Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

Best Android pirate games and PC guys. See the entire best pirate games.

Do you want to know what it’s like to be a pirate? Here are the best Android pirate games. Pirates are thieves who roam the seas in search of treasure.

You can now become one of them. As you play pirate games, has prepared recommendations for the best Android pirate games and PC guys. See the entire best pirate games list!

The Best Android pirate games

1. Assassin’s Creed Pirates Download pirate games for android

Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

Ubisoft is a well-known game developer, and Professional Assassin’s Creed Pirates is yet another work of art from this studio.

The game depicts the entire life of a pirate’s chief, including battles against enemy ships, fishing, whale chasing, battling around the Caribbean to see and discover treasures, ship pirate games and other activities.

Everything, from the boat name to the snares, is adjustable. The soundtracks are of Disc quality, and the artwork is breathtaking.

During the activity, your boat’s crew will sing. It has been fully downloaded over 5 million times, and the game is constantly updated.

2. Sink ‘Em All

Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

Sink them all. Sink ‘Em All is a self-explanatory privateer game. You order one boat and sail around, annihilating other private ships.

There are four parts: Pirate School, Runaway of the Caribbean, Cold Mountain, and 127 Degrees. The game displays another section that has yet to be declared.

Each section has a variety of levels to play, and you can earn up to three stars for each one. As the levels progress, there will be an increasing number of adversaries to destroy.

3. Pirates and Traders

Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

You begin by creating your character. You can customize his nationality, foundation, three distinct characteristics (physical, scholarly, and social), the boat, your banner, and the game’s difficulty settings.

There are various “spare game” areas where you can easily keep track of your progress. When you’ve made creating your character, it’s time to go. Aside from ships, pirates game pc you can moor in various ports to exchange, repair, enlist, and so on.

In Pirates and Traders, there is a lot of detail and ongoing interaction. A paid version of this game removes advertisements and includes one foundation and five additional starting boats to explore.

4. Ships Of Battle

Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

Get to the metalworker in the pirate bay to purchase more ammunition. Improve the number of team individuals to increase the fight limit.

Sell the loot in the commercial center to get coins to repair your warship. In the shipyard, use the coins and pearls to purchase new ships.

You can also win diamonds from the mine, pirate adventure games but you must have a paid membership to do so. It gives you a daily reward from a turning wheel in the inlet, and you get an average of three twists every day. You can also go to the Headquarters and complete various daily challenges.

5. Pirate’s Treasure Hunter is a free download pirate games for android

Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

Children enjoy undertakings, so provide them with the best environment to live their dream of becoming pirate treasure hunters.

This game for girls and boys was created by Hippo Baby Games and stands out among other pirate games for kids. Discover Captain Flint’s hidden fortune on various islands. The game has some real animation life, and your children will adore it.

6. One Piece Treasure Cruise pirate games for android

Best 19 pirate games for android in 2021

The Adventures of One Piece Join Luffy and the straw hat pirates as they continue their search for the One Piece treasure.

The game’s account includes every chapter of the manga, so complete the mission to learn more about Luffy’s story. The ongoing communication combines a tap fight framework that lets you attack by tapping on the opponent.

You can also use pirates games free chain attack systems to defeat the most challenging foe. Make your pirate crew the most impressive on the planet.

7. Pirate kings

Turn the wheel to receive coins and various traits such as pirates kings game Defend, Steal, and Attack. Create your island by adding a vessel, a goldmine, a building, and your winged creatures. Bomb various pirates who are building their domain near you.

Improve your realm by laying a stronger foundation. Make enough money by haggling with the foundation. It connects to your Facebook account and lets you fight with your friends. Devastate the hostile area with cannonballs, plunder and take gold, and protect your realm.

8. Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales is a beautiful and best high realistic best pirate game. This game gives you the chance to witness spectacular battling.

Whichever is in your boat?

This game was made in the ocean. The pilot’s name is an ocean robber. They take turns looting each other’s boats. It takes gold, steals silver, and creates a mind-boggling majority.

