Wordle hints for Wordle today – July 3’s game #744 answer

Wordle hints for Wordle today – answer, clues, and tips for game #744, Monday, July 3. It’s time for your daily dose of Wordle hints, expertly prepared to help you maintain your streak even on the most difficult of days.

You may believe that you don’t need any clues for Wordle today, but keep in mind that defeat in this play wordle game is only six guesses away.

Below you’ll find a variety of Wordle hints to help guide you. You don’t have to utilize them all, but there are five in all, covering vowels, beginning letters, ending letters, and more. You can also see the answer if you don’t have any time to play.

Want to have some more fun with words? My Quordle Today page has hints and answers for that game, which is still the best of the major Wordle alternatives.

Warning: Wordle hints and today’s answer are included below, so don’t continue reading if you don’t want to see them.

Wordle hints (game #744) – clue #1 – Vowels

How many vowels does today’s Wordle have?

Wordle today has vowels in two places*.

* Note that by vowel we mean the five standard vowels (A, E, I, O, U), not Y (which is sometimes counted as a vowel too). 

Wordle hints (game #744) – clue #2 – first letter

What letter does today’s Wordle begin with?

The first letter in today’s Wordle answer is H.

H is not a particularly common starting letter in Wordle: only 69 games begin with it, and it ranks in 15th place.

Wordle hints (game #744) – clue #3 – repeated letters

Does today’s Wordle have any repeated letters?

There are no repeated letters in today’s Wordle.

Repeated letters are quite common in the game, with 748 of the 2,309 Wordle answers containing one. However, it’s still more likely that a Wordle doesn’t have one.

Wordle hints (game #744) – clue #4 – ending letter

What letter does today’s Wordle end with?

The last letter in today’s Wordle is L.

L is a really common letter to find at the end of a Wordle. There are 155 games that finish with an L, and it ranks as the fifth most likely letter there.

Wordle hints (game #744) – clue #5 – last chance

Still looking for more Wordle hints today? Here’s an extra one for game #744.

  • Today’s Wordle answer is a place to stay.

If you want today’s Wordle answer, scroll down – but I always urge trying to solve it yourself first. A guide to the greatest Wordle start words is only one of the many Wordle tips and tricks we have available.

If you don’t want to know the answer for today wordle nyt, STOP SCROLLING BECAUSE IT IS PRINTED BELOW. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned!

Today’s Wordle answer (game #744)

Today’s Wordle answer (game #744) is… HOTEL.

We’re back on the simpler side of things today, with WordleBot reporting that this game has received an average score of just 3.6 from everyone who has played it thus far, compared to 4.3 for yesterday’s game (see below).

It’s easy to see why; there are no repeated letters, no truly rare letters, and there aren’t a lot of words with the same spelling. It does, however, have four extremely frequent letters in O, T, E, and L, as well as one that is slightly less common but not as uncommon as Q, Z, or X.

Today, your choice of the best Wordle starting words might have made a significant difference. WordleBot’s favorite is SLATE, which was also chosen as the most popular alternative, leaving just 18 possible solutions. SLANT (27) also performed admirably.

STARE, my favorite option, could have been more helpful – according to WordleBot, I still had 90 words left. Thankfully, my second guess – TONED – reduced them to just four. With a green O and E in place and T now limited to two spots, the only configurations that worked were -OTE- and -O-ET. COVET and COMET are examples of the latter, whereas HOTEL and motels are examples of the former.

Of course, COVET was just over a week ago – game #734. Even with my bad recollection, I didn’t need to look at a previous Wordle answers list to rule out that one, so I was limited to just three options. With that in mind, I played HOTEL next, which proved to be a smart guess, giving me a handsome 3/6.

How did you do today? Send me an email and let me know wordle online.

Yesterday’s Wordle hints (game #743)

In a different time zone where it’s still Sunday? Don’t worry – I can give you some clues for Wordle #743, too.

  • Wordle yesterday had a vowel in one place.
  • The first letter in yesterday’s Wordle answer was M.
  • There was one repeated letter in yesterday’s Wordle.
  • The last letter in yesterday’s Wordle was Y.
  • Yesterday’s Wordle answer is an organic covering.

Yesterday’s Wordle answer (game #743)


Yesterday’s Wordle answer (game #743) was… MOSSY.

We haven’t had any tough Wordles recently. WordleBot, the New York Times’ AI assistant, tracks the average score of each game, and the previous four have all been exactly 4.0. The two before that were both in the 3s, and in fact, the last game that was as difficult as this one was played ten days before. That’s because today’s Wordle Word has an average score of 4.3, which is difficult by anyone’s standards.

Of course, the repeated S contributes to the difficulty. S is a rather common letter to be repeated – it’s the ninth most likely to appear more than once in a Wordle answer – but it only occurs in 49 games. Furthermore, S is a very common letter in the game, but it’s generally encountered at the beginning of an answer rather than in the middle, as it is here.

It’s also the type of game in which none of the best Wordle starting words will have reduced things. STARE, my choice, was OK – it left 56 viable solutions – but that was it. They were all high: SLATE (64), SLANT (109), TRACE, CARTE, CRATE (345), and CRANE (358).

I needed to figure out the word’s format with just one S to go on for my second guess. The majority of the options I found ended in a Y (PUSHY, BOSSY, DUSKY, HUSKY, FISHY), an H (BLUSH, FLUSH), or an S (GLOSS, MINUS, BONUS, BLISS, FOCUS).

