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Do you want a hint for today’s Wordle? No worries; a hint for the June 17 (728) game is below. Do you require something else? You’ll find it here as well. You’ll find all you need on this page, whether you’re looking for a brief introduction to the popular online word game or you need to read today’s answer.

After the recent Wordle-related difficulties, today’s easy victory felt like a nice change of pace. With this one, I was reminded of the significance of choosing strong openers: if I had yet to choose my first two guesses carefully, I’m not sure I’d have found today’s Wordle answer on the third try.

Today’s Wordle hint

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A Wordle hint for Saturday, June 17

Today’s answer might be interpreted in several ways. One is a thick salad dressing, frequently made with sour cream. The other is a huge farm, typically used to raise cattle or sheep. You need to find one vowel, so once you have it, concentrate on the consonants.

Is there a double letter in today’s Wordle?

In today’s puzzle, there is no double letter.

Wordle help: 3 tips for beating Wordle every day

If there’s one thing more useful than playing Wordle, it’s playing Wordle properly, which is why I’ll provide a few brief pointers to get you started:

  • An excellent beginning has a well-balanced blend of distinct vowels and consonants.
  • A strategic second guess aids in quickly narrowing down the pool of letters.
  • Repeated letters may appear in the solution.

There is no time constraint other than completing it by midnight. So there’s no excuse not to treat the game like a casual newspaper crossword puzzle and return to it later if you’re stuck.

Today’s Wordle answer

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What is the #728 Wordle answer?

Let’s get this weekend started. RANCH is the answer to the June 17 (728) Wordle.

Previous answers

The last 10 Wordle answers

The more past Wordle solutions you can memorize, the higher your odds of correctly guessing today’s Wordle answer without selecting an already-used solution. Past Wordle answers also provide some great ideas for fun starting words to keep your daily puzzle-solving interesting.

Here are some recent Wordle solutions:

  • STRAP: June 16:
  • June 15: MAYBE
  • CRIME : June 14
  • June 13: PLUNK
  • WRONG :June 12:
  • June 11: GUARD
  • June 10: AGAIN
  • BALSA : June 9
  • June 8: CRUMB
  • June 7: HATER

Learn more about Wordle

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Every day, Wordle displays six rows of five boxes, and it’s up to you to figure out whatever secret five-letter word is hidden among them.

Start with a strong word like ALERT—one with several vowels, common consonants, and no repetition letters. Hit Enter and the boxes will show you which letters you’ve got right or wrong. If a box turns ⬛️, it means that letter isn’t in the secret word at all. 🟨 means the letter is in the word, but not in that position. 🟩 means you’ve got the right letter in the right spot.

You’ll want your second attempt to complement the first, using another “good” word to cover any common letters you missed the first time while also avoiding any letter you now know isn’t included in today’s answer.

Then it’s only a matter of using your knowledge to narrow your guesses to the right word. You only have six tries and can only use real words (no filling the boxes with EEEEE to test if there’s an E). Remember that letters might also repeat (for example, BOOKS).

If you need any more help, check out our Wordle instructions. If you’d like to find out which words have previously been used, scroll to the relevant area above.

Software programmer Josh Wardle created Wordle to surprise his partner, who enjoys word games. It then spread to his family before being published to the public. Since then, the word puzzle game has inspired many games like Wordle, centering the daily gimmick on music, arithmetic, or geography. Wordle quickly became so successful that it was purchased by the New York Times for seven figures. It’s only a matter of time before we all converse only in colorful boxes.

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