10 Best Adventure Games For PC In 2022

Adventure games are the most popular games that require you to play with your mind. We will define the adventure games category as focusing on narrative and exploration over action. It may involve you in light puzzle mechanics, a game that doesn’t include simulation to be a sim, effort to be an action title, and puzzle-solving to be a puzzle game. There are many other gaming categories, but adventure games are growing, and if you are among people looking for the best adventure games for PC, we are here to guide you. Feel free to play these best adventure games for PC to increase your gaming experience.

Best Adventure Games For PC

1. Norco




Norco is a suspenseful, unsettling, and frequently darkly hilarious story set in a surrealist version of Louisiana. You take on the role of Kay, a young lady who returns home after years away to deal with her estranged mother’s death. When your brother goes missing, Kay finds herself in the middle of a mystical mystery and an industrial conspiracy that has gripped the small town. Norco has excellent writing, compelling characters, and a unique setting that combines a Deep South aesthetic with science fiction elements.

The point-and-click puzzles are also engaging without becoming complex, and the game provides plenty of assistance to keep players on track with what to do and what’s going on. Norco game is a memorable Southern Gothic adventure game that adventure game lovers should not miss.

2. The Artful Escape


The Artful Escape


The Artful Escape is a combination of two seemingly contradictory elements. On one side, it’s a realistic story about accepting yourself, even if it means challenging other people’s perceptions of you. On the other hand, it’s a completely outlandish musical journey through the hallucinogenic depths of space. Though they appear at odds, the cosmic epic’s fantastic and relatable elements complement and support one another. The game (accessible on Xbox Game Pass) features modest platforming and rhythm game aspects, but the gameplay isn’t the main attraction.

Instead, this trip explores the numerous magnificent levels, both alien and terrestrial, while jamming out to a killer guitar solo. With a star-studded cast that includes Jason Schwartzman, Carl Weathers, and Lena Headey, the performances will make you feel you’re on a journey to transform into a galactic rock star adventure games oshkosh.

3. Before Your Eyes


Before Your Eyes


Make an effort not to blink. This one-of-a-kind title debuted earlier this year and wowed us with its inventive and evocative approach to narrative. The game uses the player’s camera to proceed, and you can progress by blinking your eyes. This unique mechanic isn’t just for show; it aids the narrative, in which you, as the recently deceased Benjamin Brynn, reflect on your life while being transported to the afterlife.

Blinking causes the game to skip through the protagonist’s personal history, even if you didn’t intend for it too. This makes an immersive experience, unlike other games where you are experiencing memories as the main character would and occasionally wishing they hadn’t passed so swiftly.

4. DokiDoki Literature Club Plus


DokiDoki Literature Club Plus


DokiDoki Books Club Plus is an improved version of Team Salvato’s 2017 release that adds enhanced visuals. New side narrative missions, more music, and over 100 photos to unlock the school-boy tale of love and literature. DokiDoki Literature Club Plus, despite its adorable dating sim exterior, isn’t all rainbows and bubblegum as it would have you believe.

It’s easy to give too much away to those who haven’t played the game yet, but if you know you’re sensitive to specific scenarios, please see this page for further information on accessing the game’s content warnings. Anyone eager to dive in should anticipate writing some poetry, meeting the adorable characters, and being surprised by the surprisingly unexpected revelations action adventure games.

5. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition


Kentucky Route Zero


Kentucky Route Zero is strange, surreal, and all too real, best adventure games and it will stay with you long after you put the controller down. As delivery worker Conway makes his journey along the cryptic, namesake road, it analyses the unfulfilled promise of the American dream. Conway, a Kentucky native, is just attempting to accomplish his last chore of the day when he wanders along with Route Zero, text adventure games where he meets others who have had difficult lives and are dealing with challenges such as substance abuse, poverty, and corporate expansion.