I chose the Y path and guessed correctly: PUSHY gave me a green S in the middle and a green Y at the end. Furthermore, it ruled out the U, significantly narrowing my remaining possibilities. In fact, according to WordleBot and me, it left me with just four: BOSSY, MOSSY, MISSY, and KISSY.

I was skeptical that MISSY and KISSY would be legitimate answers, so I chose one of the O options, BOSSY. It wasn’t correct, but it left me with just one more option: MOSSY, which I guessed correctly the next time for a 4/6.

Wordle answers: The past 50

If you’re reading this, you already know what Wordle today is and have been playing it for a time. Even if you haven’t been playing it, you’ve probably heard of it by now because it’s the viral word game fad that swept the world last year and is still going strong in wordle game today 2023.

  • Wordle #743, Sunday 2 July: MOSSY
  • Wordle #742, Saturday 1 July: BLEEP
  • Wordle #741, Friday 30 June: STRAW
  • Wordle #740, Thursday 29 June: DINER
  • Wordle #739, Wednesday 28 June: TRACT
  • Wordle #738, Tuesday 27 June: ABOUT
  • Wordle #737, Monday 26 June: GUEST
  • Wordle #736, Sunday 25 June: RODEO
  • Wordle #735, Saturday 24 June: GRAND
  • Wordle #734, Friday 23 June: COVET
  • Wordle #733, Thursday 22 June: TASTE
  • Wordle #732, Wednesday 21 June: CRANE
  • Wordle #731, Tuesday 20 June: FROST
  • Wordle #730, Monday 19 June: KAZOO
  • Wordle #729, Sunday 18 June: SHYLY
  • Wordle #728, Saturday 17 June: RANCH
  • Wordle #727, Friday 16 June: STRAP
  • Wordle #726, Thursday 15 June: MAYBE
  • Wordle #725, Wednesday 14 June: CRIME
  • Wordle #724, Tuesday 13 June: PLUNK
  • Wordle #723, Monday 12 June: WRONG
  • Wordle #722, Sunday 11 June: GUARD
  • Wordle #721, Saturday 10 June: AGAIN
  • Wordle #720, Friday 9 June: BALSA
  • Wordle #719, Thursday 8 June: CRUMB
  • Wordle #718, Wednesday 7 June: HATER
  • Wordle #717, Tuesday 6 June: SCOUT
  • Wordle #716, Monday 5 June: ENNUI
  • Wordle #715, Sunday 4 June: BEAST
  • Wordle #714, Saturday 3 June: NANNY
  • Wordle #713, Friday 2 June: HUMID
  • Wordle #712, Thursday 1 June: JAZZY
  • Wordle #711, Wednesday 31 May: AGILE
  • Wordle #710, Tuesday 30 May: KNEEL
  • Wordle #709, Monday 29 May: MOUSE
  • Wordle #708, Sunday 28 May: SKIMP
  • Wordle #707, Saturday 27 May: RAMEN
  • Wordle #706, Friday 26 May: SWINE
  • Wordle #705, Thursday 25 May: BAGEL
  • Wordle #704, Wednesday 24 May: UTTER
  • Wordle #703, Tuesday 23 May: CLERK
  • Wordle #702, Monday 22 May: IGLOO
  • Wordle #701, Sunday 21 May: BRASH
  • Wordle #700, Saturday 20 May: FLASK
  • Wordle #699, Friday 19 May: GRIEF
  • Wordle #698, Thursday 18 May: SHORN
  • Wordle #697, Wednesday 17 May: PLANK
  • Wordle #696, Tuesday 16 May: LATTE
  • Wordle #695, Monday 15 May: CANOE
  • Wordle #694, Sunday 14 May: SCARF

What is Wordle? What is today’s wordle

If you’re reading this, you already know what Wordle is and have been playing it for a time. Even if you haven’t been playing it, you’ve probably heard of it by now because it’s the viral word game fad that swept the world last year and is still going strong in 2023.

We have a complete guide to the wordle game online on our What is Wordle page, but if you want a quick refresher, here are the fundamentals.

What is Wordle?

Every day, Wordle challenges you to guess a new five-letter word. You are given six guesses, each of which reveals a little more information. It turns green if one of the letters in your guess is in the answer and the correct place. It becomes yellow if it’s in the answer but in the wrong place. And if it doesn’t appear in the answer at all, it gets gray.

How to play wordle Isn’t it simple?

Playing online via the Wordle website or new york times wordle app (iOS / Android) is completely free.

Importantly, the answer is the same for everyone every day, which means you compete against the rest of the world, not just yourself or the game. The puzzle then resets each day at midnight at your local time, giving you a new challenge and the opportunity to extend your streak.

What are the Wordle rules?

The rules of Wordle are pretty straightforward, but with a couple of curve balls thrown in for good measure.

1. Letters that are in the answer and in the right place turn green.2. Letters that are in the answer but in the wrong place turn yellow.

3. Letters that are not in the answer turn gray.

4. Answers are never plural.

5. Letters can appear more than once. So if your guess includes two of one letter, they may both turn yellow, both turn green, or one could be yellow and the other green.

6. Each guess must be a valid word in Wordle’s dictionary. You can’t guess ABCDE, for instance.

7. You do not have to include correct letters in subsequent guesses unless you play on Hard mode.

8. You have six guesses to solve the Wordle game.

9. You must complete the daily Wordle before midnight in your timezone.

10. All answers are drawn from Wordle today list of 2,309 solutions. However…

11. Wordle will accept a wider pool of words as guesses – some 10,000 of them. For instance, you can guess a plural such as WORDS. It definitely won’t be right (see point 4 above), but Wordle will accept it as a guess.


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