This game gives you the chance to see the equivalent. You must battle in the game. They must shoot different pirates and ransack their boats to execute them.

The game is fantastic. The game’s graphics are lovely. The game has received over 500000 downloads.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is the first best pirate game for Android. You will be the best captain of a ship that is ready to fight enemies at sea.

You can choose from up to 20 different boat classes, each with its distinct personality that you can improve to become stronger.

You can not only fight other players online in Story or Adventure Campaign mode. This game also has excellent graphics and a morning and night rotation system for a more exciting gaming experience. 

10. Pirate power

This pirate power is a fun pirate game with men’s 2.5-dimensional graphics. You can fight with over 60 different heroes. Like most pirates, you fight a slew of enemies and mystical creatures, like the king of crabs versus the octopus. You can also strengthen your ship by customizing it. Please don’t stop there; invite them to become enemies as well. 

11. Plague of the Dead

Do you enjoy open-world games that allow you to go on adventures in a world without borders?

The Pirate: This Plague of the Dead could be your best Android game.

You will be the best captain of John Rackham, embarking on adventures in the pirate world filled with emotion and magical power.

You can also form a pirate ship troop and invade the enemy’s territory to obtain their objects. Furthermore, the legendary Kraken monsters are ready to assist you during the battle.

12. King Of Sails

You are given a boat in this game. The boat must be steered. It would help if you explored the ocean from the boat. You will also be able to see battle in this game.

You will also be able to see the battle in the game. In the game, you must take the lead by driving the boat. The boat must maintain control. Furthermore, you are the Pirates’ first player in the game.

You must provide directions to everyone.

What should I do?

What is the reason for this?

The game has received over one million downloads.

13. Plunder Pirates

If looting pirates are appropriate for those, who want to create city games with unique pirate motifs. You will be the captain of the pirates in charge of the city’s construction. You can not only build cities, but you can also attack enemies to obtain their resources. This game’s graphics are one-of-a-kind and entertaining, making it ideal for those looking to play.

14. Myth of Pirates

The best pirate game with an action theme and unique 2D graphics is Myth of Pirates. You will be a member of the pirates, ready to fight your enemies.

You can strengthen your hero by equipping him with different types of weapons and accessories. Several prizes and bosses await you to keep the game interesting.

15. Battleships: The Age of Pirate

Do you want pirated games with good graphics and serious games?

Ships of Battle: The Age of Pirates could be the answer, as it has good graphics and a game-filled game style.

You can choose from over 20 ready-to-use ships, as well as the ability to enlarge weapons and signals from ships. You can also enjoy the game by following exciting stories.

16. Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW

Are you a fan of the film The Pirates of the Caribbean? If that’s the case, you should check out free roaming games for android the Pirates of the Caribbean game: ToW Guys. You take on the good role of a pirate captain, whose job it is to gather members and use private cities.

As a pirate, you must also fight your enemies pirates game Pc and search for treasure. The better news is that you can also ask for a story that will reunite you with the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean.

17. King of the Sails: Naval Battles.

King of Sails: Naval Battles has excellent graphics, which is comparable to other pirate games. When it comes to graphics, this game, according to Jaka, is the best.

You will be the captain of the ship, and your job will be to lead and defeat the enemy. There are over 12 different boats to choose from, ranging from the Pandora boats to the legendary Flying Dutchman boats.

This is a very intense and tense style of play. With a 5v5 configuration, you can play online with other players. In this game, let’s defeat your enemies and take your assets.

18. Pirate Storm

If the Tempest game is an adventure RPG set in a pirate world. You will be the captain of a ship ready to search for treasures and fight the enemy. You can also explore the world and encounter sea monsters such as the Kraken.

You can also play the game with your friends or as an opponent.

19. Pirate code– PVP Battles at Sea

This pirate game may be the answer if you want a fun and straightforward pirate game. You can select one of the 12 different types of boats, each with its own set of advantages.

This game is played online in games of 5 or 5. You can also explore the world to complete missions and earn money.



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