Top 10 Best New Android Games In 2020

The Android Game is recuperating and larger monthly it sounds and there’s always a slew of latest names coming to Google Play. Whether you’re an off-the-cuff gamer otherwise you want something with a touch more meat on its bones, there’s usually a match beginning to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there’s usually a minimum of one great fresh game on mobile monthly. Let’s take a glance at the foremost effective new Android games within the previous month.

Top 10 Best New Android Games In 2020

In this article, u can determine below the 10 Best Android games 2020

1. Griddle Islands

Best New Android Games

Developer: Pomelo Games

Price: Free+

Griddle Islands is an idle game plus also a halfway decent one. Players put little Griddle creatures on the plank and fleas jump everywhere them. The fleas produce money as they are doing so you’ll buy bigger and better Griddles. that’s about all there’s for the one. the sport scales up fairly well and you’ll find quite 50 levels of Griddies to gather, combine, and get. it’ll not blow anyone’s mind but it’s an honest little time killer for those that desire something low work. the sport had some pretty bad bugs upon its release however, it seems to possess cleaned most of them.

2. My Talking Tom Friends

Best New Android GamesDownload

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

Price: Free+

My Discussing Tom Friends is that the most up-to-date game within the Discussing Tom franchise. It is a pet simulator a bit like the bulk of the others from the franchise but it’s possible to possess six pets rather than simply one. the sport includes tons of small mini-games, different customizations, alongside other things to try to so on keep you amused. The mechanisms aren’t difficult but they’re not intended to be. Additionally, it’s relatively child friendly if you’d wish to allow your kid to play it. this is often the primary game where you’re ready to play all six figures simultaneously so Discussing Tom fans should appreciate this one.

3. Small Town Murders

Best New Android Games

Price: Free+

Small Town Murders may be a hybrid between a match-three puzzle Android game alongside a mystery. The game’s story tells the story of a murder and you would like to unravel it. you are doing this by solving match-three puzzles and finishing levels. You then use the clues that you simply obtain to interrogate suspects and compute the murder. There are plenty of levels and it’s nice to seek out an additional mechanic besides just the standard match-three stuff. It’s liberal to play so expect some drive for in-app purchases at some point.

4. WarQuest:

Best New Android Games

Developer: Humble Toymaker

Price: Free+

WarQuest may be a new text-based RPG Android games. Players guide the activities of Tokar, a mercenary with a but admirable past. You send him quests, through the story, and to accumulate several things. It plays a touch more like an interactive narrative with RPG elements instead of a pure text RPG, but that’s fine if you enjoy reading narratives. the sport feels well thought out throughout the board, although some reviewers criticize the top of the sport. In any case, it’s liberal to play in order that you’ll try it out without paying anything.

5. Dead Cells

Best New Android Games


Developer: Playdigious

Price: 8,99 €

This one is basically a side-scrolling roguevania with hack-and-slash components. Players make their way through different degrees, jumping over barriers and slashing bad men as they are going. the game isn’t too unique in its own gameplay mechanics, but the implementation is just outstanding. There are not any deadlines in order that you’re ready to learn more about the sport at your own pace. Furthermore, there are a couple of control choices, like support for external controls. The Android games are somewhat expensive at $8.99, however, there aren’t any in-app buys or other distractions.

6. Endurance

Best New Android Games

Developer: Ivan Panasenko

Price: Free+

Endurance is by precisely the precise same programmer as Ailment and it’s equally as great. Players take a read the past to research a ship (the Endurance) and find out how the virus distribute to start out with. Players explore the boat, shoot bad guys, collect tons of firearms, and only love the retro shooter Android games drama with. The implementation with this one is outstanding complete and tiny extras like hardware control service make it all better. The free version includes advertisements and may not be performed offline. The superior version eliminates ads and provides offline support.

7. Exos Heroes

Best New Android GamesExos Heroes

Developer: LINE Games

Price: Free+

Exos Heroes is an action RPG style Android games. This one is surprisingly adequate. the sport gives players an open world to explore, many things to try to, and also an above-average storyline to relish. The combat experience is pretty standard and great whatsoever. There’s a gacha element where players can summon heroes. We believe Exos Heroes could approach that aspect of this game better, however, some grinding alongside some patience should get you to the conclusion of the sport without an excessive amount of a drag. About the sole other issue is that the game’s interpretation, which may be rough sometimes.

8. Whipsee

Best New Android Games

Price: 1,09 €

It utilizes an identical graphical Design to 1990’s platformers which suggests that you simply buy a touch nostalgia once you perform. The name character can run, jump, and proceed as ordinary or utilize its Hallmark whip to overcome barriers. the most important criticism for the Android games. Is that it’s brief, but it just runs for $0.99 therefore it’s not really that bad. Hopefully that the programmer adds more thereto, albeit it raises the value.

9. Word Show

Best New Android Games

Developer: Etermax

Price: Free+

Word Display may be a new parlor game. Players receive a group of letters alongside a game board game. you merely swipe between the letters to make new words. you’ll reuse letters during a note. Therefore, if you’ve E, L, T, and R, you’re ready to reuse the E and T to spell” letter”. the sport comprises 250 degrees and no time constraints. It’s an incredible time killer for folks that wish to play word Android games.

10. Clash of Beasts

Best New Android GamesIt is an online PvP Android games with plan and kingdom building components. You craft a foundation and put up your defenses from attackers. Then you strike other foundations and plan to conquer their defenses. Combat is conducted at a top-notch standpoint very almost like older bullet hell games, but you utilize mythical beasts instead of airplanes. There are various beasts to accumulate alongside societal components to play with buddies. Additionally, there are co-op PvP conflicts with up to 6 total players. it’s in early access beta at this point so it could change somewhat before official launching and it’d not be available in most areas.

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