These challenges are wrapped up in a strange, point-and-click adventure where the implausible is just as likely as the everyday. The game is played through a succession of decisions – such as where to travel, what to say, and what to believe – that move the story and occasionally change aspects of the journey, if not the end destination.

6. Life is Strange: True Colors


Life is Strange True Colors


You may sense the feelings of individuals around you via the eyes of empath Alex Chen. The super-powered protagonist, represented by a variety of colorful auras, may assist others in working through their most difficult issues and, in certain cases, completely remove negative emotions. Alex, on the other hand, does not consider herself a hero. She believes her skill is a curse that marks her as a broken freak after years of battling the foster care system. Her perception begins to shift only after she reunites with her long-lost brother.

True Colors is a beautiful exploration of mankind, with supernatural elements helping to accentuate the character-focused narrative, adventure games ps4 following in the footsteps of earlier Life is Strange titles. Walking around, interacting with things and people in the world, and making personality and plot-defining decisions make up most of the game’s gameplay.

7. Night in the Woods


Night in the Woods


Night in the Woods was just launched on iOS, action-adventure games allowing a new generation of gamers to uncover the enigmatic secret inside the cozy tale. It was first released in 2017, and according to our review, the game is about “mistakes, recklessness, and camaraderie, all wrapped up in a colorful adventure.”

The game’s cartoon-like character designs, vivid palette, and simple controls may lead a player to believe that the story will be lighthearted. Yet, Night in the Woods tackles several serious issues. Mae, a recent college dropout, reluctantly returns to her hometown at the novel’s start. She reconnects with old acquaintances, community members, and her own family while dealing with her failure before stumbling into an ominous secret.

8. Outer Wilds


Outer Wilds


Outer Wilds’ first and final DLC, Echoes of the Eye, was released just a few days ago. Putting the game back on many players’ ‘to-play’ lists during this hectic release season ps4 adventure games. The new material, shown at publisher Annapurna Interactive’s first self-produced showcase, blends in smoothly with the original game’s narrative while presenting brand-new mysteries to discover in the Dark Bramble, according to the developer Mobius Digital.

The base game is a time loop adventure centered on space travel and a quest to prevent the cosmos from collapsing. Even if you didn’t have only 20 minutes to finish the work, it would be difficult. Death is an unavoidable reality that can strike you in various ways, including having all of your oxygen sucked out of your lungs, colliding with a planet, or a good, old-fashioned cliff fall. As a result, despite its cosmic beauty, the experience can be a little frustrating.

9. Sable




Sable, a visually striking game with player-driven exploration, was only launched last week. You take control of Sable, a teenage girl living in the desert world of Midden. Who is set to embark on the Gliding, her coming-of-age trip? While there is a goal to this quest — namely, collecting as many masks as possible. Sable strongly encourages you to explore the world and see what you may find. And you come upon some incredible things.

The vivid and contemporary design of the environment brings the dry countryside to life. And a wide cast of NPCs keeps you wanting to explore. Even if you don’t have a specific mission, point and click adventure games the landscape entices you to climb, and glide. And ride your motorcycle while investigating all the secrets on the horizon.

10. What Remains of Edith Finch


What Remains of Edith Finch


What Remains of Edith Finch has had a steady stream of releases on new platforms. And devices since its first release in 2017. It came on Switch in 2019, joined Game Pass in January, was part of  Annapurna Interactive’s PS4 Box set in February, and was finally coming on iOS in August. As a result, this game is difficult to overlook. What Remains of Edith Finch is a short, meditative tour through a unique family home. That combines numerous vignettes of diverse design and mechanics to reveal a narrative. Rich with sorrow, nostalgia, and family legacy nintendo switch adventure games.

Each segment of the novel shows how members of the Finch family have perished due to a family curse. Which ranges from terrifying to fantastic. Joe Juba termed it “the next important step ahead” in adventure games. Where the plot unfolds as the player inspects the surroundings in his review. And compares them to some of the genre’s best.


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