fast as possible because my brain finds it easier to work around those foundations than consonants. I’m unsure why, but since implementing that strategy, I’ve normally guessed the word in three or four goes and haven’t missed a single one. Lucy James’s

My advice contradicts your expectations: don’t worry too much about it. I’m eager to guess the day’s word in as few attempts as possible, but I’m careful not to make Wordle a pain by trying to min/max my way to that objective. While I try to think of words with vowels and common letters (I avoid X, Z, and Q), I try a new word daily and go with the flow. I was initially disappointed because Wordle doesn’t allow you to repeat earlier puzzles, but I’ve rapidly grown fond of its one-per-day-and-that’s-it approach. Aside from overly aggressive tweets from other participants, it’s remained a nice treat by not taking it too seriously or stressing about choosing the exact word right away. Chris Pereira’s

My approach to Wordle, and many of life’s great difficulties, begins by looking to a group of people from whom I have frequently sought counsel and advice and whom I believe to be enlightened thinkers unrivaled by any other scholars. They delivered exactly what I expected: an adaptable starting word that has produced amazing outcomes. Of course, I’m referring to the iconic Staten Island-based hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, and the word I usually start with is C.R.E.A.M. Track eight on Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), as we all know, asserts that “cash rules everything about me, C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dollar bill y’all.” This aphorism has stood the test of time, but in the context of Wordle, CREAM also gets the solution. Dollar bills, you guys. Tamoor Hussain’s

If everything else fails and you believe your current strategy isn’t working, you might always follow in the footsteps of this dedicated player:

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